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Itinerary Help - 4 months in SEA - Am I doing too much?

Posted by mgreaves on 25/2/2016 at 06:53

I am after some feedback, I think I am trying to see too much but just thought I would get peoples opinions before I decide to start cutting out countries.

Basically me and my partner are going travelling for 12 months, the current very rough plan is 3-4 months in South East Asia, 1-2 months New Zealand and the rest in Australia.

I am trying to plan the SEA element at the moment, this may look too precise with dates but I am just doing it purely so I have a start and end and to help me think about the trip, I am more than happy to play it by ear once out there but want to make sure I don't rush things, or the opposite spend too much time in one place (is this possible?).

The only thing set in stone is the start, it is our 10 year anniversary and I have booked in to a spa hotel in Phuket, we leave Thailand straight away as I wanted to also spend my 30th birthday here so plan to come back.

What are peoples thoughts on the lengths of times in each country...too short/rushed? Or even am I spending too long in some places and not enough in others.

Thailand 13-Jun 19-Jun
Vietnam 20-Jun 11-Jul
Cambodia 12-Jul 02-Aug
Laos 03-Aug 10-Aug
Thailand 11-Aug 24-Aug
Burma 25-Aug 30-Aug
Indonesia 31-Aug 18-Sep
Malaysia 19-Sep 26-Sep
Singapore 27-Sep 01-Oct
Philippines 02-Oct 05-Oct

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Posted by adrianlopez on 26/2/2016 at 02:19

4 months in Sountheast Asia is enough for travelling with each country per month. In Vietnam, you can visit sunset floating through Halong Bay, getting measured up for a suit in charming Hoi An, trekking in northeen hills of Sapa. In Laos, sunset or elephant trekking from northern of Luang Phrabang is best activity. Eat fresh crab at coastal Kep is wonderful choice when you visit Camboida

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Posted by amnicoll on 26/2/2016 at 06:15

Go back to the drawing board.

What do you want to see and do in each of these countries and then start to work out how long you need because at the moment this looks completely un thought out. You could spend a couple of months in Indonesia - have you seen how big it is?

sorry if this sounds harsh but 9 countries in 4 months is a lot of traveling

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 26/2/2016 at 07:14

I'm afraid I'm with amnicoll - you're trying to pack waaaayyyy too much in, and you'll end up a) exhausted, and b) having more memories of bus stations than you do of anything else.

For example, you've got 6 days in Burma, 4 in Philippines. But every time you move from one place to another, you lose at least half a day, and especially when you cross borders. So essentially you'd spend your first day getting to a country, and getting into town and your accommodation, have two to four days to explore the country, then spend the final day leaving again. Seems hardly worth the bother!

If you've never travelled long term before, 4 months seems like a very long time. In reality, it will fly by in a flash, and the more you try and cram in, the less time you'll have to relax and enjoy yourself, experience the culture, the scenery, etc. (for a start, flying visits mean you're limited to the major touristed cities and resort areas, as the less beaten-path places take longer to get to).

This is all why many of us on this board ascribe to the rule of thumb of one country a month.

So the best advice is always: do your research, and decide with your partner which countries appeal to you the most, and what experiences you'd really love to have in each of those, then work out how much time you'll realistically need to have those experiences, then let go of everything else. You may decide you want 1 month in each of 4 countries. You may decide you want 2 months in country A, 3 weeks in country B, and 5 weeks in country C. Then let the other countries go - they'll still be there next time.

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Posted by mgreaves on 26/2/2016 at 09:18

Thanks for the replies, I had assumed I was trying to get too much in, I just wanted to get the feedback of others to make sure!
My head right now is push SEA to 5 months and cut a few countries out once we have decided what is on our must do list...this is obviously before I have started thinking about Australia which will most likely throw up similar problems, however we are staying in Aus once we have travelled around and finding work (PR visa) so losing time here does not feel too bad as it will be a new base for the usual holidays.

Thanks for the feedback all.

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Posted by Captain_Bob on 27/2/2016 at 05:28

Agree with others some of this looks a bit silly ;-)

Thailand 13-Jun 19-Jun * Initial visit, spa etc. no worries
Vietnam 20-Jun 11-Jul * 21 days rushed for big country
Cambodia 12-Jul 02-Aug * 21 days should be enough
Laos 03-Aug 10-Aug * 8 days too rushed
Thailand 11-Aug 24-Aug * 13 days too rushed
Burma 25-Aug 30-Aug * 5 days, are you joking?
Indonesia 31-Aug 18-Sep * 19 days, maybe Bali/Lombok?
Malaysia 19-Sep 26-Sep * 7 days, way too rushed
Singapore 27-Sep 01-Oct * 5 days, ok that's enough
Philippines 02-Oct 05-Oct * 3 days wtf?

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