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Peace Pub (formerly Peace Cafe) in Phnom Penh?

Posted by jessieo on 25/5/2009 at 16:38


Is there someone out there who can tell me if this pub still exists? I tried calling and a woman told me it was closed for good - but I may have had the wrong number (I'm not sure if she understood my question.)

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Posted by brucemoon on 26/5/2009 at 07:39


It's not listed on Yellow Pages:


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Posted by somtam2000 on 26/5/2009 at 09:11 admin

Peace Pub and it's once affable owner Dave are long gone unfortunately.

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Posted by mrparanoid on 27/5/2009 at 22:04

Well.. He was a meth-addict that beat up his girlfriend in the street outside the bar he opened after peace pub, and when arrested the police found he had overstayed his visa. The visa overstay, the girl-beating, the drugs, plus the constant problems at the bar.. (brick bar) resulted in him being deported and I think he is not allowed to return.

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Posted by dylans1 on 14/1/2010 at 22:00

And you saw that did you? Or did you just take the word of a bunch of corrupt cops at face value?
Becuase the truth is the girl was pissed out of her mind smashing up his bar.She trashed the place, smashed the computer, the dvd player, the amp, all the bottles and all the furnishings. He threw her out and she started screaming her head off in the street and trying to get back into the bar. The cops arrived and were let in and they proceeded to drag the owner into the street where a group of motodrivers were allowed to beat the **** out of him. The cops joined in.
Noone was beaten up in the street except the owner. Get your facts straight

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Posted by kayola72 on 20/1/2010 at 04:52

hi im replying to the last message as i am daves couson ken bailey and im looking for dave as its been some yrs since i saw him, if you have any information or could pass a message on for me i would be so greatfull. you can email me on my daugter inlaws email [email protected] i hope to here from you soon. ken

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Posted by sayadian on 21/1/2010 at 01:06

kayola72 I think he was posting on www.khmer440 a while back so maybe they have an e-mail for him.Best contact them.the old Broken Bricks bar has now been lovingly restored and is a noodle shop, though quite a pricey one.

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Posted by mrparanoid on 13/5/2010 at 00:56

@ dylans1

Well, plenty expats who know him, some former friends, that have known him for several years all attested to his violent behaviour towards girls and his drug abuse on the k440 forum and several newspapers reported at the time that allegedly beat up the girl and has a history of violence and drug abuse.

It was in the Cambodian Daily, PP Post, Bangkok Post, and here from the Nation:
Cambodian police save British man from lynch mob

Phnom Penh - Cambodian police arrived in the nick of time to save a British man from a lynch mob after he allegedly savagely beat his girlfriend on the street, an officer said Monday.

David Finch, 42, of Birmingham, had allegedly been punching and kicking his 20-year-old Cambodian girlfriend on the footpath when his neighbours decided they could take no more, said Chhit Vuthy, deputy police chief of Psar Kandal 1 in the capital.

"They formed a mob and managed to hit him hard in the head but we arrived just in time and then they had to let him go," Vuthy said. "He has no respect for Cambodians, and they were angry."

Mob and extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals remain relatively common in Cambodia.

Finch, a long-term expatriate in Cambodia who ran and lived in his bar, Broken Bricks, had a history of violence and drugs were believed to be involved, police said.

Vuthy said he was unsure whether the father of one would now be deported or sent to court. The victim was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm and bruising but released soon after.

The incident is the second of its kind since Cambodia banned marriages to foreigners last month , citing potential for abuse and exploitation of often poor and under-educated Khmer women.

Two weeks earlier a German man was charged with aggravated assault after breaking both his Cambodian wife's arms, repeatedly beating her and locking her in their house for weeks at a time.//DPA

In the thread where this incident is discussed, some of his former friends and acquaintances say:

-I didn't know him when he had his first Khmer wife, but it was well known that he beat the crap out of the last one, and is a generally violent person with serious drug problems.

-When it comes to beating the living crap out of women then this guy has plenty of form. I suppose he was only defending himself at the old Peace Pub down the block when he regularly used to take his previous squeeze out the front and punch her lights out too eh?

Whatever happened in this specific incident, there is no doubt that he was a meth-head and that he had a history of punching his girlfriends lights out...

There is no reason, ever, for a guy to punch a girl.

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Posted by dylans1 on 26/6/2010 at 15:58

Former friends? You mean a website run by a guy who was thrown out of his bar for abusing his staff and carrying his own agenda and a news report written by a woman called Bronwyn Sloane an Aussie "journalist" who has hated him for ten years since she was thrown out of his first bar for abusing his wife and staff?

That website not only smeared his name for a year they also refused to allow him to reply until he forced them to by telling some embarrassing tales about the owners of that site.finally after being shamed as a liar the owner finally agreed to allow him to reply on the condition he delete the details of the owners behaviour. Former friends? What a load of bollocks. Petty vengeful enemies with their own agendas more like.

This is a perfect example of a self justifying story. His enemies write a pack of lies based on the words of a corrupt local police report and then you quote that news report back as evidence of the truth. It is not for me to defend him, he did that himself. Here

"An open letter to khmer440 members

I should be flattered. My arrest and subsequent deportation a year ago has been the subject intense interest and speculation amongst members of your site. Pages and pages have been written, hundreds of posts, the most outrageous and absurd accusations have been thrown at me. Occasionally they still are.

Yet from the time I was arrested until now I have been deliberately denied the opportunity of replying and telling my side of the story. This open letter is my reply.

The owners and members of this site, have painted a portrait of me that had absolutely nothing to do with reality. Solely on the basis of malicious gossip, I have been portrayed as a violent junkie, high on meth and wildly out of control, beating a “poor defenceless girl” into a coma in the middle of the street. I was “a rabid dog” (laud john ) who needed to be put down.“I was a raving maniac. An animal. I was smashing this poor girls head repeatedly into the pavement. I was speaking in tongues. My eyes crazed and bloodshot, foaming at the mouth. I was kicking this poor defenceless girl in the head. I beat her into a coma. I broke her arm. Seeing this vicious attack by this wild beast, a group of neighbours were outraged and moved to protect this poor girl. They proceeded to attack me, to put me down, as only an animal should be. The mob would have beaten me to death, and quite rightly, but for the timely arrival of the heroic police who “rescued me from the mob.

On and on the soap opera continued, I was saved from the mob and arrested. The poor girl was rushed to hospital where she lay in a coma, on life support, hovering between life and death. Her poor battered body wired to machines which beeped sadly as she hung on for dear life. Her broken arm hanging limply at her side. Meanwhile I was climbing the walls of my cell, spun out on meth, screaming and raving, the devil possessed, while the police waited for me to come down from my drug high. Have I forgotten anything?

With very few exceptions, you all jumped on the bandwagon, almost all of you, you pathetic shower. Almost no one questioned this utter fiction. You drank it up, accepted it all and competed with each other for the foulest invectives to throw at me. You competed with each other to come up with best ways to insult and humiliate me.

I was universally condemned as the devil. Condolences were sent to the poor girl. Guesses were made as to her weight and slightness. I think some idiot even suggested a collection for the poor beaten, innocent little waif . “No time for Brickman but hope the girl pulls through.” Violins played.

I grew horns and a tail and, by the time you had finished assassinating me, I breathed fire and carried a trident.

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Think about it a moment. Without a single witness to the events of that morning, not one, without a single scrap of evidence. I was tried, found guilty and sentenced according to the court of Khmer440.

You all eagerly joined in the circus. Moronic bleating sheep, all of you. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Because, of course, it was all complete rubbish. All of the above, pure fiction. Hysterical rumours and malicious gossip, all of it.

There was no argument between me and the girl in question. No dispute. No fight in the street. No coma. No broken arm.

No kicking in the head or brutal beating. There were no drugs involved. None. It was all fiction and gossip.

It was about 10 am. I was upstairs. I heard a god-awful smashing sound and came rushing down to find my girlfriend pissed out of her mind,( she had drunk half a bottle of black label) completely trashing my bar. She was in a jealous rage because she had seen me speaking to my ex-wife the day before.

By the time I rushed downstairs, she had wrecked the place. Smashed the computer, the amp, the fridge, all the booze, all the glasses. I came down stairs,and couldn't believe my eyes. This was my bar and my business, my life. All smashed. She was sitting crying hysterically on the floor amidst the broken glass, and puddles of booze, pissed out of her mind

I did what anyone would do. I picked her up, marched her to the door, threw her out and locked it. No-one got beaten up. (except me) no-one was in a coma. No-one had a broken arm. Out in the street she started screaming her head off, banging on the doors, trying to get back in. The cops turned up. I opened the door and invited them in, showed them the mess and tried to explain what had happened. “You did it” said one of the cops and he grabbed me and dragged me into the street where a mob of their friends were waiting to kick the **** out of me. My son witnessed the whole thing.

The police paint themselves as heroes in this mess. Saving me from a mob. The truth is they dragged me into that mob and they joined in. The moment they told the crowd to stop, they stopped. That mob were a creation of the police and the whole beating incident was engineered entirely by them. The local cops had had a long standing dispute with us and this incident gave them the opportunity for revenge.

I did nothing wrong that morning. Nothing. Nothing anyone finding someone smashing their home and business up wouldn't have done and I apologise to no-one. To all you who jumped on the band wagon and attacked me and accused me of the most outrageous behaviour without a single scrap of evidence. You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. You shower of bleating sheep. I did nothing to apologise for and I'm damned if I'm going to apologise to a bunch of anonymous cowards like you. **** you all. You self righteous hypocrites and cowards.

I was almost murdered in front of my son, I was thrown in a cell, my bar was looted, my son was taken away to the provinces, against my wishes. I lost everything and you found it funny? You disgust me, all of you.

You attacked me because you don't have the capacity to think for yourselves. You were falling over yourselves for some kind of tepid approval from the management and regulars of this site. Absolutely pathetic cowards, all of you.

For pages and pages, hundreds of posts, I was smeared. Abused, insulted and laughed at. And then, you had the front to demand that I NOT be allowed to reply. Cocksuckers like Laud john, licentious,etc wrote passionate posts demanding that I NOT be allowed to reply. “Don't let him speak.” It was laughable. Pages and pages attacking me and then they demand that I NOT be allowed to defend myself. You are joke, an absolute joke and I hold you in utter contempt.

Of course hearing my side of the story never interested those who attack me. Some simply have their own personal agendas, others (people who don't even know me ) are just too dumb to think for themselves and separate fiction and rumour from truth. You are no better than the mob that attacked me in fact you are worse because you hide behind anonymous avatars while my name and photograph are splashed all over your site.

Now, the word junkie and meth head and druggy have been thrown at me liberally on this site as well as the word drug den when referring to the bricks. So let me answer this.

Calling the bricks a drug den is a cheap shot and only shows your own ignorance and shallowness . What does that term imply? It implies a seedy, grubby dive with dirty mattresses in the corner and people shooting up in the toilet. A place of no class and no character.

That is the image those who attack me want you to have of the bar but that is not the bar I ran or the bar that many people fell in love with while they were in Phnom Penh . It is not the bar that i put my heart and soul into and considered my art.

On the contrary the broken bricks was a fantastic bar. The most colourful, interesting, character laden place in town by a mile. I was tremendously proud of it . It was my art and I loved it. From the crumbling 100 year old colonial building, to the stripped down brick walls (which more than a few bars have since copied) to the Edgar Alan Poe poetry on the floor, to the leonard Cohen and Tom Waits lyrics on the walls.The bricks was (as someone wrote on the web) a work of art masquerading as a bar and you only show your own tawdry shallowness by insulting it.

I think Phnom Penh is a far less interesting place without the bricks. There simply wasn't a place like it in Phnom Penh and there isn't now. It was a work of art. You who call the bricks a crack house or a drug den, you deserve to live in a boring town full of tedious predictable girly bars. You are welcome to them. For a year I ran the coolest bar in town. It was and it remains a legend.

As for me. Yes, I did a lot of drugs. I have never denied it. How many of you who attack me have also taken your share? Wasn't it licentious who got himself arrested for giving hookers ecstacy? (and boasted about it on this site) Weren't many others on this site regular cocaine customer of Cafe Freedom and regular ecstacy customers of mine? You hypocrites.

Yes I took a lot of drugs. I enjoyed it. I had a ball, it was a roller coaster ride and I loved it and i'm damned if I am going to apologise to the likes of you for what I put into my body or the lifestyle I chose to live by.

For the record, and to forestall the inevitable and predictable “meth-head” accusations which I am sure will follow this letter, I am completely clean and haven't touched speed since the day I was arrested nearly a year ago. I don't even drink or smoke anymore. I never thought I was addicted at the time and I don;t think so now that I look back on it. I make no excuses or apologies. I smoked chrystal meth for one reason only. I liked it. I loved the crazy whirlwind lifestyle that surrounded it, It was a blast.. If that offends you, I couldn't care less.

Of course it was self destructive. Of course it ultimately led to my downfall. I know that, I knew it at the time. I don't need cocksuckers like laud-john to point that out to me from his pure white ivory tower. .I know.

Yes, the whole speed lifestyle, was utterly destructive. It killed my friend Terry and it would have killed me. It threatened my health, ruined my reputation and made it easy for my enemies to attack me. It cost me everything and I am lucky to be alive. If I had stayed in Cambodia I would be dead. I know it and I thank my lucky stars that I got out.

For this reason I'm glad I got kicked out. If I hadn't been deported I would never have left and I would have died. For my son's sake I am happy to be out. Of course, I would rather it had happened without me almost getting beaten to death in the street. But I am relieved to be out. I was trapped in a destructive situation that was spiralling out of control and something had to give.

After my arrest, I spent 2 months in the immigration prison at Pochentong airport waiting for my son's documents to be completed and, after all the dust had settled I was deported for a visa overstay, nothing more. A visa overstay. I faced no criminal complaints or charges. Cambodian law states that 6 month visa overstay is automatic deportation. No negotiation. So I paid the overstay charge and was deported. There is no black mark on my passport, no criminal record nothing. I can return anytime I wish.

Following my deportation there was nothing stopping me turning round in Bangkok and coming straight back to Phnom Penh. The truth is I never seriously considered it. I sat in that prison cell and faced a few home truths. My lifestyle was killing me. It constituted a betrayal of my son. It did and I know it. I had a growing drug problem and the lifestyle that accompanies it was dirty and destructive and violent. Dishonesty, crazy hookers, gangsters, junkies, speed freaks, madness, all of it. I was swimming in it. And the water was getting deeper and deeper..Sooner I later I would have drowned. I knew that if I returned to Phnom Penh I would tumble straight back into it and this time I would die. I thought of my friend Terry, one of the loveliest sweetest people I have had the privilege to know, who died in Phnom Penh with nothing. I thought of him and I saw myself in him in 5 years time. His death was caused without a doubt by the very lifestyle I was living. I thought of my son who I love dearly. I got on a plane to the UK and I never looked back.

The Cambodia chapter of my life is closed and I've moved on. I know who my friends are and what real friendship means. I will never forget those who put out a hand to help me when I was in real trouble. I don't need to name names, you know who you are.

Of course I also know who my enemies are too. I will never forget them either.

To those who chose to attack me at a time when I was really in trouble, when I was almost murdered in front of my little boy. When I had lost everything. When I was sitting in a prison cell, my sons whereabouts unknown. When I was facing deportation from my home of 12 years. Those who chose to point and jeer. Those who believed and spread gossip and rumour, those who revelled in my distress. Those who did their best to make my situation worse. I am glad I'm not you. I really am. I'm sorry for you and your shallowness. I am glad I am not so cynical and cowardly and cheap as you. To you, I have only one final thing to say .



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Posted by mrparanoid on 16/7/2010 at 03:07

<b>snipped by admin</b>

And you and me.. We'll just agree to disagree.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 16/7/2010 at 07:14 admin

OK I'm locking this one off.

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