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6 month itinerary traveling with 1.5 year old

Posted by ekze on 11/4/2016 at 02:32


Some family ( I with my wife and son ( he will be around 1.5 years old at a time) plan to take a longer vacation and spend approx. half a year in SE Asia.

By now plan is to start at the end of this year no specific date set will see when the cheapest plane tickets show up :) But I would appreciate some advice on what you would suggest and how would you split this time. At the beginning we thought to make 1 month per country - Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Philippines. But as more I read the more I want to give Vietnam more than a month and maybe cut Laos a little. We have been in Thailand ( twice ), Philippines and Bali once so we have a little insight into Asia beauty, but this time it is different as we travel with a kid and don`t wanna run around too much and be on slower pace. Also have to take into account that during the day when it is too hot we probably would stay indoors or at least dont move around. Thats why staying longer in one place would be more useful. Idea was to do December - Thailand( as usually from Latvia it is the cheapest destination to reach ), January- Laos, Jan-Feb - Vietnam, Mar - Cambodia, April - Indonesia, May - Philippines.
At the same time we don`t wanna plan too much ahead and just go with the flow.
Also we are a bit tight on a budget as we have around 9k Euro for a whole trip not counting transportation and visas. But as I checked you can get a decent guest house or rent a flat in Vietnam and other SE Asian countries for a 10-15 euros a night, also we like to try local small restaurants and street food, of-course, also we plan to try to get a flat with kitchen to prepare ourselves now and then.
So my questions:
1. do you think it is reasonable plan to do ~ 1 month for a country or go as it goes
2. is 9k for 6 month ok if you consider we are 3 persons.
3. Also what you would suggest after thailand - Laos or Cambodia which would be cooler in January as I read that in Cambodia the heat is always approx. at the same level.

Any other suggestion or advice will be appreciated.

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Posted by samatha on 11/4/2016 at 03:22

If you want to spend a month in Vietnam to visit all places in Vietnam, i think you should not rent a house. Actually visiting Vietnam is quite cheap if you know how to save money when travelling. You should stay at local people or hostel instead of hotel and eat street food instead of restaurant. According to my experiences, homestay and street foods will amazing experiences and good taste than hotel ans restaurant. Further Jan-Feb is spring season in Vietnam so it'll rain and cool a little bit.
Good luck!

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 11/4/2016 at 15:35

You should have enough money IF you're careful. 9000 Euros (excluding the flights) works out at 50 Euros (about $57 US) a day, which is a fairly tight budget, but is doable.

TBH, you might be struggling at times to find a decent guesthouse for the family on a budget of only 10-15 euros a night (so don't be surprised that sometimes you're paying a bit more than that), but you can also eat really cheaply in the region if you're careful about where (go for street food and casual, local restaurants, rather than "nice" restaurants or international cuisine), and local transport is also quite cheap, and moving more slowly (staying a bit longer in each location before you move on again) will also keep your costs down.

Have a wonderful trip!

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