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City Gems 'Jewellers' Siem Reap-Read Before Buying ANYTHING

Posted by AndyG on 28/9/2012 at 21:15

City Gems
Road 30
Tropieng Sez
Kokchok commune,
Siem Reap Town
In June 2012 whilst visiting thewonders of Angkor Wat, I decided to propose to my girlfriend. She thankfullysaid yes.
As we were in Cambodia we decided tobuy the engagement ring there and then. We eventually found the above shopafter visiting 4 other shops. The ring we bought, price USD 3500.00, wasaccording to the shop staff and owner and proof of authenticity a
genuine diamond.
On returning we got this valued forinsurance purposes. It was then discovered that the 'diamond' was in factzirconia and worthless.
When we contacted City Gems theydenied it was a fake BUT said that they would refund USD 3150 (if it was not afake then why would they agree to a refund ? You decide if they are con artists).
The only way they would refund is ifwe sent the ring back to them. This we were not prepared to do as if theycannot be trusted to sell genuine items they cannot be trusted to say they receivedthe ring.
As we paid by credit card ( CityGems said they would give better discounts if we paid by cash ! Again youdecide if they are con artists ) I contacted my bank who took this up on ourbehalf. After nearly 3 months we were given a full refund.
There are many reputable jewellersin Siem Reap, but this is not one of them.
I have sent the above to manyCambodian tour operators.

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Posted by exacto on 28/9/2012 at 21:30

First and only post Andy?

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Posted by AndyG on 28/9/2012 at 21:31

Yes. Why ?

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Posted by sayadian on 29/9/2012 at 08:06

Can't see what your implying Exacto, guy seems genuine enough from my limited knowledge and experience of the gem trade.
I once met a gem dealer on my travels and he advised me never to buy any gems, anywhere unless I had a great deal of experience in the trade.He particularly mentioned that a set diamond cannot be verified-it must be seen out of the setting.Gem dealing the whole world over is a dodgy business and even if you go to a reputable dealer, if you don't know your stones you'll probably pay well over the odds in commission to the seller.

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Posted by exacto on 29/9/2012 at 16:04

I agree with you sayadian. Andy does seem genuine enough to me too, particularly when compared to other first-and-only posts complaining about a bad experience. I also agree with you that gem dealing the world over is a dodgy business. Luckily, this seemed to have an unexpectedly positive outcome with a full refund.

Andy, I was just expressing disappointment that after a trip to southeast Asia, your one and only contribution to the website was a complaint. That's all. I'm glad the whole thing ended well.

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Posted by Odesk1211 on 29/9/2012 at 16:14

exacto my question is how people trust on Colombia people in purchasing GEMS!

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Posted by AndyG on 29/9/2012 at 23:12

I can assure you I am genuine and am not a rival shop.
@Exacto. No problems and understand.
@Odesk. What has this to do with Colombia ?

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Posted by sayadian on 30/9/2012 at 02:05

The threads on here often drift-haven't heard anything about gems in Somalia yet.
Exacto and AndyG
Yes, it would be nice to hear some positives about the trip just to help people along.

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Posted by docnefertiti on 21/6/2016 at 22:16

Hi @AndyG:Did you signed the invoice and guarantee letter as well? My bank is not so accomodating regarding the dispute because they said its an authorized transaction. Unfortunately,I was one of those duped tourist who bought this gold plated jewelries but in a store named RITH ANACHAK KHMER.

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Posted by docnefertiti on 21/6/2016 at 22:24

Last May 29,2016, me and two of my friends were dropped off by our tuk-tuk driver to the Rith Anachak Khmer jewelry store located at Charles De Gaulle Road, Mondul 3 Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The ladies at the store tried to convince us that the jewelries sold are real gold and not gold plated. They even stated that the Cambodian government can vouch for the authenticity of their jewelries. It took a long time for us to get convinced but eventually me and my friend bought a set of black sapphire sans the pendant , gold neck chain and whole set of ruby, respectively . After we bought the items, the ladies presented to us the invoice as well as a stapled guarantee letter from the Cambodian government that it is indeed GENUINE GOLD. We didn't bother to read the letter believing that we won't get deceived from them. A few days ago, I noticed a discoloration on my ring so I texted my friend if she noticed a change in color in her jewelries as well. She told me she did not see any changes because she does not use it everyday but told me she will go to the pawnshop to have it appraised. The next day, she went to two reliable pawnshops here in Cebu,City. After she broke the news to me , I also had my jewelries appraised by the pawnshops. We were both appalled to know that all the jewelries are GOLD PLATED. There was not even an ounce of real gold in there. We kept contacting the merchant thru email but failed to get a response. Called up my bank and was told they will not dispute it coz its an authorized transaction but after 30 minutes of insisting they said they will dispute it no additional requirements will be submitted. Someone pls enlighten me on what i should do. the thing is,i was able to signed the invoice as well as the guarantee letter.

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