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Posted by terence67 on 26/8/2015 at 09:41

Hi !I am planning my trip in Cambodia at the end of the year, Can you help me with my itinerary because it will be the high season and we are 4 I need to book my accommodations
Any advice are welcome!!!
1/Phom penh
2/ Phompenh
3/bus to Battambang (around 6 hours)
4/ Battambang
5/ Battambang
6/bus to Siemp Reap (around 4h)
7/ SiempReap
8 SiempReap
10/bus to Kampong Cham (around 5h)
11/ KampongCham
12/bus to Kratie (around 4h)
14/bus Phom Penh (around 7h)
15/bus to Kampot (around 3h)
19/Phompenh departure
I hesitate to introduce some days in Mondulkiri or Ratanakiri , what do you think ? I can reduce for example my stop in Battambang, Siem reap and cancel one kampong Cham or Kratie, Thank you for your help!!!!

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Posted by Clay1963 on 26/8/2015 at 15:46

I know nothing about KampongCham or Kratie. Did you consider skipping those two destinations and instead flying Siem Reap to PP. Also, as for your international flight, did you consider an open jaw flight, such as fly into Siem Reap and fly out of PP. I will be interested to know what you finalize for your itinerary, as we are considering a first-time trip to Cambodia. Thanks.

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Posted by Lisa2014 on 27/8/2015 at 05:25

I agree with Clay1963 that flying from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh is a good option. Flights from $45 with Bassaka Air.

You might want to spend one less day in Battambang.

There is not much to do in Kampong Cham.

Seeing the dolphins in Kratie is okay.

I really enjoyed Mondulkiri. You can get there in one day from Siem Reap.

There are several elephant sanctuaries to visit in Mondulkiri.

I visited the Mondulkiri Project elephant sanctuary because it is locally owned and has a two day tour that allows you to spend one day with elephants and one day doing a jungle trek to visit some lovely waterfalls.

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Posted by 57wildviolets on 27/8/2015 at 10:13

Do you want to be rushing around or do you want to experience the culture? My husband and I were in Cambodia 3 years ago and plan on returning this winter. We flew into SR and out of PP and took 3 weeks.
I think countries and cultures should be savoured and experienced at a relaxed pace, if possible...(maybe age has something to do with it)

I would spend less time in Siem Reap...unless it has drastically changed since 3 years ago....it is ok, town wise. Angkor Wat is simply amazing and a must see. GO EARLY IN THE MORNING
The stilted house community is interesting although I felt as if I was imposing on people's lives so I hope a high percentage of the ticket price goes to the community itself...kind of like a fish bowl experience.

We stayed in PP at a magnificent old mansion and also south of PP at a beautiful Home stay, which I would highly recommend. It was a peaceful authentic environment...Village Breeze Homestay. Again it very much depends on what you are looking for.

I suggest taking your time and experiencing instead of rushing through and having a blur of a memory.....if you love it the way we did, you will return.
We have traveled extensively throughout our lives....you miss out on the 'real' life if you rush it.

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Posted by mikal83 on 27/8/2015 at 15:42

Terence. Ignore people that "advise" you to go slow etc. Your time is obviously tight and you wish to see as much as you can, good for you. I would cut your time in Battam, consider getting the boat to SR. Also forget that homestay mentioned above as its too far from PP.
The rest is fine, have fun.

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Posted by terence67 on 28/8/2015 at 11:32

Hi, Thank you very much for your recommendations !
We have already bought your flights PP/PP and because we are a family of 4 it's too expensive for us to buy others 4 flighst and I am also interested to visit Kampong Cham or Kratie
I don't want to make a marathon of course but I want to see different places...it's true it's difficult to know in advance how long time we want to spend in each place,
According to your advices i think I will take one day less in Battam and maybe instead of going to Kratie I will go in to Monorom
so it could be, PP(2 days) Battam (2 days) Siem Reap (4 days) Kampong Cham (2 days) Sen monorom (3 days) PP(1day) Kampot Kep (4 days) it seems a marathon?!!!
I have read that I can do Sen Monorom PP in 5 hours by express ford minivans ??
what do you think ? Thank you again

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Posted by Bridgequeen on 7/9/2015 at 02:58

Personally if you are going to Kratie for the dolphins I would give it a miss. Never been there but I have seen the dolphins from 4 Thousand Islands (the Lao side) and you just get a glimpse of the odd fin, you don't actually see them properly as you might expect if you have been to Africa etc, and from what I hear it is better from the Lao side than the Cambodian side. Also, IMO Battambang is just lovely, sleepy with a few sites around and home to the circus school which is not to be missed, though I know they now play in SR as well. (check the circus website for dates they play - it is not every day). I don't know what your budget is but if you stay somewhere like Battambang Resort then it is a lovely chill destination. Having said that, by bus it is a bit isolated so you may consider it not worth the side trip from the PP SR route. I also rate Kampot and Kep, again, chill destinations. Have not been to the other destinations (obviously apart from PP and SR) so would be interested in your feedback as I am planning a trip back in Feb. You don't say what age the kids are but that would make a difference to planning if they are under say 12 (then of course you are just dealing with sulky teenagers, but at least they should be able to cope with the heat and touring temples etc.)

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