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Cambodian e-visa on the border with Laos

Posted by mashiko on 23/12/2017 at 15:25

According to https://www.evisa.gov.kh/news evisa is now available on the land border Tropaeng Kreal Border Post (Stung Treang) with Laos (since 12 December).
They also inform that on the Dong Kralo (Stung Treng) crossing point evisa is still not accepted, which is a bit confusing as I thought those two crossing points are actually the same thing.

Can anyone confirm that the service is up and running? That crossing point has been famous for a very annoying scams, would be nice if not save money, then save some nerves and some space in the passport.

Thanks :)

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Posted by amnicoll on 24/12/2017 at 01:33

I saw that they had extended the entry points (also Sihanouville airport) and I would imagine that given that it is on the site then it is operational. Just make sure you use the correct border!

It will be interesting to see if the border guys find other ways to rip you off - my experience at Koh Kong which also extorts serious bribes $15+ from those with out evisas is that there is no problem whatsoever with entering using the evisa

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Posted by mashiko on 24/12/2017 at 08:41

I don't know how to make sure if it's a correct border, I heard in spring there was some armed quarrel between Cambodia and Laos around these two spots (Tropaeng Kreal and Dong Kralo), which I think are just two different booths in the same area. I suppose they closed one of them and now use another, but can't find any recent days reports. If I was alone I'd risk 37 usd just for a chance to piss them off :D but there are two of us, would be super annoying to find out that the crossing where evisa is accepted doesn't exist yet and pay once again for VOA

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Posted by amnicoll on 25/12/2017 at 01:04

Sorry can not help have you googled it?

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Posted by mashiko on 7/1/2018 at 05:43

I sure googled it but didnt find any info. Done it myself already, so if anyone is about to do it - they did accept our e-visas no problem. However, the whole trip is still an absolute ****:

1. They still sell tickets on 4000 islands promising arrival to Siem Reap at 18.00, and we still arrived at 22.00.

2. On the way to the boarder they didn't fix properly backpacks piled on the roof, and one of them fell down at the full speed. The backpack got destroyed and the owner was pretty pissed.

3. We paid 2 dollars for a stamp at the Lao boarder, 1 dollar for a "health check" on Cambodian side I didnt pay, because I was carrying my vaccination certificate.

3. At the "bus station" in Stung Treng they ask a dollar for a toilet and there is no even a sink. It is very annoying when you've been waiting for 2 hours already and pushed to pay a damn dollar for a dirty toilet and then wash hands in front of the "restaurant" with your own soap and a bottled water.

3. For all above I was kinda prepared but didnt expect how dangerous and PACKED will be the minibus. I was with my friend and could change position, put legs on his laps to stretch muscles a bit, I can hardly imagine how would feel being alone, and what would happen if we were a bit bigger. Most of the way is driven when its dark, people seat in most uncomfortable positions, legs on their own backpacks, of course no seatbelts or anything, so even a small accident will be extremely dangerous for everyone inside and it might happen in the middle of nowhere with no any medical help in reach.

Generally I consider a night on 4000 islands being a waste of time and money and a trip from there to Siem Reap was extremely annoying, and I took so many of those touristic long distance transfers in Asia, I thought it would be hard to annoy me. If I could chose again - I'd just skip it at all and fly from Pakse to Siem Reap.

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Posted by amnicoll on 19/1/2018 at 01:37

I have heard bad reports elsewhere of the trip from the islands to Siem Reap.

I assume the border that accepts the evisas is the main one between Laos and Stung Treng bit did you find out where the other one is?

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Posted by muzzaf on 21/1/2018 at 05:48

May or may not be helpful, but I traveled south from Pakse to Phnom Penh recently via "Thousand Islands" with out any problems.
From Pakse, (Mini Bus) Down the highway then to the riverside to pick up passengers from Champassek and then back onto the highway It takes you to a Bus Station (1 Km walk to the river) opposite The Thousand Islands, where you pick up the boat to take you over, its included in the bus fare. (If you use the local bus from Pakse then you must get from the highway, about 7kms then pay for the boat)
The boat will take you over, then you choose where to stay, I found here a very pleasant place to stay and cheap enough. Good food and cold beer! Two nights at least then back on the boat, your ticket is to your destination, Phnom Penh or Siem Riep, Walk from the river to the bus station, exchange tickets at the Kiosk and jump on a large bus south. 11.00 am
AT THE BORDER, NO RIP OFFS, SMOOTH AS SILK, a very good border experience. The bus people did it. Some people had the energy to do it independently and did so and maybe saved 50 cents.
After 15 minutes on the Cambodian side (Hot) waiting we watched these people come over.
We went on to Phnom Penh, about 30 minutes after the border, those going to Siem Reip got off and waited for their bus to the wast Theirs is another story.
SO I dont know what troubles they had but all I can say is we got into Phnom Penh about 7.00pm without any mishaps
I guess I can say it was a very normal, nice journey for me. The bus company was very good
In Pakse, there are very normal priced backpackers situated about the highway near the bridge ( 13 Road) , you cannot miss them. (I stayed around the corner in 12 Road)
In Savannakhet, Go to Cafe Savanh (nearly Excellent). 50m from the Mekong. Sadly KGB G.H. was closed when I was there

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