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Two Months: Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, ?

Posted by Dayyanum on 1/11/2015 at 21:32

Hello all,

(Cliff Notes At Bottom)

I'm planning a trip back to Southeast Asia from December 29th through the first week of March (just over 60 days).

I've already been to Cambodia and Thailand, and while I would love to go back, my main focus is on countries I've never visited.

Vietnam is my biggest focus, and while I know it's a cliche, I'm definitely going to tour the country by motorcycle (I ride quite a bit, and rode the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand). My plan is the classic 'South to North' ride, where I buy the bike at the beginning and sell it at the end.

A few extra notes and questions:

1) I'm a travel photographer and photojournalist, so getting unique sights and experiences is extremely important to me. Would love recommendations for most photogenic areas and unique experiences! The terraced farming hills in Vietnam are a great example.

2) I adore animals, so if there's anything special I should consider, I'd love to hear about them [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]

3) I want to visit Laos and possibly Myanmar on this trip as well. Is 2 months enough to do all three, and perhaps anything else?

4) I've heard it's pretty impossible to cross borders with a motorcycle, even if you bought it. Is it even worth trying? And an even sillier question: would it be an absolute fortune to ship the bike back to the states? I feel like I'm going to get really attached to it after riding on it a month. (Side note: I'm not getting an ultra cheap bike, probably something from the Honda 67 custom bike shop or Saigon Chop Shop in HCMC)

5) My VERY rough idea is below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!
- Fly into HCMC for New Years, stay several days to get my bearings and buy a bike
- Ride up to Hanoi, stopping here and there on the way (and of course visiting Ha Long Bay)
- Sell the bike, fly to Vientiane (roughly by February 1st)
- 10-14 days in Northern Laos
- (Possible visit to Northern Thailand...fell in love with Chiang Mai, and want to visit Chiang Rai)
- Cross over into Myanmar somehow, then 10-15 days there
- Get over to Bangkok, fly home from there (not necessary, just assumed it was easier and cheaper)

6) Last note - I'm budget conscious, but not really trying to squeeze into a shoestring budget. As an example: I'm probably not going to take a miserable 30 hour bus ride if flights aren't terribly expensive.

Cliff Notes:

- I have two months (January-early March)
- Want to visit Vietnam, explore from south to north on motorcycle (I'm an experienced rider)
- Want to visit Laos and Myanmar too
- Photography and unique experiences are my main focus
- Need some itinerary suggestions

Would love any thoughts or recommendations!

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