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Ban Pakard / Phsa Prum Border Crossing

Posted by kchhabra on 17/2/2012 at 02:48

Does anyone have any experience with this border crossing in Pailin? I was wondering if you knew the hours of operations?

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Posted by skipfeeney on 28/2/2012 at 05:05

No i dont know the hours - but i crossed the border in Novemeber last year at about 1pm - was dead and just went straight through. Don't buy the visa at the thai side (advertised in baht) walk up the road about 50 yards across no mans land there is a border control on the right.

It was a doddle - couldn't find any information about it at all but manage to get a taxi from Ko Samet to the border - crossed the border very easily and paid the 20$. The immigration guy asked me if i wanted a taxi - someone turned up and they took us to battembang wasn't expenisve and didnt need to barter.

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Posted by altmtl on 27/2/2013 at 07:02

As this is the closest border to Battambang , I crossed it today - The mini bus from Chanturburi to Ban Packard was 150 baht - At the border a travel agency tries to scam you by saying you have to go through them to get your visa - cost 1200 - 1300 baht. This is of course false, you simply walk up the road for 5 min. Go to real immigration and pay $20 US with a photo. They girl with her tour agency T-shirt even tried to convince me it was the same price at immigration and that everyone dopes it here,

There were about 40 or so westerners at this tourist office, mostly on visa runs. All the agency does is go up the road with the same paper work I filled out - and have it processed. I don't know how they all fall for it?

I was approached by a taxi share guy who wanted 300 baht to go to Battambang from the border - this seemed reasonable as I heard it was about 200 from Pailin last yr - Oddly he wanted $15 US if I paid in dollars. But he did drive me to my guesthouse door at Here Be Dragons :) The journey in total took 3.5 hrs - and 1.5 from the border. 9:30am - to 13:00 - I was expecting it to take far more than that

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Posted by WheresTeddyNow on 18/1/2015 at 00:43

Here’s an update, as of mid January 2015:

tl;dr – still pretty easy


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Posted by bkkshopper on 14/12/2015 at 17:09

Hello, somebody crossed to Cambodia at Baan Pakard lately ?
So there is no bridge but a boat ? and we can cross with the car also ?

Thank you.

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Posted by bkkshopper on 14/12/2015 at 17:09

Hello, somebody crossed to Cambodia at Baan Pakard lately ?
So there is no bridge but a boat ? and we can cross with the car also ?

Thank you.

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Posted by tmarcus on 14/1/2016 at 08:21

Boat? The stream is like 3 meters wide :) It is a bridge.
Today thevisa police scammed me, my girlfriend and our son. They wanted 35 $ per personand also for our 2 year old son. They said 20 $ was last year... We talked withthem for a long time but they wouldnt change their mind. We went back and forthasked different policemen that just ignored us. The visa guys stopped answeringour questions and just rolled their eyes. Having spent 20 minuttes trying toconvince them we finaly gave in and handed them 105 $. They produced the visasbut didnt fill out the line on the visa that said "fee". In a stricttone i kinda ordered him to fill out the lines with 3x35$. Finally he stampedme and my girlfriends visas with a 30-dollar stamp. My sons said"gratis". Then i physically pulled the 105 $ out from his hand. Atfirst he resisted but gave in before the notes got torn in two. I gave him 60$my girlfriend yelled at him and we made a big fuss about it. Everyone at theimmigration looked at the spectacle, and we left.
So we endedup paying 10 $ each more than we should have, but at least not the 105 $ wecould have. Im not sure what would have happened had i only returned 40 $. Ikinda wish I had. these guys are real A&$holes.
Apart fromthe fuss with the visa guys it was piece of cake. no waiting in line like inpoipet.
We payed 70$ for the 4 hour taxi ride to Siem reap in our own taxi. Im sure it was atleast 10$ too much. The first taxiguys didnt want to go further than battambangfor 25$ so we got further up the road and found a guy that would take us allthe way non stop. He wasnt popular with the first guy that wanted to take us tobattangbam for 25$.

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Posted by cannabistourist on 11/12/2016 at 13:46

Very easy and nice border to cross !

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