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Siem Reap to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport over land

Posted by sreid9 on 13/12/2008 at 16:42

Hi there.

Does anyone know the most direct and efficient route from Siem Reap to the Suvarnabhumi airport by bus and/or taxi? I am currently in Siem Reap and have been given the following options from travel agents:

1. Bus from SR to Koh San Rd., then taxi or shuttle from there.
2. Get ripped off with arranged taxi rides on both sides of the border for $150-175.
3. Taxi to the Cambodia/Thai border, then taxi to the airport (or bus if I'm lucky).

For option 3, there doesn't seem to be much information about what to do once I arrive in Aranyaprathet (Thailand). says that there is an airport bus there; does anyone know for sure? Or would I be forced to take a very expensive taxi in Aranyaprathet to BKK?

I'm looking for the safest and most scam-free option possible, which means I've basically eliminated the Koh San Rd. option already. It's for my girlfriend who is traveling this route alone.

Look forward to hearing from someone soon! Thanks a million in advance!

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Posted by Lother on 13/12/2008 at 17:00

From SR to the border you can take a taxi, share if possible. I'm not sure if there are still no regular buses from there yet, they do go from PP to the border. The tourist minibuses are a bad idea.

Once you cross over to the Thai side, take a tuk-tuk to the bus station of Aranyaprathet. There are direct buses to Suvarnabhumi (I've taken one in the other direction) but I don't know their schedules unfortunately. But there will definitely be buses to Bangkok, they go about once an hour or so. They're comfortable and reasonably fast, so there is no need to take a taxi from Aran to Bangkok.

From the Bangkok bus station, you can take a taxi to the airport, if you're leaving the same day. It's better not to accept offers from taxi touts for a fixed price, as there is an official taxi line at the bus station where all the taxis use the meter.

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Posted by sreid9 on 14/12/2008 at 10:26

Thanks so much for your response. Is there a better Bangkok bus station to get dropped off if I can't get an airport bus from Aranyaprathet? Or is there even a choice of which bus station they'll take me?

Thanks again. Things are much clearer now!

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Posted by jungleland on 14/12/2008 at 14:02

Buses to BKK airport from Aran 08:30 @ 14:30 Cost is around 200baht

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Posted by sreid9 on 14/12/2008 at 17:48

Thanks a million for the bus times! I'm going to aim for the 14:30. Cheers!

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Posted by yaamahaga on 13/1/2009 at 15:44

#1 is definately the better option in my opinion

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Posted by somtam2000 on 14/1/2009 at 07:10 admin

Lother, jungleland -- thanks for that info -- I'll get it added into the main SR to Bkk story.

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Posted by amalie on 17/1/2009 at 11:48

Anyone know how long the bus takes fron Aran to the airport?

Ta xx

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Posted by sreid9 on 18/1/2009 at 00:09

3 1/2 hours from Aran to BKK on a clean, comfortable bus. App. 200 Baht.

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Posted by amalie on 18/1/2009 at 06:27

Sounds like the perfect way to meet our friends at the airport! Thankyou xx

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Posted by amalie on 18/1/2009 at 06:29

One more question .. anyone know how long the bus takes from Aran to Bangkok? The bus to the airport might get us there way too early .. might be easier to dump our bags somewhere in BKK and then go out to the airport to meet them :)

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Posted by scarletscorpion on 20/10/2010 at 21:38

Hi, I have already done research on how to get from Suvarnabhumi airport to Siem Reap . I just have a few questions, the websites say that Transport Co, the bus line that drives from Suvarnabhumi airport to Rongklua market, has a fixed rate. Does anyone know how much this is and what time do their buses depart? My flight from BKK gets in at 11:30 and according to most websites, the next bus out is 2 pm while others say that there is a bus that leaves by the hour.
If unfortunately we have to take the 2pm bus, will there still be a taxi available at Poipet to take us to Siem Reap?
If there is three of us, is it worth it to take the taxi from Poipet to Siem Reap or should we still take the bus since we are on a tight budget?

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Posted by Wozzer on 22/10/2010 at 09:29

It's forever changing! The latest I can give you is this:

Bus 390 from BKK to Rang Kula Market (border with Poipet) departs at 08.00 from BKK (lower level). I travelled on this bus in August, at that time the website said there were buses at 07.30 and 11.00. The ticket desk said one bus only at 08.00.

Last week I enquired about Rang Kula Market to BKK and was (reliably?) informed that buses leave the border at 09.00 and 14.30.

In both directions the journey is around 3.5 - 4 hours and the fare is 187THB

Hope this helps


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Posted by scarletscorpion on 22/10/2010 at 09:44

Thanks wozzer! I can take the 2:30 bus and grab lunch before heading out :)

Although, we are considering taking the taxi since waiting for the bus would mean we would have to sleep over at Aran and we would prefer to just go straight to Siem Reap.

Does anyone know how much a taxi from the AIRPORT to ARAN/RONGKLUA MARKET cost? And if there are actually taxis willing to make the trip? Is that going to be a fixed rate or metered?

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Posted by Wozzer on 22/10/2010 at 13:52

Scarletscorpion!! No you can't...

I wrote that I only know of ONE bus departing from BKK at 08.00. The other two are RETURN from Rang Kula Market TO BKK.

I think you would pay maybe 1800THB by taxi from BKK to Cambodia Border. Get an official taxi - and agree rate beforehand (as anywhere else).

Your alternatives at that time of day would be to use Airport shuttle bus or new rail link, connect to Skytrain and head out to Mochit. Stay ovenight around Mochit (Does anyone know of anyhere?) and then take an early bus next morning from Mochit to Border. There are many posts on here about how to do that trip easily.

Or, find somewhere close to BKK to stay overnight and then take the 08.00 bus next day.

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Posted by scarletscorpion on 22/10/2010 at 14:47

Oh shucks, Wozzer thanks for replying so soon! Me and my friends actually agreed upon the 2 pm bus and staying over at Aran to get to SR before noon the next day.

I think we will have to spend for the taxi from the airport since we are arriving on a Thurs at BKK and we want to be back for the Chatuchak market on Sun that's why we're pushing to do the Angkor Wat tour on Fri so we can head back to BKK on Sat.

Okay just to clarify, when we land at BKK on Thurs at 11:30am, we can have lunch first and then take a taxi to the border. It's going to be 3.5-4 hrs right at around 1800 THB? Are there specific taxis that we should take and the area in the airport to find them?

After crossing the border, we can share a taxi from Poipet to SR and that's around $50 for a 2 hr drive?

Going back should be easier as long as we leave SR by noon. We should be able to catch the bus leaving before 3 pm at Aran going to BKK.

Thank you so much for the patience!

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Posted by Wozzer on 22/10/2010 at 15:55

I'm based in Siem Reap rather than Bangkok, so I don't know all the ruses or best rates at that end. Maybe someone else on here can give you more specific info about BKK.

My strong tip - in fact it's really a must, is to apply for your Cambodia visa online here:

When you get to the border - and I mean the border, NOT the crooked 'consulate' around 3km before the border - get stamped out of Thailand, walk along to the Cambo medical check (if it's still there) it's just a quick form to fill - don't pay any money, just keep a copy of the form that they give you.

Then walk PAST the visa office (you already have your evisa printout), politely explaining you already have one.

Carry on down the border crossing (past the casinos), cross the road and you will eventually come to the immigration office on the right hand side. Go in there - you'll have to fill out an arrival/departure card, then get in line and give the official at the window your passport, evisa, arrival/departure card and your medical thingy (that you filled in 10mins earlier).

You'll get stamped in for one month (tourist visa) and that's it - NO MONEY NEEDS TO CHANGE HANDS!! and no drama [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

You'll have paid US$25 for your evisa online. While a visa on arrival should cost 20bucks, I hear of people every day that pay 30 or 40 dollars. Be smart and prepared, it'll save you the taxi fare to Siem Reap [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]

Speaking of which - you'll be accosted by Cambodian transportation touts pretty much as soon as you're stamped out of Thailand. Depending on how many in your group, you shouldn't pay more than $12 each based on 4pax sharing. Start at 10 bucks each (for 3 pax) and go from there!

Many people say they get it for less - but maybe you can, maybe not. All I'm saying is the max you should pay.

If you want specific info on Siem Reap, some recommended guesthouses and tours, just PM me.

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