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Posted by kato1940 on 16/1/2009 at 11:53

A CANADIAN AID WORKER LEFT HIS GROUP WENT TO AN ATM AND WAS CLUBBED IN THE HEAD RIDING AWAY ON HIS MOTOR CYCLE,ROBBED, stripped of his clothing and left in the ditch . He died a c ouple of days later. Be carefull being alone

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Posted by jamesspignesi on 1/2/2009 at 22:22

I hate to say it but as i may have mentioned in another piece written earlier i just never felt totally safe in Cambodia. I always felt like i had to look behind my back. Something about the place at times just gave me the creeps,unlike Thailand, Laos or Malaysia. The taxi thugs outside the border crossing at Had Lek are not to be trusted after a frightening encounter i had there with my thai girlfriend. BE CAREFUL ! As the old X-Files saying goes "TRUST NO ONE ".

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Posted by mrparanoid on 5/3/2009 at 16:05

Update from different sources:

"..Jiri Zivny was last seen leaving a bar in Sihanoukville with a Khmer woman. He then had a terrible motorcycle accident and was brought to Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh. The amulance report states that he was in an accident. Later the driver of the other motorcycle was also brought to Calmette. No witness places Jiri at an ATM anywhere, although he did withdraw cash sometime. Doctors at Calmette say that his wounds are consistant with a crash and not a mugging. This needs to be cleared up. Cambodia is getting a bad rap and the honesty of Canadian NGOs is being dragged through the mud."

"..Something fishy about this … why were they raising 100,000 to fly him back to canada when hospitals in bangkok and singapore are so much closer? the doctor quoted as saying the injuries were consistent with an attack is a cosmetic surgeon. doctors at calmette say the injuries were similar to those sustained in a motorbike accident. Take a closer look at the “humanitarian group” in Canada that has turned this tragedy into a fundraising mission. Know this sounds cynical but the facts don’t add up … at least the reported ones. Anyone know what he was up to in Sihanoukville?"

"...The gist is, after some proper reporting, it turns out the guy was in a motorbike accident - simple as. This charity exploited the matter, smearing Cambodian police and medical services to cash in. Disgusting."

He was a 43 year old sex tourist who spent his last night with a 17 year old bar girl.. He got drunk and crashed his bike. I wish people would check up on things before posting something like this.

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Posted by dageshi on 24/3/2009 at 18:01

Spent alot of time in Snooky, my general advice would be that women shouldn't walk alone or even in small groups after dark, I watched a girl get her handbag stolen by a moto going by with three khmer guys on, ironically the moto got 10 more meters up the road and then ran out of fuel, two of them got nabbed the third got away, you couldn't write it really. To my knowledge there's not much in the way of sexual violence towards western women it's mainly muggings e.t.c. where western women are seen as very easy targets, moreso than western men but I wouldn't let that go to your head.

General tips would be, keep in groups and to well lit areas at night, stay close to areas where there are security guards (alot of guesthouses are employing guards for just this reason) and don't wander off down the beach away from serendipity at night.

But honestly, as a 27 year old man there are parts of snooky I don't feel particularly safe in after 10 at night, at three in the morning I;d be downright terrified. But generally it's fine in the daylight and early evening, and it's fine if your staying relatively close to the beach. But yes, compared to everywhere else I;ve been in Asia, Cambodia was the only place I've ever felt remotely worried for my myself.

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