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New Banlung Hotel!

Posted by Rasheeed on 8/11/2010 at 16:20

Motel Phnom Yaklom
(Scroll to the bottom for the quick down and dirty)
It starts with the location.

360 degrees of beauty.

As you pull off of the road that leads to the beautiful Yaklom Lake, a dirt road winds into the forest. Up a hill, down a hill, you realize that you are no longer in Banlung town, you are in nature. Finally the road leads up another steep hill and you have arrived. You are floating above the forests you were just passing through. As you walk around the hotel grounds, any direction you look, the view amazes. When late afternoon becomes evening, one direction takes precedence. The descent of the sun makes the western sky explode with color. Darkness brings a cool breeze, a wide sky and a deep mountaintop slumber.
Stay in a Khmer bungalow or a modern hotel room
At Phnom Yaklom, a hotel with modern, clean, air-conditioned rooms, and traditional (though still luxurious) Khmer bungalows surround a manicured garden atop a large hill sitting just above the clear waters of Yaklom Lake. Watch the sunset, gather around a bonfire, or just enjoy breathing in the crisp, fresh air. The elegant accommodations, charming grounds and magnificent surroundings combine to create an unforgetable stay.
If that was all there was... you haven't left the hotel yet! Ratanakiri province offers a beautiful natural environment, diverse cultures, and historic sites. Yaklom lake sits right below us. This volcanic lake is a favorite visiting, swimming and gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The cool water and forested surroundings make Yaklom the most popular attraction in the Banlung area. We provide free transportation to the lake and will pay your entrance fees (this is not common). For other attractions in the areas, stunning waterfalls, intriguing ethnic minority villages, and forests full of wildlife, we have carefully-selected guides to help you do, see, and understand whatever you wish. If more independent travel is more to your liking we offer bicycles for borrow (free), cheap motorcycle rental ($2.50, cheaper than normal in Banlung), or even a car and driver for your own use. We also provide free transportation to Banlung town if you're up a walk around the Khmer market. Take in the local attractions or explore the province. We can make it happen.

What your Room Rate includes:

Beautiful Accomodations
Fantastic Views, including the Best Sunset around
Free Transportation to and from Hoan Kiem Lake
Free Entrance to Hoan Kiem Lake
Free Transportation to and from Banlung Town
Free Bicycles to Borrow
Free Bonfire Organizing
Free Internet and Wifi
Free Transportation to and from the Bus Station
Additional Services We Offer:

Trekking, Waterfall, Minority Village and Historical Site Tours, and all Combinations of the Above (from one day to many)
Cheap Motorcycle Rental
Car and Driver Rental
Cultural Dance Performances
Special Meals (Buffets, Celebrations, etc.)
Transportation to Banlung from Other Cambodian Locations
And more, just ask.

This all starts at only...$20!

(BUDGET TRAVELERS: If you compute transportation to the lake, entrance fees, transportation to town, bicycle rental, and internet which we include for free [other guesthouses and hotels don't], as well as super cheap motorcycle rental, this hotel is priced competitively with the "cheap" guesthouses in town, while you feel like you are living in luxury. Seriously, this place is worth checking out.)

We also have a deer, Liep.

Call or email me and I'll tell you about Motel Phnom Yaklom:

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Posted by Rasheeed on 10/11/2010 at 11:13

Can't seem to edit that first post anymore.

Somehow I only now realized that I said we offer free transport and entry to Hoan Kiem Lake. As Hoan Kiem is actually in Hanoi, Vietnam, that is a little much for a new business to offer.

It should read that we offer free transportation and entrance fees to Yaklom Lake, of course.



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Posted by Rasheeed on 19/11/2010 at 13:12

Sorry to bump but...

We just dropped our prices to $10 a bungalow. And these are nice bungalows. Just thought I'd tell you. The best bungalows in town are now the cheapest.


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Posted by sayadian on 19/11/2010 at 15:58

It doesn't seem like 4 years since I was in BanLung.When we visited there was only one western business that was a bar/restaurant of sorts, god knows where, because the place reminds me of the way I imagine Dodge City must have looked like 150 years ago.Why are the streets so wide? I went in the wet season and the road was hell our bus quite literally slid down the hills on the way to BL.The place is built around a series of small lakes,if I remember, which made finding our way around very disorienting,especially as we were laying into that claypot wine they do.Went out to some village in a 4*4 and the whole place was deserted but the Khmer driver had a look around came back and shouted.
'They're all down here.'
Or something on those lines, so we dutifully trooped down this steep path and there was a gorgeous waterfall, only problem was all the women of the village were there having a wash, completely naked .Our driver couldn't understand our embarassment as we beat a hasty retreat and stayed gawping. Later we found a shack in the forest and the family invited us in and someone offered a cigarette,it didn't take long before the whole family were happily puffing away and passing around the palm wine.I remember the women we met on the road carrying massive loads on their back and when they saw our vehicle run and hide behind the trees.
You really are in the middle of the boonies up there mate.But it's a beautiful area.A lot of Vietnamese if I remember.
Be in Cambodia in two weeks so if I can get myself up to Stung Treng (another nice town that is under-appreciated)might try for BL.Is the road any better now?
Came back out in a taxi-far better experience than that cranky old bus.

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Posted by Rasheeed on 19/11/2010 at 17:39

The road from Stung Treng to here is still bumpy but not too bad, especially this time of year. And it's not so boonies anymore. It has graduated to small town with a thriving nightlife that stretches well into the early evening...

Come on up. Lots has changed, but most of the good stuff hasn't.


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Posted by sayadian on 19/11/2010 at 18:39

'thriving nightlife that stretches well into the early evening...'
You made me laugh with that one.You aren't going to attract the young travellers with a comment like that if their looking for the equivalent of a full moon party.
Still see if I can make it.Last time stayed in that Chinese hotel near the market and near a great Vietnamese place for coffee.So the roads are still not paved.Even the town ones?
I did swim in that beautiful volcanic lake but not much as I'd cracked a rib motorbiking on those greasy laterite roads.As I lay there in agony two more bikes slewed off at the same point so it became a great place for the Khmer to rubberneck.
I did have a great time but I had the company of an educated Khmer lady traveller who spent her time learning about the area and translating for me.My Khmer runs to ordering food and beer and a few swear words.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 19/11/2010 at 18:55 admin

Please don't bump threads this way - if you need a price change etc on a profile page PM me and i'll manually edit it. Locking this one off.



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