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Otres beach Sihanoukville

Posted by ebroguy on 15/1/2010 at 16:55

In many of the reviews I have read regarding Accomadation on Otres beach Sihanoukville I have found that many of them are out of date as they state there is little or no accomadation when in fact there is a wide selection of beach bungalows and rooms to choose from , also many state that Otres beach is unsafe at night time , with normal levels of precaution Otres beach is quite safe .

This beautiful beach has long been the hidden treasure of Cambodia's coastal town Sihanoukville with a much quieter beach than those of the nearer to the town ,

There are many beach bars offering bungalows and rooms for guests at very reasonable prices and can start from as little as $5 for a basic room or a little more for one with a shower ,

There are beautiful veiws of the nearby Islands from Otres beach and some of the most fantastic Sunsets that can be seen in South east Asia , also boat trips can be arranged from many locations and Kayaks can be hired to explore the coastline by yourself , this beach is now becoming more popular as a new road has been created making access easier .

We look forward to seeing you here on Otres beach



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Posted by Snejbjerg on 27/1/2010 at 17:50

hallo Tom

Looks like a plaze to visit. We are going to S.E.Asia in june and juli.....what is the weather conditions at that time?

Best regards

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Posted by sayadian on 27/1/2010 at 20:50

Yes, a beautiful beach much better than Ocheateal.
Unfortunately,I've heard that all the businesses have been given a months notice to quit by the Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities. Of course, a Khmer month could stretch into infinity.
Perhaps someone can enlighten me when the bulldozers are likely to roll in and the green fencing go up.
It's supposed to be turned into a public park area but I'll believe that when I see it, more likely they'll build a garish hotel and casino.Pity!

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Posted by sayadian on 27/1/2010 at 20:52

ps when did this new road go up? I was only there a month ago and it was still laterite.They've been building a road from the city for years but progress has been slow to say the least.

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Posted by noflyzone on 2/7/2010 at 20:14

We were in Otres beach on June 30 and told that this may be eviction night, there was talk of bulldozers arriving the next morning and some people were busy packing up. The police did indeed come the next day, and the guys where we were staying were told they had to be out by the following day. However, nobody seemed sure of what was happening, and some of the places seemed to have got a stay of execution.

The Phnomh Penh newspaper yesterday also reported a reprieve of unknown legnth.

A developer is definitely building a new complex, and so there is more pressure on the authorities to get rid of the shacks along the beach.

Lots of the places were already shut (maybe because of low season) - if you are going to Otres beach, try to get more info before you head all the way out!

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Posted by busylizzy on 3/7/2010 at 05:28

The article referred to in the post above:

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Posted by ebroguy on 7/7/2010 at 16:51

Yes , Sadly it's true , around 62 of the bars and guesthouse are being vacated right now to make way for a 1.5 km garden !!! however there will still be some places left at each end of the beach .

A very sad time indeed for all owners that have lost their homes and their livelihood ! including myself at Castaways ! .

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Posted by sayadian on 7/7/2010 at 21:21

yes,it's sad people have lost their businesses and it will be a blow not to be able to get a beer and something to eat on Otres but worse will be the horrible green fence they will probably put around the area for x number of years whilst the 'planning' is being sorted.
I hope there will still be access to the beach though as it is pretty lovely.
It would be nice if people can update this board on what is happenning,I'd certainly appreciate it, though I won't be back there until the winter.

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Posted by ebroguy on 8/7/2010 at 17:33

Actually the fence is a nice Silvery color and about 2 meters high ! and the beach is no longer looking nice as all the vacated bars are being Scavenged for anything valuable , and anything that is not is being strewn about on the beach including tins of paint in a multitude of colors opened and floating in the sea !.

Im afraid without the western owners there this place will become a tip as the locals do not take car in or have any pride for what they had here on Otres ! and nearly all the westerners I know kept there part of the beach clean and more !

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Posted by sayadian on 8/7/2010 at 19:39

Sihanoukville certainly is going downhill as an attraction.
Independence beach 'cleared.'
Then all those quaint little shacks on the Ocheateal side of 'The Mountain' knocked down and replaced with those garish villas.(Who is going to be living there?)
Now Otres wrecked - more villas for generals and a casino or two probably and don't forget to stick in a few karaoke joints.
Yes, Ebroguy when is someone going to teach the Khmer to take their garbage home.So many beautiful places ruined by the locals throwing their trash everywhere.
So many seedy bars in the town now with a bunch of meth-head bargirls.
Rant over, but I AM sorry to see the demise of this pleasant beach.

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Posted by ebroguy on 10/7/2010 at 15:59

Regarding the refuse problem not only on the beaches but in many other scenic sites most of the local people that frequent these beautiful places are wealthy or reasonably so and therefore consider themselves of too high a standing to put refuse into bins and that lower classes are paid to do this !
with this mentality it will take years of educating the young people to take pride in their country and keep it clean !

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Posted by eastwest on 10/7/2010 at 19:30

In all honesty: I didn't think that most of the places on Otres did such a great job. The beach itself was (and hopefully still is) beautiful but what people (both westerners and cambodians) put on the beach was never that exciting (nor clean). Laid back and chilled out it certainly was but development happens everywhere.

I do feel sorry for the owners though and it certainly remains to be seen what that whole development is going to look like. And in all fairness, all owners could and should have known that their places were never going to last that long and most of them built their place according to that expectation.

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Posted by ebroguy on 10/7/2010 at 22:46

There will be no 'development' just a 1.5 Km garden that will be full of plastic bags in no time with none of the regular people there to clear the rubbish from their stretch of beach as they did everyday!

Yes we did know that it was never going to be forever but in January/February we were given official (looking) papers stating that we had at least 2 more years !

Otres beach was for backpackers and some places were striving to be a little more upmarket and cater for the 'flash packer' however without mains electric and pumping water from a well there is only so much you .
can do , but some people will always expect all mod cons and will not have realized what went on behind the scenes to keep these places going and cater for those that came ! .

As for not being neither exciting nor clean well I suppose that depends on what part of the beach you stayed !

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