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next trip excitement

Posted by christay2009 on 7/12/2009 at 02:16

is it strange to get excited when all you have are initial "mmm...where should i go" thoughts?! and you can't actually go anywhere for at least 4 months?!

i am salivating at the prospect of my next trip!!

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Posted by somsai on 7/12/2009 at 02:53

Where? And did you notice your N Laos thread is now a sticky? That was a very good post.

Ever considered Yunnan? SEAsia is hot in April, Yunnan is the most springlike place I've ever seen. Camelias all a bloom, weather not hot not cold.

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Posted by christay2009 on 7/12/2009 at 05:02

Southern Laos is a definate. I'm realistically thinking about Burma too. I don't know about Cambodia, i'm mulling it over to see if i'm interested...

The weather concerns me abit.

Maybe a return to China might be a good idea if the Weather is better, i've been to Yunnan but didn't do it justice [just Dali and Kunnming].

I'd probably travel through May, Jun, July and half of August if possible. I should, hopefully [or not!], have a job in September. A real job.

I noticed the Sticky status! i'm glad you liked it but i bet i didn't tell you much you didn't know?!?! An ex-girlfriend of mine used to laugh at me because she said i 'love to do research'. I guess that must be true.

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Posted by MADMAC on 7/12/2009 at 18:15

Probably time to do Thailand I would think... since you've resisted it to this point - or not? Did I miss anything there?

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Posted by christay2009 on 8/12/2009 at 00:25

haha theres always time for Thailand, i DID go for 2 weeks [when i asked if you were at home] but i only made it as far as Ubon before i looped back to Bangkok


brief but enjoyable

i was considering another taste of Thailand, perhaps start in BKK head north [but not "the north"] before making my way along the Mekong past Nong Kai to Nakon Phanom, cross into Laos.

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Posted by MADMAC on 8/12/2009 at 09:19

I think the Ubon, Khmerat, Don Tan, Mukdahan, That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom, Nong Khai route along the river would be a very enjoyable trip myself. I've driven much of it on my bike already (from Don Tan to NKP). Cheap too.

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Posted by christay2009 on 10/12/2009 at 19:54

"sorry I couldn't link up with you in person. I haven't left Thailand / Laos at all in over two years, bad luck there." [Mac, from another thread]

i'll probably try and head back to Thailand but to Isaan again rather than North or South so maybe i'll take a trip to see Muks mushroom shaped rocks.

I'd like to get on a bike and head along the Mekong like you suggest. It depends on time and money though and also what i feel like doing! At the moment, if its a choice between this and Cambodia [presuming i get to Burma/Laos] then i think Thailand would win. If i can do both then what a bonus!

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Posted by mic59 on 16/1/2010 at 18:13

The anticipation is always there. I'm not even going for 9 months and already I'm excited. I've been to Thailand twice before but at the moment I can't think of anywhere else I'd sooner go. Last time I returned there were so many places I hadn't gone. Looking through this site, reading up the best or cheapest accomodation and food, getting tips from other travelfish members and organizing the holiday add to the whole picture. Although I'm quite aware that the organization will probably go out of the widow when I get to Thailand.

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Posted by christay2009 on 5/3/2010 at 23:11

my plans have changed...but hopefully the outcome will be better overall

i was planning to grad a quick CELTA here in the UK then head out to Thailand and teach but i would have had ZERO funds apart from what i was [hopefully] earning while in Thailand. I think this would limit my travel options during and after my contract so i've decided to work untill september time, save up some cash then head out and do a CELTA in Bangkok.

That way i should have ample funds for various excursions! i think i might even fit in a sneaky 3 weeks in Laos before i begin my CELTA. Those Kong Lor caves are calling me!!

Peace be with you

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Posted by DLuek on 6/3/2010 at 02:43 TF writer

I like this initial post. :) It's great to have something to look forward to. Even if I can't travel for a year to come I'm always throwing around ideas. My body is here but my mind is somewhere off in the tropics, or the Himalayas... or who knows? I'm thinking India/Nepal/Sri Lanka before returning to SE Asia for my next major trip, although hopefully I'll make it to Thailand for a short one before then. Happy planning...

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Posted by shaydan_01 on 8/3/2010 at 11:05

Notice given to work today, can finally bore all of my colleagues with my excitement! 38 days til departure, and onto what should be an amazing 8-10 month trip across SE Asia, India and Nepal (if budget prevails!).

PS. Travelfish and all its members = my heroes. Thanks for making the planning process easy and a whole lot of fun!

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Posted by Sophia_India on 2/6/2010 at 19:08

I am trying to decide where to go, its so difficult! There are so many cool places in the world i havent yet visitng. Am swaying towards the Phillipines though.....

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Posted by JourneymanTraveller on 25/7/2010 at 22:04

We just got back from a very different style of trip (pregnant partner, so she does not want to fly too much) - we took our campervan across western Europe for 3 weeks - Burgundy, the Alps, Italian Lakes, the Black Forest and the Eifel region of Germany. Didn't have much time as she's working towards maternity leave. As we lay awake, on the last night, the rain inevitably pattering on the roof, I was thinking about our next trip. We've a little one, our first, on the way in October, so our planning is limited now but we're thinking of the Pacific Coast Highway in another campervan and Colorado - Seattle, to San Francisco, to Colorado and then back to Seattle - in a month. We're thinking that a 6 month old (we're looking at April 2011) will be easier to deal with in a campervan in the US...

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