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12 months europe and Asia help!!

Posted by stacey9292 on 21/1/2014 at 15:51

Hey guys, me and my partner are currently saving to travel over 12months. We intend to stay in hostels (private rooms/Bathroom), will be eatinglocal foods and are look forward to the usual touristy stuff and also some offthe beaten track (Jungle treks perhaps?). Were 25 years old and both enjoypartying and also just chilling with a beer with people. We have a overallbudget of approx £40000 gbp and will not be leaving for 2 years so I understand costswill change. 20K each and are wondering if this is enough for the belowItinerary. This is very rough and not in order of destination. Travellingmainly by train and bus unless flights necessary. This is not in order ofdestination. And I would love suggestions.

EUROPE - £5000(not the main leg of the trip)
Germany - 10 days
Italy - 2 weeks (Coliseum, museums etc)
Greece - 2Week (Museums, ancient agora, Acropolis, Mt Olympus, islandhop etc)
Thailand - 2 months, £5000 (Both north and south, Cooking lessons,temples, treks, hill tribe, beaches, snorkelling, scuba diving, more temples,Full moon party, other beach parties and any suggestions would be great.floating markets, national parks, wildlife)
Laos- 2 weeks, £800
Vietnam - 1 month, £2000(Halong Bay, Hanoi, Nha Trang, HCM, Hue, food,cooking, Mekong Delta, motorcycle tour)
Cambodia - 2 Weeks, £1000(possibly more or less, suggestions?)
Malaysia 3 weeks??? £1500??? (Twin towers, Caves and temples, Nationalparks)
Singapore 1 week £1500
Indonesia 3 weeks £1500 (Java, Treks, Bali, Learn to surf, scuba, snorkelling,General chillaxing, Sumatra. lake toba, Kawah Ijen, komodo island)
Philippines 2weeks £1500 (Mountains, Diving)
Hong Kong – 4 days £1000 (City, bungee jump)
Japan – 3 weeks, £3000 – Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto
Altogether that’s around 7 and a half months and about £24000 spent,possibly spend more time in some areas or higher budget in some areas(specifically Japan) considering its for 2? Any other destinations I shouldconsider, Longer in Europe? More areas in Asia? I don’t want you guys toorganise it for me lol just suggestions really and opinion on budgets!! Thankyou! Ive always wanted to visit Asia but tad nervous, were a lesbian couple so as much as id love to spend several months in India, im not sure id feel safe??

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 21/1/2014 at 16:44

Hi Stacey,

You'd be very hard pressed to spend as much as you'd budgeted in most places. £5000 for 2 months in Thailand is a fortune - two of you could easily get by for £40 per day (a lot less if you're being frugal). That would leave half your Thai budget left for diving (which is a LOT of diving).

All of which means that you can spend more time in various places and still remain in your budget - you could also easily spend longer in various places (Italy, Indonesia, etc), or add on additional countries. It also, crucially, means you've got time and money to go with the flow and change your plans depending on your feelings, or just head to a shack on a quiet beach and chill for a fortnight when you feel the need.

Hope you have a wonderful time (I'm rather envious of being able to go for such a long time)!

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Posted by chinarocks on 22/1/2014 at 08:52

With respect, if your planned trip is two years away then I wouldn't overplan too much at this stage as life has a habit of throwing up the unexpected (good and bad) so you never know what your circumstances will be.

For similar reasons, it is next to impossible to estimate costs with such a time lag until you travel - you probably won't even be able to book your flights for another year.

Greece could have exited the euro, Indonesia could be run by a bunch of Jemaah Islamiyah loving fundamentalists and Japan could be struck by another natural disaster. I really think it is too far away to make any plans of substance. Even if somebody responds to you with an estimate of costs, then what will you do with this information at this stage?

For now, I would save money (but you've still got to live your life), note the visa requirements of any countries you plan on going to and perhaps have a tentative look at some flight options (RTW tickets etc). Europe is extremely expensive compared to Asia but has some wonderful countries (Italy, Spain, France). However, don't overplan - it is good to be knowledgeable about places for sure but flexibility in traveling is even more important in some respects.

Are you sure you could last a year of traveling non-stop? It's gruelling but brilliant but not for everyone.

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Posted by stacey9292 on 22/1/2014 at 11:05

Absolutly agree with you regarding time scale etc its just s rough estimate of money based on current savings after 2 yes if saving. Qbsokutly can last a year, spent 2 months in Europe and never wanted to leave but worst case scenario we can just come home :) thanks guys

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Posted by Flowerpot on 23/1/2014 at 00:54

I would probably half that budget. You could live like royalty for that amount. Few years back I did 6 months in Asia for about £4200 and did everything I wanted and never went without luxury.

Also with your budget and timescale I'd consider doing some kind of challenge Singapore to London completely overland or something!

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