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I love this site

Posted by whiteelephant on 22/7/2009 at 17:46

I've b/reading and using this site for a few months now and love it.

Just wanted to say thanks.

A couple of suggestions tho:

1: More pics

2:Some kind of personal messaging

3: and it would be great if members (yes i kno i only just became one) could vote on what we think are useful answers and what are not. Maybe just a thumb up or down?

Keep up the good work, I've not been back to TT once since finding this site.

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Posted by SBE on 22/7/2009 at 19:07

1. There is a TF flickr account somewhere with more pictures on it I think....but I can't see any direct link to it?

2. The boss knows already about the lack of a PM function but he hasn't had time to fix it yet. Somtam runs this place single handed and he's very busy making cool interactive maps and guides too. (He also has to spend hours and hours queuing at the post office every week to send off stickers etc). ;-)

3. Not sure about the thumbs up/down thing. When a person asks a question, presumably they do it because they don't know the answer. How can someone who doesn't know the answer judge which responses are helpful (or not)?

People who reply do so from a personal point of view ... different people, different opinions. It's conceivable that some posters would give a thumbs down to another (equally valid) point of view just because it contradicts what they say/think. If you disagree with something then you should give a reason why ...not just a thumbs down.

Finally, I think a thumbs up/down might turn things into a brownie- point pissing contest and discourage *non-experts* from posting. Even if they get a few facts wrong, newbies show what things look/feel like for a first-timer so their input is valuable too. It might actually reduce the the number of posters who want to contribute. The more people who contribute, the more wide ranging and balanced the info is likely to be. Friendly co-operation is perhaps more useful than just a few "star" posters hogging the show.

4. You forgot to mention "edit function" ... the boss is working on that too ... or so he claims anyway! ;-)

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Posted by scottyheather on 1/12/2009 at 14:37

I actually really love this site too and have been reading it for the past few months.

I thought I'd just mention though that I've only recently started posting because I did feel rather "nervous" at first because it seemed clear to me that there were a few "experts" around who sometimes answered questions quite patronisingly because the poster hadn't done their 'homework' properly. I know it stopped me asking questions initially - I remember reading for days about the route from LP to Hanoi before asking a question in case it had been answered somewhere before!

Now however, I find I'm hardly off this site (getting excited about my trip which can't come soon enough).

The culture and politics section is a good idea too - too many times I've been reading a really interesting thread only to have it hijacked half way through by someone's 'intellectual insights' which then results in a slanging match/pissing contest starting up between a couple of egos.

I think somtam does a great job - you have any vacancies??? LOL

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Posted by pia2am on 1/12/2009 at 16:59

Can only completely agree on the previos posters. We, a family of 4, kids aged 5 and 8, are leaving for our round the world trip the 8 dec. and our SE Asia leg have been the easiest part to plan and learn about. I have used this site massively, maybe not posting lots and lots, but through pretty intensive reading and more reading. Can´t wait to go, we are all sooo excited.

Thanks a lot everybody.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 3/12/2009 at 08:19 admin

Thanks for the comments -- much appreciated :-)

I've not been on the site much over the last week or so as we're trying to get the iPhone app out the door, so apologies on any questions I missed!

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Posted by busylizzy on 3/12/2009 at 20:33

Posted from within Vietnam.

Yeah,l I think the site is pretty, cool too!

And I ran into my first (unplanned) travel-fisher on the Halong Bay cruise. He was busy handing out pages from his Vietnam guide to people on our return bus since he was leaving the country that night!

PS - having had a sneak preview of the iPhone app, I have to say it's pretty cool! I'm going to have to buy an iPhone AND plan another trip, just so I can use the app!

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Posted by MADMAC on 6/12/2009 at 08:31

Just a few points.

I love the site, you know that. But I do wish it had a POM capacity and I do think Bruce should be allowed to post again. The site is the poorer for him not being here.

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Posted by KazAussie on 9/12/2009 at 15:10

I love this site, my one month itinery has been developed almost solely from the information on this site.

I think sontam is doing a great job.

One way to expand and improve the site might be to move it to be more of a wiki type application. I didn't find trip reports for ages, but they are great, so some way of tying in trip reports, the base information and the message board would be fantastic.

As for Bruce, I am a bit ambivalent, having been both the victim of some flamers and the beneficiary of some really good advice. The flamers stopped me posting anything for quite a while. I think if there are rules then the site admin is entitled to set them and repeat offenders flouting them should be suspended.

One other good thing would be to be able to report some of the suspected touts. A few have crept onto the site recently.

Any way long post but given all the help I have had here I promise to post good bad and ugly stories post trip.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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Posted by KazAussie on 9/12/2009 at 15:21

Anyone know of a travel fish type site for south america as that will probably be our next trip

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Posted by somsai on 9/12/2009 at 21:30

I too like the site.

KazAussi one place this site shines far and above Wiki, LP or others is that the owners have actually been to all the places they talk about. Controling the content allows the travelfishes to maintain quality. They live in and have traveled extensively in the area for years, and it shows. When I go to parts of the site dealing with places I'm familiar with the info is uncannily acurate. There is a place for input in the thread titled, "You can now review destinations on Travelfish - and win prizes!". Maybe you'll get a coffee mug or something.

Lastly I'm glad you and scottyheather (at #3) contribute, ignore the flamers and there are no "experts". I can think of a couple of scottyheather's comments that I've read that were right words, right place, and right time. Look at that new sticky thread from Christay on the Laos section. Great report and insite and it sounds as if this were his first time to the subcontinent. You are the expert, post something.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 10/12/2009 at 11:24 admin

Thanks all for the kind words -- glad you're finding the site useful.

Re a couple of the points above:

MADMAC: by POM do you mean a personal messaging thing? so you can direct msg other members? If so, as things settle down early next year we'll be adding that in.

KazAussie: As per somsai, we've deliberately limited how much public editing can go on... as you note spamming and touts are a problem (I've just nuked a half dozen who slipped into the forum while I've been distracted) and if we opened the site more that would become an even bigger problem and timesink.

As mentioned there are other means to contribute (via accommodation reviews and destination reviews (for the latter you can win stuff (tshirts, guides etc), though I've been so busy with this iPhone thing that i haven't picked a winner for November yet!).

At the end of the day I'd rather have information on the site that I know I can vouch for, even if it is a little out of date, rather than stuff in from yesterday that I don't know if it is accurate or not.

Currently we have seven researchers on the road, and that is about all I can afford at the moment, but down the track we'd like to have more and be getting more uptodate stuff onto the site -- takes time!


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Posted by KazAussie on 10/12/2009 at 13:22

Thanks Stuart... there was no criticism just a suggestion. I have really enjoyed planning my trip with help from TF and think you guys do a great job.

I have used Thorn Tree for advice for travel in other parts of the world but the obvious touts there mean you have to trawl through a lot of garbage before you get to the nuggets or the people who are truly helpful. Travel Fish is by far and away a better option for Asia.



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Posted by Sophia_India on 2/6/2010 at 19:16

I like this site too, i think that we should have more detailed profiles and the chance to share travel photos etc.....

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Posted by JourneymanTraveller on 6/7/2010 at 00:37

I've found it to be a very impressive, comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable site. It's really important to be able to post your opinions without reproach, subject to them not being offensive, as we all share a passion for travelling but how that passion manifests is not the same in everyone. Some enjoy the "flashpacking" experience of course, and others don't want to, or can't, engage in that sort of travelling. I am relatively new to the forum, but have been surfing here for over a year. I shall continue to do so and wish everyone here good luck with their travels!!

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Posted by viajero2011 on 21/8/2010 at 13:33

I'm a little late on this thread, but I just wanted to say that the admin and everyone who contributes to this site do a wonderful job. I'm going on my first tour of SEA for 6 wks starting in Sept. and the information I have found on TF has been invaluable. I thank all of you who make this site what it is and look forward to seeing a part of the world that I hear so many amazing things about!!


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Posted by KazAussie on 21/8/2010 at 18:36

I love this site too. I used it almost exclusively to plan my 5 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia last December/January. I look forward to the section on Malaysia being expanded. I have just come back from two weeks there but found the info on this site not particularly useful. I know there is a lot of work involved for each country you put up and think you are doing a great job. Thanks very much



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Posted by somtam2000 on 22/8/2010 at 08:23 admin

Thanks all,

Yup Kaz, agree re Malaysia -- workin on it!

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Posted by KazAussie on 23/8/2010 at 19:28

Great news about Malaysia ... now for just a reimbursement of costs I am willing to take on the task :-)

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Posted by borisborough on 25/2/2011 at 14:19

ScottyHeather - she's my hero! Well, actually she's my wife but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of nepotism now and again is there?

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Posted by johnbarrington on 21/10/2011 at 19:09

This site is super amazing. Really informative stuff here. Keep up the good work guys.

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Posted by inspiredbykrissi on 23/12/2011 at 03:57

Personally, i think it is +A.. Travelfish team... put your feet up.. relax... and keep tickin over for now :)

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Posted by KazAussie on 23/12/2011 at 04:11

Wholeheartedly agreed with the previous post. To Sontam and others, have a very merry Christmas and thank you for the great service you provide. The offer to get the Malaysian site happening is still open :-)

#22 KazAussie has been a member since 18/7/2009. Posts: 221

Posted by inspiredbykrissi on 23/12/2011 at 23:41

I could also give a hand with the Malaysian sight after spending a few months there. Taman Negara, was by far the highlight. Loved it.

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