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Kampot/Kep-rainy season, monthly accomodation

Posted by tqe on 8/4/2012 at 03:21

Need to hole up somewhere and work for some months and am trying to decide between Kampot or Kep (I'm already in Cambodia and obtained 1 yr visa) or heading to Malaysia and seeing about a chalet in Cherating or something.

I need clean, quiet and a comfortable place to work on my laptop. The $500 USD budget I'd like to keep to during this time obviously fits much better with Cambodia especially with the visa already in hand. But, I haven't been down to Kep or Kampot yet and am wondering if I am likely to find something suitable or not.

Any specific recommendations or general comments on what I can find down there on this budget? I don't want to commit to more than a month at a time, but since it will be off-season, am hoping there would be a suitable guesthouse willing to give a deal on a monthly rate.

Which is the more pleasant, or less unpleasant, place (Kep or Kampot) to be during the rainy season?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Posted by eastwest on 8/4/2012 at 05:05

You'd have to be a bit more specific for people to advise you.

First of all $500 is plenty for an apartment or house. Most decent places go for $200-$300.

What sort of place are you looking for? Need laundry and cleaning service? Do you need a little bar scene for the evenings? Are you a social person? Enjoy the sea or nature? Need access to market to do your own shopping/cooking? And so on...

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Posted by tqe on 8/4/2012 at 06:41

Thanks for the reply.

To clarify...

$500 USD is my overall prefered budget. I don't need or want bar scene and definitely prefer nature to any social scene. The quieter the better, but an apartment or house seems to require a 6 month commitment at least, and don't want to do that. (Have gotten burned on that just recently). So, a quiet guesthouse with bungalows or something would seem like the best available option.

A restaurant close by or at the guesthouse would be necessary, since I don't want to cook. Eating once a day is enough for me, especially when I'm focusing on work. A place to pick up some fruit to snack on nearby though would be good.


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Posted by eastwest on 8/4/2012 at 07:18

Do I understand correctly that the $500 has to cover all costs for a month?

If that's the case you're better of in Kampot which is cheaper in general and has more budget accommodation than Kep. However, Kampot is more a social town and most backpacker places there tend to be more social.
Would take you a bit of time to find something and your best bet would be along the river if you're more into nature.

Try to contact:
- Ollie's
- Bodhi villa
- Utopia
- Ghanesha
- Green House (although the owner likes his beer I must warn but it has a great location)

All of those are along the river and out of town. Most of them are budget places and might be willing to make a deal. No so sure if they have wifi or internet so that could be an issue if you need to send your work

Good luck

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Posted by tqe on 8/4/2012 at 08:56

thanks again for getting back to me...

I bought one of those metfone 3g sticks for internet which seems to be working fine. So I don't need internet provided.

I'd prefer to keep my total expenses around $500, maybe 6. Based on what I've been spending here, I thought staying at one place for a month might save me a bit, and it would be doable, but I guess the coast is going to be more costly then- even in off season.

Thought I'd stay here in Sen Monorom where my budget hope is workable, but I didn't make a very smart decision on a rental house here and the recent days of rain from the typhoon in China gave me a glimpse of just how cold (or coldish, at least), it will get here over rainy season and I'm just going to bite the financial bullet and move on. But plan b and plan c are proving less tenable than I hoped.

I'll see what I can find out about your suggestions. Thanks.

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Posted by thebananahouse on 9/4/2012 at 05:04

i would also recommend Samon's Village just beside Bodhi Villa on the other side of the river as well as Kampot Homestay. Either place would give you a deal i think. Check them out before you commit and see what you like!

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Posted by tqe on 9/4/2012 at 19:29

Thanks for the additional suggestions.

Many places to check out in Kampot , but am I better off waiting until next week (after Khmer New Year) to head down there? I'd like to get settled somewhere ASAP but I'm thinking this coming weekend might be the best time for this non-city person to get my visit to PP in. Or, is Kampot more a Westerner destination and the locals will be going to Kep?

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