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Koh Russei/Bamboo Island

Posted by bangkokmillie on 6/1/2008 at 02:22

I just came back from Bamboo Island and things seem to have changed since you guys were there. There are 3 bungalow resorts now, the nicest of which was Bimbamboo (only one with private bathrooms but same price as the others). New restaurant called QQ which does great food. The island's the nicest beach place I went to in Cambodia and is as close as I've found anywhere to the isolated, back to nature kind of existence a lot of travellers look for on holiday. Please check out the other places on the island and beef up your section on Bamboo Island!

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Posted by jojow25 on 23/11/2009 at 16:45

Seems Bamboo island became more touristy and less of a natural getaway since your visit... more and more we have seen that these islands surrounding Sihanoukville have been devastated by so called 'development'- we are here now and it is devastating. Bamboo island - beaches are filthy, more like a rubbish tip.. and waters are getting that way too... crowded too... i can't comment on the accomodation.

Same goes for the becahes in Sihanoukville.... just horrible.. i cannot believe how travel agencies and travel guides are still recommending this as a place to escape from it all... if you like bugs, dirty beaches, concrete falling into the sea and crowded beaches littered with children selling things, tuk tuk drivers persistently asking you where you go and all things alcoholic... then i guess this is a place for those kinds of people. The place feels seedy, dody and we did not feel comfortable here at all.. i hope like the footprint guide book, most other guide books and sites start to deter tourists from this place as its becoming more and more overrun with corruption and environmental effluent it seems each time someone vists. Such a shame. It almost makes me feel guilty for being a tourist.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 23/11/2009 at 17:09 admin

Hi jojo,

Sorry to hear you didn't like it -- I thought we were pretty clear in our write-up though, to quote:

"The first time we visited Sihanoukville we loved it, the second time less so; each time after that less so again, as its seediness kinda started to outshine the prettiness. Yet we still find ourselves returning and keep hoping it will realise its full potential. Despite its newfound popularity, it has a somewhat abandoned feel to it, amplified by the number of half-built or deserted plots of land marked out by high and imposing fences -- plots often "owned" by businesspeople with sometimes dubious land titles and an eye for a fast buck.

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville's most popular, has a bit of a caravan-park feel to it and the motodops here are among the most dodgy in Cambodia. Over the last few years, Thailand has slowly tightened its visa regulations and it seems there's been a commensurate influx to Sihanoukville of crusty, sex-tourist types who have certainly contributed to the rising number of dodgy bars and bar-beers. Sihanoukville also has a long-running problem with foreign and local paedophiles."

So you're saying it is even worse now?

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Posted by EdSue on 27/4/2010 at 00:28

We are looking at spending some time in Kep and Kampot next time we visit in Jan/Fen 2011. Are these places as bad?

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Posted by somtam2000 on 27/4/2010 at 09:17 admin

No, they're quite different to Sihanoukville.

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Posted by sayadian on 16/2/2012 at 07:57

I. first visited Bamboo Island 7 years ago and was totally under-whelmed by the place Probably because I was used to the,then.pristine islands off the coast Eastern Malaysia.The coral is dead, such a shame as there is nothing more beautiful than living coral.The sea was murky and the beaches very ordinary.If you've never been to a tropical island I suppose you might think it's OK but there are far better places.

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Posted by peter_terrain on 28/2/2012 at 20:20

I personally find out this island is great and feel like i'm on the private beach while I spend my holiday there he he sunbathing like a boss :D Food is fresh cos the local people there are fisherman, bungalow is good enough for rely on the single island ( we have bed and private bathroom so this would be ok cos we are on the island :D ) the most amazing part of the trip is we go to discover another part of the island by trekking accross the forest - like an adventure.
Thanks you andrew ( our tour guide ) for let us experience this amazing trip. We would recommend this trip 1 night stay at bamboo island for whom want to visit sihanouk ville or you can contact the travel agency that i bought this package for more information. Here is their email : rya@laroute-angkor.com

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Posted by sayadian on 29/2/2012 at 04:53

The walk through the forest is very pleasant but as an island it offers very little more than mainland beaches such as Otres.There is no live coral and not many fish to see if you go snorkelling plus it's a lot more expensive since everything has to be brought in by boat.
I was in Otres yesterday and noticed a little development on the small island just off the beach there.
Does anybody have any information on this? I always though this island had no water and no beach.
Interested to know if anyone has visited it.

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