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Riverside scam

Posted by eastwest on 25/4/2012 at 06:42

I don't remember where and when I saw the thread about this but it has reached the newspaper now.

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Posted by sayadian on 25/4/2012 at 08:47

This sounds like a case of the mathematical equation: Stupidity+greed = tears.
No, the best scam artist in Riverside seems to have disappeared.For years Jaimie has been conning tourists with his story of being robbed and needing a loan to get to the Embassy.He can even fake tears.Does anyone know where he's gone? In fact has anyone on here been taking in by him.I'll give you a clue-he's Australian.

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Posted by spakky on 3/5/2012 at 05:54

No idea about Jamie but have just had this scam tried on me. By Independance Monument a guy (maybe 50? not Khmer, quite good English) pulled up on his motorbike and started talking from me. He tried to make out he recognised me from Siem Reap/Angkor Wat ?! and that he'd just come from there too. Miracle of miracle's he just happened to have a daughter who was about to go to the UK to work in a hospital and was trying to get me to go on his bike to meet his wife.

I knew it was bull so made my excuses and walked off but then he followed me round the corner saying he'd told his wife already & could I come and give them some advice. I just said no and that I didn't believe him and walked off again but his face was a bit scarey at that point & wasn't particularly keen on being a lone female abroad for a moment there... All OK though but just a word of warning to anyone else. Think logically when confronted with this sort of thing as it's quite compelling to think it would be nice to help but honestly, with the state of the health care system in Cambodia and immigration laws in the UK?! - it's just totally unfeasible. I asked him the name of the hospital but he couldn't remember. Wish now I'd made up a stupid like the Jedward hospital or something so if he repeated it, people would clock on pretty quickly that it was non-sense. Maybe we could start a trend?

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Posted by johniv on 4/5/2012 at 08:05

I was approached with the first half of this scam multiple times in Kuala Lumpur in 2007...

Always approached in a friendly manner noting that I looked familiar. Then asked where I was from. When I named my city, there was always a son/daughter of a friend/family member that was moving to a nearby city in a short while, and that person's mother was worried...please come for dinner, etc.
Different types of folks were involved--male, female, young, old--but all seemed kind, well-dressed, and completely non-threatening.

Seemed fishy the first time (though I am usually suspicious of complete strangers inviting me to their homes). And the repeats of the scam were just so line-for-line from the first that I could predict what was to be said next.

What I did find surprising was the creativity of the 'nearby city' the person was purported to be visiting...that was the only part that changed from person to person. They must have studied maps & learned the cities surrounding larger metropolises--I'd never met people overseas that knew of Guelph, Hamilton, or Barrie...

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Posted by Benno on 30/5/2012 at 07:32


I was in PP about 2 years ago and ran into 'Jamie'. Unfortunately for him, I overheard his story he was pulling on a few other tourists the day before he approached me. Being an Aussie, an Aussie voice is so easy to ID when you are overseas, can be heard blocks away. After listening to his story, I told him that I heard his story yesterday so he could not have possibly just gotton off the bus from Siem Reap and had all his luggage and money stolen. He initially denied it,, acted confused and then got the shits up and left me alone. Suffice to say the next day he was at it again.
His acting was pretty good and no doubt many will have fallen for it.

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Posted by sayadian on 30/5/2012 at 09:01

Jamie is very good and is able to turn on the tears at will.He's been making a living conning tourists on Riverside for about seven years though he hasn't been seen for several months. Maybe he's been deported? The blackjack scammers have been covered extensively in Khmer440 lately as they have been very active.It's said on there that they come from the Phillipines.

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