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budget for 1 month travel

Posted by hennac0518 on 19/4/2011 at 14:37

I am planning to travel throughout SE Asia with a friend for 1 month in November. we definitely want to do thailand and vietnam, but not sure where else to go. my friend wants to go to Bali, but im not sure...Any ideas? Also, I keep reading that your average daily budget is from $20-$35 a day. I know that doesnt include airfare, but is that supposed to include sleeping accomodations, food, drink etc..? Is $2000 for 1 month enough?

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Posted by Nokka on 19/4/2011 at 16:56

In a month you could go to either Thailand or Vietnam. Both would be difficult, but you could at least get a flavour of each place, I suppose. Adding more would be too much.

How much will you spend ? Can't say, as we don't know you or your spending habits. Are you young, willing to stay in cheap places, eat local food, take the bus or train to get about, not party too much, stay away from the main tourist areas ? Are you talking US dollars ? If so, $20 a day is not enough to enjoy yourself. If you have $2000 each for a month, that's $66 each per day, which will be fine.

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Posted by hennac0518 on 20/4/2011 at 00:55

im 24 and definitely willing to rough it a bit. i would say yes to all of the above, except we will do a bit of partying. and yes i am talking US dollars.

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Posted by MADMAC on 20/4/2011 at 01:35

Keep the booze down, keep away from the women... and that budget should be OK. Not luxurious, but comfortable. 30 days is about enough time to enjoy one country, so I'd pick one and leave it at that.

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Posted by Thomas922 on 20/4/2011 at 12:20

Yeah, I agree with Mac. Even thinking about a third country and you are not really travelling. But if its all about partying then $2000 will be just enough if you don't keep to real cheap rooms. Once you start partying daily it all goes downhill. Drunk white lads get ripped of daily in the party spots by locals targeting drunks. And the cheaper the room the more lax the security usually. If you keep to local beers from the 7/11 and not bars, and keep your wits about you from the women who will play coy and helpless and end up with their hand in your wallets (especially young newbies) $2000 will be fine.
If the Op is a girl then usually they eat a little less but shop more so.....
If you insist on "doing" Thailand Vietnam AND another country, you will have separate funds right? If you insist you can hit the party spots in Vietnam for 2 weeks then head to Thailand for 2 weeks.
Party on.

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Posted by MADMAC on 20/4/2011 at 13:45

One more thing here - most people go to the same places. Those places are, for obvious reasons, tourist destinations. As such, their prices are higher for most things. If you go to provincinal Thailand and visit places with not much to see and do... places normal tourists don't go, it will be cheaper. Where I live you can go to a bar and a large bottle of beer in a place with live music is about 70 baht. In a restaraunt about 60. Buy that same bottle in a bar in Bangkok and watch the price triple. In the tourist destinations that draw lots of white people, you pay more. Go to places where people don't speak English, and where there aren't a lot of cool old ruins to see, you pay less. Knowing what I know now, if I were a young guy coming to party I'd go to Khon Kaen's university district and stay there. Lots of young Thais, some of the bars offer four large Leo beers for 180 baht - that's a steal. Lots of young people to party with who want to practice their English and are in your age group to boot. Be nice, be friendly, don't insult anyone - and you'll have a great time! But, when you go home and tell people you spent your vacation in Khon Kaen they'll say "Where"???

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