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WARNING: do NOT use services from VR Express and BEWARE border crossing into Laos

Posted by sighne on 6/3/2017 at 03:08

My friend and I took a bus from Siem Reap to 4000 islands, and it was f---ing awful. Textbook corruption.

VR Express is either working for or with Phnom Penh Sorya Transport Co., which has its own host of horrid reviews.

Here is a general summary of the trip:

1. The bus driver talked on the phone for a significant portion of the drive.

2. There were multiple vehicles changes that were not mentioned beforehand, and at one point, we were left stranded at a gas station in Stung Treng (route from Siem Reap to 4000 Islands/Don Det, Laos, which is an hour from the border crossing) for 1.5 hours as we waited for a bus coming from Phnom Penh to pick us up.
None of us were informed of what was happening, and a man who had not even been on the bus with us and did not work with VR Express explained all of this to us. The gas station attendant also openly ripped us off, and the location seemed to be a common stopping point for travel buses.

3. After getting picked up, one of the VR Express employees said the US visa fee was $41. I have heard that bus company employees charge higher since they take care of the visa process for you, but the VR Express employee also lied to my friend saying that the border patrol officers charge $43 for her nationality but that he is doing her a favour and only charging $42.
She politely refused their help, was told to get her luggage out of the bus, and ended up paying $30 for her visa.

4. Unbeknownst to the 14 people who decided to get their own visas, there were also additional charges ($2/person/stamp) from both the Cambodian/Laotian border officers for receiving the exit/entry stamps, respectively, etc, not including an additional fee for the visa. The Laotian border officers charged $2/stamp AFTER we already paid the visa fee, so many of us refused.
The VR Express employees DEMANDED we pay, threatened to leave us at the border, saying they already contacted their boss who gave the OK, and then laughed at the people who didn't have the extra cash because they had not previously known there would be multiple additional charges and fees.

4. One VR Express employee arrogantly and gleefully dared us to call our embassies or whoever we wanted because "it [didn't] matter." He also strongly encouraged us to "go on the internet and leave a bad review!" So I am kindly obliging him. Please let me know if there are other review sites that travelers frequent and could use the info.

5. The VR Express employees then removed our luggage from the bus, and those of us who finally paid to get our passports back had to pick them up off the ground and board the bus before it left.

6. The vehicle change in Laos was into a boxed pick up truck, which is often used to carry cargo or animals. There were well over 15 people with their luggage squished inside, with the people at the end having to hold on to the side rail so they nor the luggage would fall out.
The bus then took off farther into Laos, and the drive we took to 4000 islands took an additional 10 minutes, which seems like this was an unnecessary vehicle change.

On a side note to anyone looking to cross the Cambodian/Laotian border, if you refuse to pay their additional fees, be prepared for the [Cambodian] officers to get pissed at you.

I persistently said no to paying for an exit stamp and after badgering them to return my passport, one officer threw my passport at me and told me to leave. There were other people waiting to get their exit stamp and refusing to pay, so ALL the officers sat in the back and went on their phones. Initially I thought they were calling their boss or something, but no, I think they were idling.

The same officer then screamed and yelled at me to leave when I tried to ask him to stamp my friend's passport and proceeded to sulk, refusing to help anyone.

The Laotian officers were calmer and easier to work with, although they also asked for additional fees.

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