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Northern Thailand,Lao,Cam,Southern Thailand, Mal- 5months,How much cash is needed?

Posted by kernowfixing on 21/2/2010 at 01:43


i would love your views on this please? My girlfriend and i are travelling Northern Thailand, the length of Lao,across Cam, back into Thailand to explore her islands and the East coast of Malaysia. Finishng in Singapore to fly on to Aus. We are in SE Asia for 5 months, traveling as a couple, Not looking to fly around, we will want to get involved with socialising, but not constant partying, seeing culture relaxing plus learing to dive.

Any suggestions on a daily budget for the two of us? plus we are doing plenty of research but would love to hear any opions of places that must be seen!

thanks up front.........cheers

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Posted by lutispardon on 21/2/2010 at 12:11

I'm currently traveling in SEA for 5 month, doing Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (currently in Chiang Dao), Lao, Vietnam and Cambodja. I have been traveling for almost 50 days now and my experience is that you always should have a good buffert to deal with. For example before I left for my trip i calculated that i could spend aprox. 25-30 Euros per day, and that's quite a lot of money. But when you travel in northern Thailand it will be damn hard to spend all that money, you will spend maybe half of that per day. Then again, when you go to the big cities, like Singapore or Australia for that matter, you will find yourself spending a lot more. I travel by myself, which means not to able to split the price on acomodation, taxis, food etc. If you are two persons I would say that maybe 10-15 Euro per day is enough, traveling cost not included.
I often try to eat good cheap food from the streets, and usually a beer will cost you ten times as much, which makes it an expensive pleasure if you live on a budget.
Best wishes!

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Posted by kernowfixing on 21/2/2010 at 16:44

Thanks lutispardon

you sound as though your enjoying your travels, any places that must be seen? thanks for taking the time to reply to my post!!!

we are looking forward to our trip lots and your advise does put a smile on my face. we are planning to take around (£7000) $11000usd which is around $35 a day each. this daily budget is to cover everything,all travel,accomadation,food etc what do you think? from what you have already posted it sounds a good ball park figure to work with?

everbody elses thoughts are more than welcome!!! thank you, cheers

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Posted by lutispardon on 21/2/2010 at 17:20

Ok so you will have a lot of money to spend, but i can tell you in advance that you will have a hard time spending all that money when you go to the northern part of Thailand! :D I always try to pay a little bit extra for my hotels since you often don't have to pay much at all for better acomodation. In Mae Hong Son I paid 250-300 Baht per night, while in Chiang Dao I paid 800 Baht per night, but it gets balanced in the end. And often the hotel will be your biggest expence, the food is so cheap!
I started out in Singapore for a week, great city with a lot of things to keep you busy for a long time, then I traveled in Malaysia for a month, then Hong Kong followed by northern Thailand.
Chiang Mai was my starting point, and slowly I worked my way down to Lampang, which was amazing, followed by Phayao, also recomended due to their delicious BBQ fish(Phayao is located by a big lake). Headed towards northwest and came to Mae Sariang, and worked my way up to Mae Hong Son, which was incredible! Stunning nature and good spot for trekking or going down Pai river. I spent one day in Pai, and even though it's a lot of tourist, it's worth the visit for at least one day. Currently I'm in Chiang Dao, beutiful nature with Chiang Dao mountain (2200m) a stonethrow away! Problem here is acomodation, i live in Chiang Dao nest 2, and it't too expensive for the amount of service and quality you will get, and since there is just three hotels here, outside the city you will get to choose from two restaurants, both highly overpriced! Do yourself a favor and live in central CD instead, it will get cheaper and more food avalible, and you can easily rent a motorcycle and go up to the mountains.
Careful with the local buses as well if you care for your bag! Mine was destroyed in the luggagedepartment by something sharpe, and it is highly common, so take your bag inide the bus, safer but of course, less space for your knees!
If you have any more questions about the places i visited, pls go ahead and post more questions! I'm always happy to help!

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Posted by kernowfixing on 21/2/2010 at 19:44

Hi Lutispardon

Your route/trip across Northern Thailand sounds amazing! the places in Northern Thailand you have visited sound brilliant!!! We have been reading about them in the lonely planet, and with your on hand experince giving some pointers we really appreicate it.

You started in Singapore and travelled up through Malaysis. What was Malaysia like? i hear that it is expensive on the West Coast, and the culture on the East coast is more real 'Asia'? is this true in your experience and where did you visist in Malaysia that you would recommend?

what about diving, have you experienced any so far on your trip? any tips? Finally many years ago i visted Langkawi with my faimly and have always wanted to go back. did you visit and if so can it be visited on a backpackers budget in your opinion?

thank you again mate!!!!!cheers

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Posted by lutispardon on 23/2/2010 at 17:25

Malaysia is a bit more expensive than Thailand, but during this season there is the monsoon-season on the east coast, nov-feb but i will head towards the perenthians in april/may, the best time, low season and beutiful weather! The west-coast is fantastic, i visited KL, Penang and Langkawi, and Penang is my personal favourite, the city, Georgetown is a UNESCO world heritage city with beatiful colonial buildings. So no lack of culture on the west-coast, try Melacca as well, didn't go there myself but many like that city. Langkawi was is packed with tourist right now, but if you go from march everything will calm down. Good beaches but no authentic feeling what so ever, hard to find local food, only western meals.
My trip in Thailand has been fantastic, i'm in Chiang Rai now, going towards Chiang Khong to get to Laos.
I have no experience with diving so far, but maybe when i go to the andaman sea or the east coast in malaysia i will encounter it, the only thing i know is that you will have a hard time diving in Langkawi since the water isn't clear.

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