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Nauru - The once richtest country on earth ruined by bad politics

Posted by Johnny31 on 12/12/2015 at 13:14

After gaining independence from the British in 1968, the smalles island country in the world suddenly had access to indeterminable riches: the large phosphate deposits in the soil of the island. Within a few years only, the country emerged to being the richest country on earth, measured on per capita income. And hardly anyone was actually working. The government, flooded with money, started paying for all its citizens' needs. There was free water, free electricity, free cinema tickets and at some point also free toilet sanitation services. Instead of saving some of the money it was all blown on dubious investments around the world. In the late 70ies, the governemnt of Nauru financed the construction of much of what is now Melbounre's skyline. Also, they financed a musical in London for four million dollars which was cancelled after only a few weeks because the plot was to confusing.
After the phosphate was nearly completely exploited nothing much is now left of the richest. The country now lacks much needed infrastructure. 90% of all people are unemployed and many are obese. Around 40% of the population suffers from diabetes.
Have any of you ever been to Nauru?
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