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First time travelling feeling overwhelmed

Posted by rorymist23 on 24/10/2016 at 08:35


Me and my partner are travelling South East Asia for the first time and are setting off the beginning of January 2017. We will travel for roughly 3/4months and are flying from the UK.

I have been doing lots of research but I'm beginning to find it all a little overwhelming and scary.

We want to fly into Bangkok head north to Chiang Mai, cross over into Loas, then do Vietnam and Cambodia. We hope to come back into Thailand and visit some of the Thai islands before completing our trip.

I am reading lots about Visas and we hope to use the 30 day Visa in Thailand but from what I have read it says you need evidence of leaving Thailand within the 30 day period. Will this also apply when coming back into Thailand at the end of our trip? How would I get around this issue with the route we hope to take?

Does anyone have a rough guide of how long would be best to spend in each of these places and any advice to help my nerves. We are not big drinkers or party people we just want to enjoy the sights and culture and explore.

Thank you :)

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 24/10/2016 at 19:50

Hi there,

First things first - you got this. Traveling in Thailand is super easy and super convenient , so it's great that you're starting there. After a week or two you'll have found your footing and all your worries will seem like nonsense.

From now until then, when you start hearing that little voice with its what-ifs, just say to yourself: "so what?" As frequently these sorts of wool gathering thoughts are quite minor.

What if I get lost? So what? Ask someone for directions. People will help give you directions. And you'll get un lost sooner or later, and find your way.

What if I can't communicate with a local and I need to ask them something? So what? you mime. Your draw little pictures of what you want. You'll figure it out.

What if something happens or we get hurt? Highly unlikely so long as you practice the same common sense as at home (don't walk down dark alleys at 3 am, don't get drunk and try and ride a scooter, don't get ducked into too good to be true scams).

Take travel insurance for peace of mind, and do your research (knowledge is power) but apart from that relax. You'll have fun.

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Posted by rorymist23 on 25/10/2016 at 04:19

Thank you for your reply and reassurance

I definitely need to stop thinking what if and just think about how lucky I am to have the opportunity.

I won't be forgetting travel insurance and I still have lots of time to do research.

Thanks again :)

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Posted by amnicoll on 25/10/2016 at 04:28

the route you have planned is sensible but do not micro manage - you should maintain flexibility just making sure you hit deadlines to exit a country and catch flight home. If you like somewhere stay longer if you hate it get the next bus or train out

Antonia offer sound advise

As far as entry to Thailand goes for the first time then it is the airline who may refuse you boarding if you have no onward ticket within 30 days so once you are on the plane no worries. The best option is to either purchase a visa (then no worries with airline), buy a throw away ticket or arrive at the airport early and if you have a problem you will have time to buy a couple of throw aways (do some research before hand so you know what the cheapest options are)

Re entry into Thailand by land is not a problem

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Posted by rorymist23 on 25/10/2016 at 07:37

Thank you for your advice amnicoll
I will be sure to look into the best option.

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