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Country homestay near Cambodia

Posted by sroksrey on 3/1/2007 at 11:54

My Cambodian wife and I run a country homestay near Kompong Cham-approximately seven kilometers beyond the bridge on the road to Kratie.
Full room and board(two Cambodian meals and one large Western breakfast) in either our house or in a traditional cottage costs $12per person/day or $10/2 or more days. This not just a guesthouse!!! If you're tired of listening to TV and boring travel stories and really want to learn something about rural Cambodia go to: rana-cambodia.blogspot.com for full details. We welcome couples and children!!!

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Posted by archiebaby on 18/9/2007 at 10:54


Myself & my husband arrive in cambodia 25th oct 07 & was looking for a homestay to see the real cambodia & locals for 1 night. We arrive in Siem reap & wish to do this on the way to PP, where are you situated & do you have a web site? How do we contact you?


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Posted by sroksrey on 25/9/2007 at 08:38

Archiebaby, visit our blogsite:
rana-cambodia.blogspot.com. our local phone number is o12 68 62 40. Cll us as soon as you arrive in Cambodia. We are no longer accepting reservations from overseas-too many no-shows! Happy travels
Don & Kheang

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Posted by rakhee2108 on 26/9/2007 at 03:31

hi archiebaby, we stayed with Don and Kheang in June 2007 and had an excellent time. One of the highlights of our trip - highly recommended.

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Posted by rakhee2108 on 26/9/2007 at 03:34

check out this review:


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Posted by samwry on 16/10/2007 at 11:54

Most importantly please note that the country homestay is in Cambodia. I should have written "near
Kampong Cham."

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Posted by sroksrey on 26/12/2007 at 08:49

Sorry to say this, but we've had to increase our prices a bit due to world wide financial insanity. For complete info please refer to

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Posted by J_Mack on 28/2/2008 at 14:26

I would just like to add that my boyfriend and I spent two nights here in February 08 and had a great time. We have been travelling the world for 11 months now and have stayed at home stays throughout South America and Asia and I have to say that Rana home stay was the best. We learnt so much information about the culture of rural Cambodia and the Pol Pot regime. We were able to speak to survivors of the Pol Pot regime and ask them any questions that we wanted. I was able to interact with the people of the village and I gained knowledge of their daily life. The food is excellent and traditional, the best Amok in Cambodia! Kheang is a brilliant guide and so friendly. I miss their children Ra and Na and I would love to come back to visit. I would recommend this to anyone.

Jo, from England

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