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Route advice for 3 weeks in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

Posted by locadotte on 25/3/2016 at 12:44

Hi all,

We are a family with 2 children (age 5 and 10 years).We are looking to spend 3 weeks in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in June. We enjoy small towns over big cities and ethical interactions with nature and wildlife. Our budget is mid range and we are willing to take short flights to save time. We are experienced travellers in the Asian region having travelled extensively in the past 7 months. This is a very broad question but what route should we take and where should we go? I realize 3 weeks is not much time for that area but unfortunately it's all the time we have.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, advice, suggestions!


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Posted by koga1989 on 28/3/2016 at 01:18

Dear Shirley,

I'm from Indonesia. I can give several thoughts about what to do in Indonesia. What kind of travel do you prefer? Sightseeing? Touring? Simple things like walking around the towns? Do you have any special destination you want to visit in Indonesia?
Give me a shout will you?


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Posted by locadotte on 30/3/2016 at 00:26

Thanks koga1989.

We prefer a little bit of sightseeing but mostly we prefer low key local towns and spending time in nature. Tentatively we are thinking of Bali/Ubud and Flores (with trip over to Komodo Dragon Island).

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Posted by koga1989 on 30/3/2016 at 02:00

Well Shirley,

If you want to map a route, maybe you would like to book several trip from Bali to Komodo Island by air.
If wouldn't recommend using land route if you take your kids for sightseeing.

But hey, if you go to Bali and prefer low key local towns, I would like to recommend some place :

1. Dragonfly Village
This place is located on Ubud Street, Subak Sukawayah. This place located near Pomegranate Cafe. In this Village, you can enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings. Also, you can have lunch in Pomegranate Cafe. This Cafe served a place in the middle of paddy field. Enjoy your time with your family while having lunch or just drinking afternoon coffee.

2. Uluwatu Temple
If you prefer an ethnic dance "Kecak", maybe from Ngurah Rai International Airport you can head down to this temple for about one hour by car. I would recommend you to rent a car with driver to this place. The entrance fee is about IDR 20,000 and the tickets to see this dance around IDR 100,000.

3. Alila Ubud or Hanging Gardens of Bali
If you prefer mountains sight, forest & river, maybe you should visit these place. It has a place with nice surroundings, its silence.
Alila Ubud is located at Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan.
Hanging Gardens of Bali is located at Payangan Street, Banjar Susut, Buahan Village.
Both distance from the airport is about 1 hour 45 minutes.

4. Four Seasons Sayan
If you want to give your family a new experience, this hotels can give you a day in the life as a Balinese Rice Farmer. You start with a morning track through the sacred Ayung River Valley followed by a traditional Balinese breakfast overlooking the rice paddies. This place located at Sayan Street, Ubud.
You can see the site here.

There is more to see in Bali more than you think. But if you want a silence place, ethnic dance, natural surroundings or new experience for your family I would recommend those place.

If you want to go to Komodo National Park from Bali, there is several route to go there :
1. By plane
There are several airline that serve Denpasar - Labuan Bajo route (TransNusa Airline I think). They charge around IDR 1,000,000 one way trip.

2. By bus
I would not recommend this way.

3. By ferry
It takes around 36 hours from Bali straight to Labuan Bajo. Its depart from Benoa, Bali to Bima and Labuan Bajo. They charge for one way trip from IDR 150,000 to IDR 450,000 per person.

You need the service of Naturalist Guide if you want, to visit Komodo Island.

So, based on your preference, maybe :
1. Ngurah Rai Airport - Uluwatu Temple (South of Kuta) - Go North to Four Sayans Hotel / Alila Ubud / Hanging Gardens of Bali - Dragonfly Village (Enjoy some experience at Pomegranate?) - back to Ngurah Rai Airport.
2. Ngurah Rai Airport - Labuan Bajo - National Park at Komodo Island.
You can take local boat to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo for around IDR 1,200,000 to IDR 1,500,000 (12 to 15 capacity boat).
This route take you to : Loh Liang (straight to Komodo Island) or Loh Buaya (Rinca Island).

But hey, this is only my recommendation. There are a lot of place in Bali and Flores that I might not know about. Feel free to explore any choice you want.

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Posted by locadotte on 30/3/2016 at 02:09

Wow koga1989! This is an incredible list and so very helpful! Thank you:)


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