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Help with SEA plan for June

Posted by yearn2travel on 18/2/2017 at 07:58

Looking to travel with spouse and 10 year old to SEA throughout June. I know it's not the best time of the year to be in the region, but we may just have to go with it. I'm used to planning everything, but since this is the low season, I was hoping I could step out of my shell and plan on the fly. However, we've never done that...and with a child in tow in the heat...it could spell disaster. We also plan on flying a lot to save time, but some flights seem expensive at $200/person. I wasn't sure if stopping by a travel agent in the towns we're in would land us some cheaper flights. So here's the rough plan for 5 weeks:
Yangoon 1-2N
Bagan 3-4N
Inle Lake 2-3N
fly to Chiang Mai 4-5N (possibly on to C.Rai for 2-3N)
2 day slow boat down Mekong to Luang Prabang 4N (Nagi of Mekong seems like a comfortable boat for the journey-any other recommendations? (visit waterfalls, elephants...)
Fly to Siem Reap OR Pakse (for 4000islands & temples around Champasak (since we're visiting Agkor would we get templed out?)Not sure how long to be in this area. Flights from Luang Prabang were pushing $150-200 for either S.Reap or Pakse from LP for non-stop flights.
Siem Reap 4N (temples, cooking class, maybe floating village)
Fly to beach in Thailand OR Cambodia 3N (open to suggestions for a late June beach area that would be nice. Wanted to head to Ko Lanta but weather looks bad at this time of the year. Would love to see the Limestone formations in the water)
End in Bangkok 3N before leaving the region.
Should we fly into Bangkok 1st & then try to book a tour there over to Myanmar or fly straight into Yangoon and search for a travel agent (any suggestions?) We are looking for a private tour and would like to stay at guesthouses with AC & pool if possible. Wanted to fly to Bagan and visit Lake Inle 2-3 days and then head to Thailand. We rarely do tours, but I thought this was be the easiest way to get around Myanmar. We like nature and history and we are usually on the go b/c I want to see it all. Is this too hectic?

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 19/2/2017 at 19:02

TBH I doubt you'll be able to find much cheaper flights at local travel agents - the legit airlines are pretty much all online now (and fares are largely dependant on how much competition there is on that route) and the ones that aren't online are likely to be the smaller, crony owned airlines in places like burma (where they're expensive because they can be). If you do see a much cheaper fare advertised somewhere, make sure you check it out carefully - there are some airlines in the region that really don't meet safety standards, and sometimes, you get what you pay for.

At that time of year you won't need to pre book accommodation and can pretty easily wing it, so there's no need to concrete your itinerary except where you want to fly (you might be able to get last minute tickets without paying extra, but there's no guarantee.)

With regards to a private tour, I assume you essentially mean hiring a car and driver for the time you are in burma. That's certainly possible, but won't be cheap, as you'll be taking him away from his family for a week or more, and will need to pay for his accommodation the entire time. Tbh, in some of the places you're going a car is less useful (inle where you're going to want to use a boat to get around ), plus it's unlike one guide/driver hired in yangon will also be an expert on the temples of bagan and the ecology of inle lake. So I personally feel it's better to hire guides as you go along, as and when you want them.

Finally, although you're hopping through quite a few countries in 5 weeks, it looks like you're not planning on hitting too many places in each country, so I think your overall itinerary isn't too cramped, but I'd counsel against adding extras too it (very easily done, as the more you research, the more you want to do). I'd also give yourself a slightly longer first stop. Not certain where you're coming from, but long flights and jetlag take some recovery at the best of times - add in unaccustomed heat and humidity, and I wouldn't be surprised if you find your first few days exhaustin.

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Posted by neharani on 24/2/2017 at 22:11

Hi I think if you can book your private tour earlier through online so that you will be feel relaxed and enjoy your trip without any burden..

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