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SE Asia during off season.. help!

Posted by inivory on 17/1/2017 at 15:32

Hi all,
I am planning on traveling SE Asia from March-June and am learning that this is the hottest time of year to visit this area. I am also reading quite a bit about the burning in the area and am in a bit of a panic. Would you advise against going to this region at this time of year altogether? Would you suggest a specific route to avoid scorching hot areas and burning while still getting to see each of the 4 inland countries in 4 months? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 17/1/2017 at 19:25

Firstly, don't let yourself get in a bit of a panic - it will all work out. The most important thing with travel in this part of the world is to be flexible. So if you're somewhere and the forecast is for 40 degrees over the next few days, don't go out on a full day hike (just because you'd been planning on hiking in that town). Play it by ear, and remember you can always change your planned route and head to the hills or the coast if you find it too hot where you are.

For example, in June two years ago I went to burma. I started off in yangon and had planned a route up to bagan, stopping off on the way. But the rains were a bit late coming to bagan that year, and it was still in the low 40s. So I changed my plans and went East instead, and looped back to bagan a week later than planned, once the rains had hit and the temperature had dropped. Sure, I missed seeing the spots between yangon and bagan, but I also got better weather for cycling across the shadeless plains of bagan.

I'm afraid I can't offer specific route advice as I haven't travelled extensively enough through the region. But youll be able to find a route that works for you. So don't worry.

Have a great trip

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Posted by Captain_Bob on 17/1/2017 at 23:37

Heat and smog are usually more an issue in the northern interior of the region during March and April or until rains clear and cool the air (didn't happen until mid-May last year, extra long drought/heatwave). So in general you might want to stay closer to the coast during that time and go north once some rains have hit. But do check conditions (ask here) as they can vary. And as per above no need to panic, just adjust to conditions. I've travelled the region quite a bit during the hot/smoke season and it's wise to slow down stay extra hydrated. Still when it's 40C a beach is much nicer than a stagnant brown valley.

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Posted by sandyfreckle on 8/2/2017 at 22:47

I agree with previous posters...., but more specifically, if the smoke or heat becomes too uncomfortable seek out a good coastline..., namely because coastlines usually have more in the way of winds..., specifically seek out coasts with prevailing 'onshore'(coming off of the ocean) winds..., within the greater S/E Asian peninsular area that is probably your best bet. The normally light winds of the hot/dry season just don't penetrate inland to clear out the smoky valleys etc.
Remember if all else fails..., a cuppa tea and a good lay down can work wonders ! ;-)
Happy trails

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Posted by neharani on 27/2/2017 at 22:29

I have not much idea about the routes..but you should aware about the burning of the areas..but don't be panic.if you find it burning then you can change your route towards hilly or coastal area..

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Posted by crainandrea22 on 22/3/2017 at 03:41

Hey! Can’t really suggest a specific route, but can share my own experience. We visited Singapore, Vietnam and few places in Cambodia last year during off season. Some places were hot, so we avoided noon hours to travel. Sure we missed out on a few spots that we wanted to visit but given that there is no rush at this time of the holiday season, you reach places and get better offers all the time :)

Also during off season you will find prices of hotels and resorts much cheaper. If you are concerned about heat, you can travel to hilly areas like Baguio (Philippines), Pyin Oo Lwin (Myanmar), Maubisse (East Timor), Cameron Highlands (Malaysia), Da Lat (Vietnam).
Have a nice trip!

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Posted by Arscamurungan on 23/3/2017 at 06:49

Hi!im traveling solo also on june 11-25. Starting with Singapore, thailand, (bangkok/phuket), cambodia, malaysia, vietnam, philippines and back to dubai.
Hope to see you around there! ?

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Posted by Gottagoglobal on 26/3/2017 at 01:56

Hey everyone,
I jus found travel fish last month in the start of our 3.5 months traveling SE Asia. My wife and I kind of winged it and chose SE Asia last minute in trying to choose a starting point for our global adventure. We are planning staying global for the next few years with a hope of finding our next venture and home. We plan to stay in SE Asia until mid June and we started in Thailand and have been having a blast, but as expected we are a bit out of season and feeling the slash and burn in the north. We have got all the usual suspects on our itinerary, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Philippians. We are looking for that wow factor and lush jungle and perfect beach that you dream about. We have seen Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pai and Mea Hong Son thus far. All have been great and beautiful with some magical moments, but we are looking to hit some places that are in their peak and are gong to give us the best that they offer. We feel like we are chasing the end of the season. It's now March 26, 2017 and we are heading out of Mae Hong Son tomorrow and are trying to come up with a rough itinerary for the next 2.5 months. We are in search of festivals, hiking, water falls, food, tropics, perfect beaches and lush jungles. Best time to be at the beaches and which ones and where? Vietnam, north or South and when? Laos for New Year in April? Philippians is worth the trip this time year? Malaysia (Brunei) May/June for beaches and hiking? Please help make this trip unforgettable!!!

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Posted by teresamhudson on 27/3/2017 at 21:29

Where do you want to travel in Southeast Asia?. In fact, March-June is the summer season in SEA, so if you don't want to enjoy the hottest time, you can visit the beach of Vietnam or Cambodia because the summer of the two countries are quite more comfortable than Thailand and Laos. You don't forget sunscreen to protect your skin.

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