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TIPS NEEDED!! Bus Scam from/to Siem Reap

Posted by stephanieman on 29/7/2012 at 22:46

Hi there,
As the bus
i) Si Phan Don --> Siem Reap &
ii) Siem Reap-->Bangkok

are notorious for scam, is there tips to avoid all those scams?

( I am travelling alone so I want to minimize the risk)


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Posted by tinoh on 30/7/2012 at 04:24

I If you have time go to Phnom penh first and take a bus from PP to SR.

II Do the trip on your own. Try to find some other people to share a cab to the border and than just take the "normal" bus to bangkok.

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Posted by Ellce101 on 2/8/2012 at 12:51

When traveling in Cambodia, AVOID, do NOT take Goldline bus company. I paid for a $17 bus ticket from Siem Reap to Kep through my friendly hotel, Mandalay Inn. I paid for a VIP bus and the one shown in the picture is a nice two story bus with comfy seats that recline and ample storage space. The nice bus in the picture shows up and promptly pulls away with NO ONE in it. Another bus, more akin to an elementary school bus pulls up and the conductor tells everyone to get on this much crappier, NO reclining seat, NO place for luggage so it's crammed into my leg space and up and down the aisles. EVERYONE on the bus is up in arms complaining. THIS bus is NOT what anyone paid good money for. No reclining seats is not normally an issue, except this is a 6 hour journey to Phnom Phen leaving at 12 midnight when you would expect to be able to sleep on a bus. After twenty minutes of arguing with various Goldline employees on the bus and in the office, they finally agreed to refund my ticket price. I stayed in Siem Reap another night never to make the horrible mistake of taking this bus company again.

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Posted by mikethediver on 9/8/2012 at 16:43

Don to Siam Reap. Don't do it in one trip! You will most probably arrive after midnight in the middle of nowhere (there are no bus stations in SR).

We got the bus to Katie and stayed there a few nights and then got the daily 7:30 bus to SR. Everyone stops in Katie for lunch anyway, and we didn't arrive there until 4:00pm The others left after 5pm, still in a minibus, for SR.

They tried very hard at the border (a totally unnecessary wait of about 2 hours after we where all through passport control) to get us to change our tickets to continue on to SR, but we refused. If you have the time Katie is not a bad place to spend a couple of days and if you don't you can get the bus the next day and arrive in SR around midday, only 12 hours later than doing in one hit, but with the luxury of having time to find your own guest house without being ripped off by the bus driver & his mates in the dead of night!

This was 2 years ago, things may have changed but I would not recommend doing the trip in on hit; as with most travel in Asia, the arrival times you are told are mostly fiction!!

SR to Bangkok I had no problems except I think 2 stops before reaching the border is excessive. Expect to arrive Bangkok around 6pm. A large bus takes you to the border and then on the other side of the border mini buses take you too Bangkok. Quite efficient.
Have fun,

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Posted by enigmatic on 17/8/2012 at 11:35

I think Bangkok to SR via travel agent is probably worse than the other way round as Cambodia requires you to pay for a visa on arrival, which extremely friendly bus company representatives will offer to arrange for around 1200 baht - a lot more than the $20 (plus 100baht bribes) the border officials ask for.

On the other hand this moneymaking opportunity for the bus companies backfires if you politely insist on keeping your passport and crossing the border yourself. Chances are their bus will wait for you on the other side even if you refuse to employ their services in which case you're laughing at how little the bus journey cost. If they don't, you've only paid 250 baht, you've got your bags and you'll probably still get to Siem Reap for less than the extra visa cost those that stayed with the bus paid.

Its recently been reported that direct bus services between Thailand and Cambodia are going to be permitted which should make things easier still. Now if only Cambodia's government was willing to recognise how badly other aspects of that Poipet border crossing reflect on their country...

As for Lao, I'm willing to assume incompetence rather than malice after being sold a ticket for a connecting bus in the direction of Vietnam that didn't exist (and got my money back) by a confused Si Pha Don travel agent.

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Posted by lylzezane01 on 3/9/2012 at 11:18

Just dont make the rookie mistake of asking a random tuk tuk driver. Ours took us to a dodgy bus station which charged us some insane amount and then pocketed commission in front of us. Then half way through the bus trip the first class bus we were on broke down and it was replaced with an overcrowded local bus with no windows and sparks from under the bonnet. I had to sit on the floor because it was too full and nurse peoples bags.

You could say Im still traumatized.

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Posted by shaunmacl on 28/5/2013 at 06:29

Warning: Don't buy Sleeper Bus or VIP Bus tickets from Siem Reap to Bangkok! The company was called Golden VIP Bus I think.

Two days ago my wife and I boughttickets from Siem Reap to Bangkok on the sleeper night bus. We bought them from an agent near the night market. Last night we were picked up at 2 am from our hotel driven round and round Siem Reappicking up other passengers and then deposited near our hotel wherewe sat for an hour being bitten by mosquitos. Eventually a veryuncomfortable bus with little leg room, dirty and with a crackedwindscreen arrived. We were then old there was no sleeper bus. Whenwe arrived at the Thai border which we had been told opened at 6 a.mwe discovered it opened at 7 am. As we had been promised the buswould arrive at the Khao San Road at 10.30. a.m we were concerned.

At the frontier at 2.30 pm, we had tochange buses – when we had been told the same bus would go straightthrough to Bangkok.

Worse was to come. There was no bus tomeet us on the Thai side. We waited with 8 other cheated passengersuntil 10.30 and the another scammer from Golden VIP buses tried totake more money from us to hire a mini bus. We accepted but refusedto pay until we got to Bangkok fours late. Some passengers probablymissed their flight.

Avoid Golden VIP buses at all cost. And watch out lest they change their name.

I have been travelling to Cambodiasince 1997 and love the country. I have never been scammed before.Most Cambodians are charming, considerate and honest. It is such ashame that a few criminals can give the country a bad name.

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