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Flashpacker Budget per day

Posted by MamaH on 23/1/2011 at 18:28

Hi, I'm travelling to SE Asia this summer for 6 weeks and am having palpatations trying to work out costs! I want to stay in decent accommodation (clean and not shared) but not necessarily hotel quality as its just a bed for the night after all. Also, because of time contraints vs how much I want to see, I'm flying a few legs of the journey. Basically I'm wondering what a decent 'flashpacker' budget should be per day all in (i.e. accommodation, travelspending money etc). That should give me some idea to go on. Thanks in advance.

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Posted by micka24 on 23/1/2011 at 20:52

Hey mamaH
We're just at the end of our 3 month trip and have been flashpacking and backpacking. We have found that most of the time it depends where you are eg. bkk we thought was twice as expensive than chaing mai . We are a couple and we spend anywhere between 40-80 between us a day when flashpacking (staying in a private room usually with hot water and eating at nice enough restraunts) Its really easy to save or spend more. The big difference for us is if we are buying presents etc...
hope it helps!!!

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Posted by bwhite13 on 24/1/2011 at 02:46

I am currently planning a similar trip and will be leaving for Bangkok in May and have already booked flights. I will be spending 88 days travelling with a friend around Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Most of the travelling will be on Bus however I will obviously have to travel by plane on one or two of the legs. I have budgeted £4,000 for the entire 3 months including all flights, i have already paid for my London - Bangkok flight which came to £596 leaving me with around £3400.

I am trying to budget as realistically as possible and was interested to see if any of you could offer any advice and tell me whether this is a reasonable budget to work from for the 3 month trip.

I would really appreciate any advice.



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Posted by marky88 on 24/1/2011 at 07:07

Micka 24 can i Just ask what the 40-80 a day is? Is that US dollar?

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Posted by marky88 on 24/1/2011 at 07:09

Micka 24 can i Just ask what the 40-80 a day is? Is that US dollar?

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Posted by marky88 on 24/1/2011 at 07:10

Micka 24 can i Just ask what the 40-80 a day is? Is that US dollar?

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Posted by marky88 on 24/1/2011 at 07:10

Micka 24 can i Just ask what the 40-80 a day is? Is that US dollar?

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Posted by Nokka on 24/1/2011 at 19:30

These sort of questions are really difficult to answer as obviously everyone may define 'flashpacking' differently. Also, it will depend how long you stay in each country, how much you travel around, how many flights you take, whether you sometimes treat yourself, whether you go on trips, how much and what you drink. The list goes on.

I would say my wife and I are flashpackers - we stayed in SEA for 4 months last year. We spent 8 days in Hong Kong in good hotels, which whacks the price up, we would sometimes stay in more expensive places in other places too. We took quite a lot of flights, ate very well, took trips, did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. However, other times we settled in a place for a few days and costs would fall dramatically. We sometimes could spend less than £40 between us in a day, but that could equally go up to well over £100 some days. I reckon that bwhite's budget of approx £72 per day for 2 people would be fine for a flashpacker ( as long as you're not being too flash) - I'm sure its possible on less, though, but a few of those flights and other luxuries and it can easily spiral.

One other thing is our beloved currency has weakened against, well, everything really since we travelled, so costs may be that bit more than for other recent British travellers.

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Posted by eastwest on 24/1/2011 at 19:52

All good points by Nokka.

You can easily get by on $ 60-$70 per day but I wouldn't call that flashpacking (but who cares about definitions). With a budget like that you stay in simple but clean, private (bath)rooms which are typically $10-15. It's the type of room I stay in when I travel for work'to keep costs down. However, its not the type of room where you retreat into to read a book for an hour or so. Given OP's comment about using the room only for sleeping that budget could work.

When I travel for pleasure I consider myself flashpacker and I stay in $ 30-70 rooms. Nice and comfortable enough rooms to spend some time in when I'm done doing backpacker-activities. Must say that nowadays my travels are far shorter and more like holidays. Obviously your daily budget needs to be higher when considering that sort of rooms.

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Posted by Thomas922 on 5/2/2011 at 17:55

I usually do $20 for the room $10-20 for food (some days you WILL want to dine nice), and extra $10 for beer or extra food like snacks at the shops, $10 if I rent a motorbike, and another $20 for whatever. That is minus Singapore or a more expensive spot like that. But if you build in extra into your budget, on the days you don't use the extra $20 you will be happy when you decide to do something unplanned. UNPLANNED!!! Remember that. That is what ALL of us experienced SEA heads enjoy a lot. But try to decide certain things in advance if you want to dive etc. It will already be in your budget.

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