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Posted by marianwarren on 5/7/2006 at 17:05

Dear Exacto

I have noticed your on-road posts and wonder if possible when you get home would you be able to to share your intinery with us? - I'm mainly interested in the places you visited, whether you felt the time you spent there to be adequate, what places would you have liked to stayed at longer and the places you could have spent less time at. I realise this is all so subjective - and dependent on your lifestyle, work environment and budget but I value the detail in your posts.

All insights gratefully accepted

Travel well


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Posted by exacto on 10/7/2006 at 21:10


Hi. I just noticed this post, so my apologies for the slow reply.

I saw that a few others had made post-trip comments like you've suggested and thought it was a really great idea too. In fact, I was going to suggest to Somtam a new section in the message board for something exactly like that.

In any case, yes, I'd be happy to do something like that and have written a note to remind myself too. We're on Samui right now, and then will head off to Angkor Wat before finally heading back home in early August.

Thanks for the note. Cheers.

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Posted by karyn on 12/7/2006 at 09:59

Hi Exacto!
Would you do me a huge favour?! Can you mention in this string the names of places in Siem Reap that you would recommend for accommodations after you have been there? Also, I would love to have one with a pool :) but not too expensive...there will be three of us! THANKS!
~Love all your responses...hope you continue to have a great trip!

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Posted by exacto on 12/7/2006 at 17:59


i'd be happy to help and to mention whatever info i get when i'm in siem reap, but i've only been there once before so i'm afraid i don't know the area well. in the mean time, there's lots of good siem reap info both already in Travelfish, and also in the talesofasia website. look there too.

thanks for the happy thoughts on our trip. this is my wife's first visit to southeast asia and it has been extra fun showing her around and introducing her to all the fun stuff to do here. cheers.

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Posted by exacto on 26/7/2006 at 13:27


how are things? we've been in siem reap for a few days now, and are getting ready to head back to thailand in the morning. as for the guesthouse recommendations, i've checked around, but the info i came up with pretty much exactly matches the info on the travelfish and talesofasia websites. here goes:

from what i can tell, to get a pool here, you'll need to move up into the midrange price range. a few spots that look good are Borann, La Noria, and Mysteres d'Angkor. room will run from $30 to $45 per night there.

if the pool isn't a deal breaker, then you might try Ivy II, Earthwalkers, or Two Dragons. the only knock on Earthwalkers is that it isn't in a convenient location (it's outside of town on the road to the airport). all of these are pretty popular, so you might try booking ahead if possible.

we personally stayed at Two Dragons and were very pleased with our room, the location, and the friendly staff. rooms there range from $8 to $22, and we selected a very comfortable room for $13 with attached hot water shower, cable TV, air-con (and fan), towels, daily maid service, free tea and coffe upstairs on the balcony, etc. we also arranged our transport to/from the border and our daily transport to the temples through them and got good service and very fair prices for all that too. perhaps the best part was that Two Dragons had a stringer meet us at the border in Poipet to facilitate our visa applications and line up our driver for us. all in all a good spot, but from talking to others here, many of the other guesthouses do similar high-quality work.

in any case, if you do stay at Two Dragons or anywhere near there, i really recommend three great restaurants for you to try. first is called "home cocktail" (there are two opposite each other on the same street - we went to the one closer to the river). they have great service, excellent food at fair prices, and a good happy hour selection. the second is "star rise". across from (or next to) home cocktail, it is a more budget option, with good food and friendly staff and lots of testimonials from happy past customers written on the walls. the last is "hawaii pizza", with great pizza and an even better happy hour. you can find these places on the map in the Siem Reap Angkor visitors guide.

i hope this helps. have a great trip.

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Posted by exacto on 14/8/2006 at 03:07


Are you still out there? We're back home now. Are you still interested in the trip report you mentioned above? I can do just one brief write-up on where we went and what we did, or I can do seperate reports for each of the places we visited. I'm happy to write this stuff up, but don't want to bore folks with the details if nobody is interested. Please let me know. Regards.

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Posted by marianwarren on 14/8/2006 at 04:35

Hi Exacto

Yes, still here, 13 weeks to go.

I think a brief write-up would be great. Mention your must-dos ... the way you commented on Chiang Mai for John1811 is probably a good format. Did a place deserve more time?. Maybe credit fantastic accomm and food as you did above, it narrows down the selection process.

Is there a section in the travelfish site for stuff like this? someone wrote about their trip to Ko Chang a while back and I enjoyed reading that.

I value personal experience over the travel guides, because the guides are like menus with everything on offer, but I haven't ever managed to "do" everything of interest in any place I've visited (possibly subconscious lapse necessitating return visit). I like just hanging out and absorbing the culture rather than fulfilling a tourist checklist.

Look forward to your report



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Posted by somtam2000 on 14/8/2006 at 17:05 admin

See the trip reports secrtion on the messageboard -- still waiting for the first report - come on exacto - if you don't hurry up I'll beat you with a report on the Delta ;-)

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