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Help with 4.5+ 2.5 weeks itinerary - panicking

Posted by MissSheep on 27/12/2016 at 18:57


I like to do a lot of research before travelling, and decide beforehand, but due to some circumstances, I'm leaving in 3 weeks to SE Asia and I have nothing planned (I only have my vaccines, my passport and nothing more). I'm arriving the 18th of January to Kuala Lumput, leaving the 20 of February from the same airport, arriving again to Kuala Lumpur the 23 of March and leaving the 10 of April. I'll probably be visitng the region again about 10 days in July, but it is not sure. I have been searching trying to decide an itinerary but I'm overwhelmed about the vastness about how much it can be seen, and I'm really stuck, so if you could help me to draft an itinerary I'll be really grateful.

About me: I'm a solo female traveller, 28-year-old, first time in South East Asia. I love temples and historical buildings, Angkor Wat is the only place that I know for sure that I want to visit. I also like nature, easy trekking, and to lesser degree, animals, and it would be great to visit or do a short stay in an elephant sanctuary. I love snorkeling, and recently I have got my scuba diving certificate, so I would like to do some easy dives. Something that I'm not interested in shopping or parties, I enjoy drinking a few beers or some wine at night, but drinking /hard party /drugs is not a priority.

So any suggestion about which places to visit, would be really appreciated. Many thanks,


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Posted by exacto on 27/12/2016 at 20:23

Hi Marta,

Like it says on the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - don't panic!

First off, have a look at the Itineraries section on Travelfish to get ideas of where you can go with the time frame you have in mind. You'll find it at:


Also, keep in mind that you'll have lots of budget airfare options flying in/out of KL on Air Asia.

Once you've had a look, come back with more specific questions so we can give suggestions. Cheers.

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Posted by MissSheep on 4/1/2017 at 12:52

Many thanks - after breathing and looking the itinerary section, I have come with an itinerary, however I feel that I'm trying to fit to much, however I'm being unable to decide of what to cut... in fact if I had time I would love to add Myanmar. So any suggestion about about how to improve the itinerary, would be really appreciated (maybe moving north Thailand to the second part of the trip? Skipping Laos? Skipping parth of Vietnam?).

1rst Part (19 January - 20 February)
1) Flight form Kuala Lumpur to Luang Prabang the 19th of January
2) Luang Prabang
3) Vang Vieng
4) Vientiane (flight)
5) Hanoi, Sapa & Ha Long Bay
6) Hue
7) Hoi An
8) Saigon
9) Siem Reap
10) Bangkok
11) Chiang Mai
12) Flight to Kuala Lumput again the 19 or 20 of February

2nd Part (23 March - 10 April)
South Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia

3rd possible part (August): A bit of Indonesia or Borneo..

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Posted by Ian15 on 4/1/2017 at 13:58

Hi MissSheep

I have recently come back from Southeast Asia coving all the places that you have mentioned in the first part, but I did it in 10 weeks, so I think you are trying to fit too much in to just 4.5 weeks.

Travel between destinations in this part of the world takes a long time so you are more or less losing a day every time you move.

I would suggest just doing Laos and Vietnam in 4.5 weeks and then do Siem Reap and Thailand in the 2.5 weeks. You will probably only be able to do either the north or South of Thailand. You could easily spend 2.5 weeks in just Cambodia, there are lots of nice places to visit other than just Siem Reap.

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Posted by exacto on 4/1/2017 at 22:10

I agree with Ian that this is far too much to work into the one month you have in January and February. You'll want to prioritize to pick the places that are most important to you, but Ian's suggestion of just Laos and Vietnam in the first trip and Cambodia and one region of Thailand in the second trip is a good one.

You don't want your holiday to be a whirlwind tour of airports and bus stations. Less is more. You'll spend less money, have a better experience, and actually see more if you visit just a few places for longer. Cheers.

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