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meagre budget for a month travel advice please

Posted by inqusiseth on 8/6/2010 at 13:47

Hello All,

I m a solo backpacker ,Taken a months off to travel around but have a very meagre budget say RT 2700 or Bhat 27000.Dont know what to do with it . I only have confirmed airtickets to n fro from KLIA ( i brought them as they were cheap. Please help me in getting my itinerary done .

I was thinking of goin to lesser expensive places like Laos , cambodia or Vietnam but they seem to be lot expensive than thailand or malaysia with long distance spans and no proper trasportation system.

I appreciate your time and advice and if your traveling there too may be we can catch up

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Posted by SBE on 10/6/2010 at 14:45

You should be able to get by on 27,000 Baht in Thailand but it would help if you said what your interests are and also when you are going.

Read up on what's available in each of these countries (loads of info on Travelfish, click on the links at the top of the page).

Don't make the mistake of trying to see everything in a month. If you try to see too many places you'll be spending a large proportion of your precious holiday time sitting on buses/trains and hanging around airports waiting for flights etc. Transport costs impact a lot when you've got a tight budget and having to repack your backpack or suitcase every day is a pain too.

Example of how you can minimize costs:

Say you want to spend a week/10 days relaxing on the Thai islands and seeing their beautiful beaches. Research well beforehand and then choose just ONE island rather than trying to see 3 different islands in the same time period.

This will not only cut transport costs, it will give you more actual "relaxing on the beach" time as opposed to bus/ferry/packing/traipsing around looking for accommodation time. If you find you really don't like the island you chose then you can always move on.

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Posted by inqusiseth on 12/6/2010 at 11:36

Hello SBE,

Thanks for your response. MY travel period is 17/07/10-13/08/10 .I m arriving in KL on 17/07/10 will be spending 2-3 days looking around the city. I will then take the train to Thailand except that i dont know where to get off yet :) .

I dont have any specific interests as such . Average interests like Beaches, 2-3 parties , Ruins , Nature walks some kayaking local places anything that one might recommend.

After after considering your advice i decided to stick to only Thailand and cambodia .

About the islands do you think Ko Pha Ngan would be a good idea ?


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Posted by SBE on 12/6/2010 at 15:53


Aie aie aie, booze is a major drain on finances so try and go easy on the parties! Parties are extremely lucrative for the organizers so any excuse to hold one is good... there are lots on Ko Phangan, not just the Full Moon one. This said, Ko Phangan is a good choice, good weather at that time of year. There was still some fairly cheap accommodation there last time I looked (which is a while ago) and you may even be able to get a discount if you stay more than a few days.

If you're travelling by train from KL and want to do something different, you could go up the east coast on the Jungle Line instead of doing the usual KL-Butterworth route. Scroll down this page till you get to information about the The Jungle Line.


It's a slight detour but perhaps worth doing if you decide three days in KL is going to be too much for you, a slightly more off the beaten track experience compared to Ko Phangan and Siem Reap etc. You could also do it on the way back to KL of course but if you are in Cambodia then flying to KL from Phnom Penh might be your best option.) Khota Bahru is also near the Perhentian islands but they are relatively expensive and will be very busy as it's peak season.

If you go the "normal" way the you'll have to change trains in Butterworth so you could nip over to have a look at Penang for a day if you want ...it's an island but there's a bridge and the ferry is very cheap (I think it's free in one direction in fact).

There are also comfortable and inexpensive buses that do the KL-Butterworth/Penang route (the journey takes about 5 hours). You can also get to Butterworth by bus from Kota Bahru if you prefer to avoid the border crossing at Sungai Kolok.

The better known beaches on Penang aren't worth going to, but you there are two much nicer beaches in the national park on the NW coast which involve a small jungle trek to get to. You can get to the park entrance cheaply on a northbound local bus; it's the very last stop before the bus turns round and goes back to Georgetown. Both beaches take a couple of hours to get to from the park entrance. It's an easy walk and you don't need a guide though you have to sign in at the park office in case you somehow get lost (There's a pretty clear path most of the way so that would be quite difficult to do).

Anyway, that's a couple of ideas for places you could get off the train en route to Surat Thani. Hope that helps a bit.

PS The entrance fee to the temples at Angkor Wat is quite high, $45 for 3 days I think, so remember to budget for that (and the cost of the Cambodian visa as well).

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