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Itenerary. How realistic?

Posted by Trueviking on 9/12/2016 at 17:05

Hello everyone.
I am arriving in bangkok on the 20th of october next year, and have set up a itenerary (rough) for my travel, as i am also flying out from bangkok on the 20th of december. So to start: i have two full months, i am a solo traveler, i generally enjoy less crowded, more scenic and remote places instead of big cities and crowds
I am an active person, so i would like places where i can meet up with other people and do treks or motorbike loops for example. PS: i own a light motorcycle and have decent experience riding, (in other Words i am not a dumb foreigner risking my own and others lifes)

My plan is to spend two weeks in north thailand, after 3 days in bangkok (night train to chiang mai) Does anyone know how far in advance you should book the train ride in october? Should 3 days be enough?

I plan on riding the mae hong son loop renting a bike for maybe 8-9 days to stop extra nights if i want to. Is there a place known place i CM to meet up if you want travel buddies for this bike trip?

After thailand i will be crossing the border into laos and bus to luang namtha erea instead of taking the slow boat, think two days sitting on my arse will be too much:) How much time should i spend in this region? Also wanna visit nong khiaw and muang ngoi before luang prabang. Should two weeks be enough for the places ive mentioned? If not, this is a place i would like to give more time if needed, skipping something else

From luang prabang i should probably stop in VV for a sleepover (see if i like it or not, maybe stay a day or two?)

Then travel on to Vientaine, will probably get a night bus to tha Khaek. I want to do a motorbike loop in laos: should i do tha kek or bolaven? If i spend two weeks in southern laos, will i have time to do both?

I will cross the border after relaxing on the 4000 islands as i probably will be exausted after riding motorbikes and trekking. Any tips here? Is there nearby islands a little more of the betaen track worth visiting?

If youre still reading: Cambodia is where i really need help. Laos seems easy enough to travel, as its a long and narrow country. Cambodia on the other hand seems impossible to find a good route without backtracking! My plan here is the following:

Cross border to PP
Bus to Kep/kampot
Bus to sihanoukville
Visit a island for a couple of nights
Bus to battambang
Boat/bus to Siem reap
Into Thailand and spend rest of my days before traveling home.

Is this plan possible in two weeks or totaly unrealistic? If too stressfull, can anyone recomend wich places i should cut out?

All in all i just want to see if you guys think that my plans are not too ambitious, if they are, please let me know:)

Thank you for your extreme patience and advice!

Best regards

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Posted by somtam2000 on 13/12/2016 at 21:25 admin

Ok, sounds like a great trip. Some thoughts:

If you know your exact dates when you want to take the train to Chiang Mai , then there is no harm in booking it in advance. But if you have a few days beforehand in Bangkok - and some flexibility, then you should be fine booking it a day or so before departure.

Meeting people in Chiang Mai for a bike trip - there are a tonne of guesthouses there which shold be handy social spots, though don't be surprised if you meet people along the way.

If you want to go trekking in Luang Nam Tha I'd allow 3 days for that - heading west out to Muang Sing can also make for a fun day or overnight trip. Straightforward to see Muang Ngoi/Nong Kiaow before Luang Prabang.

Our Laos writer Cindy has just done both those scooter loops - write ups coming soon. In the meantime, I'd say yes is possible in two weeks in the south, but a few days more would probably be welcome. For less livisited islands, consider Don Khong or, while not an island, Champasak - very chilled out and attractive area.

That is a lot of ground to cover in two weeks in Cambodia. The weather will be great, so certainly recommend the islands - I would suggest trying to shave 4/5 days off the rest of your trip to allow for a bit more loose time here. If I was going to drop one of those spots in Cambodia, it would probably be Battambang, but they are all well worthwhile stops... try and scrape up some time elsewhere!

Hope that helps. More questions, ask away.

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Posted by Trueviking on 14/12/2016 at 03:15

Thank you! Will try to shave off a week elsewhere so i can get about three weeks in cambodia.

Do you know if its possible to fly from sihanoukville to siem reap?

#3 Trueviking has been a member since 9/12/2016. Posts: 2

Posted by somtam2000 on 15/12/2016 at 02:44 admin

Yes Cambodia Angkor Air fly the route - around $80 one way.

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