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Posted by lanphuonglien on 7/9/2017 at 02:19

AT RISE: JOSH is leaning against lamppost, his hands within the pockets, searching lower at ground. CUPID comes flying in on skateboard, and rolls as much as JOSH, almost encountering him.

CUPID: I don't suppose you've my Frisbee, can you? how to choose a good skateboard

JOSH (Inflammed): Does it look as if I have your Frisbee?

CUPID: I didn't think you most likely did.

JOSH: Then why have you ever ask?

CUPID: I didn't ask. I merely mentioned, I don't suppose you've my Frisbee. And I Also was right.

JOSH: Okay, Einstein, then you definitely certainly didn't ask. Now, wander off.


JOSH: Since I Have need a little tranquility, this is why!

CUPID: Why, are you currently presently sick?

JOSH: Not very it's all your business, but no.

CUPID (Relieved): I'm glad to hear that.

JOSH (Found on bench): The reason behind so happy about my health?

CUPID: Because which will make it much easier.

JOSH: Make what simpler?

CUPID: Best in to a good mood.

Without the coupon-clipping it, however, you show all indications of battling with vitamin deficiency. (Eyeing him carefully) You gaze pale and lethargic, much like you haven't any energy. However cure you.

JOSH: Cure me from the products? There's no problem with me at night.

CUPID: Oh, yes, there's. You can't be as cranky when you're never--and i also be familiar with cause.

JOSH (Inflammed): You're really obnoxious, you understand? Disappear.

CUPID: Just look how excited and inflammed you're dealing with hardly any! Just calm lower!

JOSH (Shouting): Quit telling calm lower! Who're you, anyway?

CUPID (Matter-of-factly): I'm Cupid.

JOSH: Cupid! You have to be kidding! What type of a status is always that?

CUPID: Cupid's an excellent name. What's yours?

JOSH: Josh.

CUPID: Josh. I really like it.

JOSH: Me too. But seriously, not know who Cupid is?

CUPID: Well, dub--sure. I'm Cupid.

JOSH: No, no, no. In mythology, Cupid was the god of love who went around shooting people with a bow and arrow to be just fall in love. Don't you will be aware?

CUPID: Clearly Yes, it.

JOSH: Then can't the factor is it's a funny name? Don't people tease you relating to this?

CUPID (Taking slingshot from pocket): Once they do, I provide them with a concept of the.

JOSH: Hey, put that factor away. First factor you understand, you'll be imprisonment for hurting someone.

CUPID: Oh, Irrrve never hurt people. I take advantage of this for hearts.

JOSH: You're certainly a strange kid.

CUPID: You've already made the decision that i am.

JOSH: So no offense, however, your name may well be a hindrance for you personally if you develop.

CUPID: However pricier to build up up.

JOSH: Clearly you'll. And if you don't eliminate that name, you'll be a laughingstock. Create a physician or possibly an attorney or possibly a plumber named Cupid. (Laughs)

CUPID: I'm suggesting, I won't develop. I'm the size of I will be.

JOSH: Can you be sure? Did a health care provider explain how?

CUPID: No. I have not needed a health care provider.

JOSH: Possibly you need to choose one. You might be sick.

CUPID: You don't understand. I'm not sick. You're the primary one who's sick, and i'm prone to cure you.

JOSH: Oh, I see--so, Dr. Cupid, wrong with me at night?

CUPID: You've heart trouble.

JOSH: I do not! I'm in terrific shape.

CUPID: That has nothing associated with it. There is a different of heart trouble.... Tell me, how's your boyfriend or girlfriend existence? (JOSH out of the blue lunges at him, but CUPID rolls from achieve.)

JOSH (Raging): That's no business!

CUPID (Remaining from achieve): Aha, I believed so. Now, calm lower, Josh, and here is some information things over.

JOSH: I'd prefer not to talk things over.

CUPID: Listen, all If only to complete is explain a few products for you. (JOSH examines CUPID skeptically.) Provide us with a few momemts, then I'll cause you to alone. Whomever else arrived at lose?

JOSH (Subdued): Well ... okay.

CUPID (Found on bench): Good. Now, tell me, perhaps you have become any valentines?

JOSH: Sure.

CUPID: With pictures?

JOSH: Yes, clearly, with pictures!

CUPID: Pictures of me?

JOSH: What makes them going to achieve the picture inside it?

CUPID: Be cautious, Josh. Wasn't there ever a picture of Cupid on numerous your valentines?

JOSH: Yeah, but he didn't appear as if you. He will be a fat little baby with wings plus a bow and arrow. And, after i remember, he wasn't wearing any clothes.

CUPID: So due to the fact I'm older, have a very skateboard as opposed to wings, and i'm transporting a slingshot as opposed to the bow and arrow--due to the fact I'm wearing jeans plus a T-shirt as opposed to--well, as opposed to nothing--you will not believe I'm Cupid.

JOSH: Yes it's true.

CUPID (Sighing): You sure don't have much imagination. Maybe you have seen any baby pictures of yourself?

JOSH (Proudly): Lots of them. I used to be a lovely little baby.

CUPID: I am sure there's one or more picture that shows you, fat and dimpled, splashing around inside the bathtub or lounging around the rug.

JOSH (Embarrassed): Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

CUPID: Then you definitely certainly can understand why the earth has got the incorrect picture of Cupid in your thoughts. Everyone pictures of me were taken once i was only a baby. Regrettably these days everybody expects to find out a baby getting a toy bow and arrow, then when I appear with my slingshot, people just don't believe inside me.

JOSH: Dude, you're making a reasonably convincing situation. However I won't believe you're Cupid till you've given me some proof.

CUPID: I'll supply you with all the proof you need, in the event you tell me your problem.

JOSH (Tossing up hands): I must function as world's finest fool to show you this, but O.K., here goes. I've had a very mad crush on someone.

CUPID: Now we're getting lower for the cold, heart details.

JOSH: The problem is, I have not formally met her. We usually walk the identical route every morning, but she goes to a different school. And he or she doesn't know I exist.

CUPID: Then that's my job--to produce her notice you.

JOSH: If you could do this this that, I'd almost believe that you'll are Cupid.

CUPID: Ponder over it done. What's her name?

JOSH: Chloe--and every morning concerning this time she mixers corner. (Points off right) This is why I'm here-just wishing to acquire a look at her.

CUPID: Hm-m-m. Experience tells me that girls named Chloe will frequently have minds of their very own. This may be a difficult situation. Do not worry ... I'll handle it. (JOSH gazes off right.)

JOSH (Out of the blue pointing off right): Look! There she's now!

CUPID (Searching off right): Where?

JOSH: There. The primary one inside the crimson jacket. Isn't she gorgeous?

CUPID: She seems just like a excellent person. O.K., here goes. (Begins to take aim with slingshot) This could fix everything. (JOSH, horrified, tries to stop him.)

JOSH: Hey, wait! Whatrrrs your opinion you do? (CUPID, ignoring him, shoots slingshot. Appear of woman's scream is heard offstage.) You've hit her, you jerk! (Whirls around to handle CUPID) Are you currently presently crazy?

CUPID (Hastily tossing slingshot on bench and skateboarding off left, calling): I'll be back--later. (He's hardly off when CHLOE enters right.)

CHLOE (Angrily): Just wait'll I acquire the one that did this. Just wait! (Catching sight of JOSH) Hey, have you ever accidentally see anybody around here getting a slingshot? (Out of the blue sees slingshot on bench folds arms) So! It absolutely was you! I used to be trying to find any little kid. I really didn't know I'd find anybody who are old enough to know better. I'll educate you! (Slaps JOSH, who's too dazed to move) And subsequently time you are trying anything similar to this, I'm calling police force!

JOSH (Rubbing his mouth area pestering her): Oh, please, Chloe, I am in a position to explain everything.

CHLOE (Angrier than in the past): Can you be sure my name?

JOSH: I'm sorry. I realize I'm being rude, however, the thing is--well--I've known what you're for several days. I've come across you plenty occasions, while you haven't compensated manual intervention in my opinion. I heard your female buddies on-site visit your business eventually. (CHLOE looks puzzled, then peers at him in sudden recognition.) what size skateboard do i need

CHLOE: You understand, you must do look familiar. Yeah, From the the face area now. (JOSH smiles. CHLOE frowns.) You've been the follow. Creep! (Yells) Police! Help! (Starts left)

JOSH (Following her): Please! I am in a position to explain everything in the event you provide us with an opportunity.
CHLOE: You'll be able to explain it for the police. (Yells) Help! Police!

SGT. RUSSO (Running on): What is happening here? What's the trouble?

CHLOE: This individual remains the follow for several days. So when that isn't bad enough, he just struck me along with his slingshot!

SGT. RUSSO (To JOSH): A slingshot? Should not you be too old for the? You'll have to include me.

JOSH: Officer, I am in a position to explain everything, in the event you provide an chance. I've been standing here, minding my own, personal business!

CHLOE: Do not pay concentrate on him, Officer. His weapon's the next. (Stacks up slingshot)

JOSH: Yet it's not mine! It's connected having a youthful boy who ran off.

CHLOE (In disgust): You need to be embarrassed about yourself trying to put the blame around the little kid.

JOSH: But it's true. He needed a try for you before I really could stop him.

SGT. RUSSO: It could be a child in your area, I'll find him. Have you ever get his name?

JOSH (Hesitating): Yes, I did so, but--


JOSH (Embarrassed): Clearly Yes, it had not been his real name, but he mentioned his name was Cupid.

CHLOE: Officer, this individual is crazy. He needs to be guaranteed.

JOSH: I'm only suggesting what he described. You have to believe me.

SGT. RUSSO: I've heard some weird tales inside my time, but yours may be the finest yet. Where is this fact Cupid?

JOSH (Pointing left): He ran off there. Didn't the factor is really a child about excessive (Signifies height), around the skateboard?

SGT. RUSSO: I did not, what's really more, you didn't, either. Now, it's suggested to become nice quiet are available alon

g with me at night peaceably.

JOSH (With resignation): I quit. Cause me to feel in, however i am suggesting, there's a boy here merely a minute ago ... and the man referred to as themselves Cupid.

CUPID (Entering out of the blue left): Hi, Josh. How are things?

CHLOE (In astonishment): A young child around the skateboard--exactly like you mentioned.

SGT. RUSSO: Hey, you, is this fact your slingshot? (Stacks up slingshot)

CUPID (Taking it): It certainly is. Thanks. I must have dropped it.

SGT. RUSSO: I have got a few pre-determined questions you need to inquire, kid. (Indicating JOSH) Perhaps you have seen this fellow before?

CUPID: Clearly. That's my friend--Josh.

SGT. RUSSO: And just what relating to this youthful lady?

CUPID: I've come across her in the distance, but I have not really met her. I guess I owe her an apology.

SGT. RUSSO: What for?

CUPID (Supporting slingshot): With this particular. (To CHLOE) I'm really sorry, and i also hope you'll forgive me, however guarantee I acted purely inside the interest of science.

SGT. RUSSO: So you are the guilty one!

JOSH: There! What did I explain to you?

CHLOE (To JOSH): Oh, my jeeze, I'm terrible. I truly slapped you!

JOSH: That's okay, Chloe. (Hesitates) I'm sorry ... can you mind essentially contact you Chloe?

CHLOE (Carrying out a pause): I guess it's O.K. I'm so embarrassed. (Examines watch) Jeeze, I'm apt to be late. (Turns to SGT. RUSSO) Thanks, Officer, but as you have seen, everything's O.K. Thank you.

SGT. RUSSO: You're welcome, miss. (CHLOE starts to exit.)

JOSH: Wait about a minute, Chloe. (She stops, turns.) I'm headed by doing this, myself. Mind essentially join you?

CHLOE (Shyly, carrying out a pause): No, I don't mind whatsoever. (Associated with feelings . exit.)

SGT. RUSSO (To CUPID): Incidentally, boy, what's your real name? (JOSH and CHLOE stop, turn.)

CUPID: Didn't Josh inform you?

JOSH: You understand, Officer, I'm beginning to consider it was not a nickname within the finish. (Smiles at CHLOE) For me he's really Cupid. (He and CHLOE exit.)

SGT. RUSSO: Youthful man, I have had a feeling you're a troublemaker. I'd like your real name, along with your address. (Removes notebook)

CUPID (Taking large red heart from pocket): My card, mister. (Reads aloud)

Cupid--alias Eros Boy of Venus Residence--Mt. Olympus Expert Love Consultant and Heart Specialist Services Free--Upon Request

SGT. RUSSO: Focus on me, boy, am i going to look as if I'm the type to are seduced by this nonsense?

CUPID: I really couldn't say, mister, however know there is a huge heart under that uniform. And just to show that i'm right, I will enable you to in around the little secret about you. At this time you'd provide the next month's pay to think about Molly Epstein (Points off left), the school crossing guard, for the Policeman's Ball tomorrow night. Isn't that true?

SGT. RUSSO (Flustered): How will you possibly understand that? Even she doesn't understand it.

CUPID: Not to mention generate income know. I merely know. Essentially can cope with some misconception with Molly to suit your needs, will you let me go?

SGT. RUSSO: I'll not only permit you to go, I'll purchase a year's method of getting red chocolate hearts!

CUPID: It's a deal. (Takes aim off playing slingshot) Steady now, it'll take me only one shot.

SGT. RUSSO (Horrified): Wait about a minute! You can't do that! Stop it! Remain in the particular law! (CUPID shoots off left. Offstage, MOLLY screams.) You've hit her! Poor Molly! (MOLLY EPSTEIN, in crossing guard's uniform, runs using.)

MOLLY (Pointing to CUPID): Sgt. Russo, arrest that boy simultaneously! What goes on he's done?

SGT. RUSSO (Nervously): Why, yes--I understand. Did he hurt you?

MOLLY: Well, no--not always. (Hesitates) It hurt initially, however only feel a warm glow. (Smiles at SGT. RUSSO coyly) I have not seen you shortly, Patrick. Are you currently presently remaining from me?

SGT. RUSSO (Embarrassed): Remaining from you? No! I've been in another beat, that's all.

MOLLY (Sliding her arm through SGT. RUSSO's): Well, how am i held supposed to access know you should if you don't consult with me?

SGT. RUSSO: However always thought you're considering Joe Snyder.

MOLLY: Joe Snyder! In no way! It's you I admire, Patrick.

SGT. RUSSO (Beaming): Then because situation, how about coming with me at night for the Policeman's Ball? (Takes tickets from pocket) I've two tickets--(Slyly) unless of course obviously, clearly, you're selecting Joe Snyder.

MOLLY: You should not be silly, Patrick. There's no room inside my heart for anyone however, you. I promise you i'll be the very best couple within the ball. (MOLLY and RUSSO start to exit left, but RUSSO returns onstage.)

SGT. RUSSO: Pardon me for starters moment, Molly. I would like a factor with my buddy here. (To CUPID) Great work, Cupid--and thanks! But be careful with this particular slingshot. It's a dangerous weapon, whether it is useful for breaking home home windows or breaking hearts.

CUPID: Don't get worried, Sergeant. I'll be careful. You together with Molly enjoy her within the ball.

SGT. RUSSO: I am certain we'll. (He and MOLLY exit.)

CUPID (Addressing audience): It can make me feel happy to acquire nice people together. (Looks offstage) Well, in addition to gentlemen, I will tell happens crew will close the curtains, considerably improved I have taken proper proper care of Josh and Chloe and Sergeant Russo and Molly, Allow me to deliver my message for you personally. (Takes another paper heart from pocket and reads)

(Breaks rhythm, stacks up hands) Whomever else arrived at lose? (He bows as curtain closes.)

The Conclusion how to choose a good skateboard for beginners


Cupid round the Loose

Figures: 3 male 2 female.

PLAYING TIME: 20 minutes.

COSTUMES: All placed on modern clothes. Chloe wears crimson coat, wears backpack. Josh also wears backpack. Cupid wears jeans, T-shirt, roller blades. Sgt. Russo and Molly, uniforms. Russo has two tickets within the pocket.

Characteristics: Slingshot notebook two large red paper hearts.

SETTING: A park, with bench at center, and lamppost nearby.

LIGHTING and Appear: No effects.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I am in a position to fix broken hearts

Making spirits new.

For whether I'm Cupid

Or should i be not,

I've a great aim

Using this magic slingshot.

So keep me in your thoughts

In situation your heart's in distress,

Just call me, ol' Cupid....

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