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SE Asia or South America from June-Oct

Posted by beckylunne on 23/8/2015 at 09:29

Hi everyone
First post here so I hope I've done everything correctly..!
My boyfriend and I are planning to go traveling for a year from October 2016.
We're in the early stages of planning and have been thinking of spending the year in India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia, mainly for the following reasons:
- We love Asia but have mostly only been able to take 3 week trips there, so want some time to properly explore.
- We take the slow and steady approach to traveling. We prefer to stay in places longer and get to know it instead of moving after just 2 days.
- Budget! We're having to save a fair amount for 12 months away, so we can limit the amount of expensive flights by staying within Asia.

That being said... Due to the weather between June-October I'm struggling to fill these 4 months. Therefore I'm wondering if from June we should actually head over to South America...

It would be good to know if:
a. I can spend the 4 months between June-October in Asia, and where?
b. If the above isn't really do-able, if I should head to South America?
c. Will South America be more expensive/really eat into my budget?
As I said, it's early planning stages so I'd really appreciate your thoughts and opinions!
Thanks :)

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Posted by Gogomobile on 23/8/2015 at 20:54

Nothing wrong with June to October. Its hot and humid. Sometimes it rains for an hour or so. Hotel prices are cheap as are activities. I would say its the best time to visit the area. From Nov to April you pay inflated hotel prices due to higher demand and sharing beaches with hundreds of tourists is not fun.
Seriously dont worry about misleading weather reports about low season. I doubt the scaremongers have ever been then judging by their comments.

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Posted by Gogomobile on 23/8/2015 at 20:58

I should note that on Ko Samui /Pha Ngan/Tao in July/August they charge high season prices due to European holidays and different weather patterns but other places low season. Difference in weather is minimal in real terms but price wise a fair bit.

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Posted by exacto on 23/8/2015 at 22:32

hi becky,

i think the weather in southeast asia will be a bit wetter than Gogomobile suggests, but agree that it is not enough to change your plans. on most days you'll get that hour or two or three of rain, and some days it will rain all day, but even that can be fun and interesting. plus, as stated, you will find quite a few nice off-season prices in many locations. weather patterns vary across the region, and there are places, like the Thai gulf islands as mentioned above, that will have far less rain than other standard destinations.

i can't speak too much about the South America option, other than depending on where you had in mind, it would be the winter season for the southern hemisphere during part of those months. plus, if budget is an issue, hauling your cookies all the way to South America can't be cheap, particularly when compared to getting around in southeast asia.

if you are keen to visit the americas during that time, my son spent the month of june in Guatemala this summer and said the weather was pretty near perfect the entire time. have a wonderful year. cheers.

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