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Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam in July and August

Posted by truesd10 on 7/5/2009 at 08:33

Hey guys - looking for some advice. So my boyfriend and I are going to be in SE Asia from July 8th-August 18th. We are planing on going to Phenon Phen and Siem Riep the first week of the trip and want to go to Ko Tao for some diving. But for the rest we are not sure what is best. We want to also go to Saigon for a bit and I was thinking of making our way down the Mekong Delta and into Cambodia around Kampot and Kep up to Phenon Phen and then take a cheap flight into Bangkok where we fly out. But I am not sure if that is best cause I know the season at that time might not be the best for traveling in the South.
I also wouldn't mind working my way from Ko Chang through southern Cambodia and into Saigon and the flying out of there into Bangkok - I saw the story about doing that on this website and thought it was an awesome idea.
So I guess I am asking what would be the best thing to do - we are flexible and dont need to plan every detail of the trip but getting a general idea of where to go at this time of the year would be best. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Oh and we are late 20s and can do backpacker/flashpacker prices. I dont need alot to have fun, just like to meet people, enjoy the sites, eat good food, have cheap drinks, and be able to do some running. Thanks again.

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Posted by brucemoon on 7/5/2009 at 12:52

Hey, truesd10

If I plan your holiday for you, will you pay to have me do the holiday for you too?

- - - -

Sounds like you've bought some airfares and want others to 'do' your details.

Honestly, it's your (proposed) holiday, check out the various researched stories here on Travelfish, and make your own judgements.

Start here:

Then look at:

After that, look at some of the stories about the places you are interested in at:

Once you think you've got a good idea of what you plan to do, then flick it to Travelfish to see what others think.


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Posted by truesd10 on 7/5/2009 at 19:54

I am not asking for someone to "do" my holiday. All I am asking for is for some advice on the ideas I had since I have not traveled these parts during the more rainy season. I have read these stories - and I have traveled around in different countries but I thought the forum was here to ask other people who have been there for advice.

I thought I was clear but obviously not - I have seen others ask for advice and so that is what I am asking for. I am not asking to do my details, I can do that myself and we have already figured out a rough outline of what we want and looked up places to stay and things to do. but the last part we were unsure of and wanted advice on trying to go through southern Cambodia and Vietnam during the rainy season.

If someone would not mind giving some advice on what I was thinking of doing that would be great. If not then that is fine, but I don't need anyone to "do" the details of my trip. Again, I am asking for general advice on whether the proposed routes are "doable" during this time. I have read the weather pages and other stories, but I would like to hear from people who have traveled these routes during this time. Thank you.

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Posted by truesd10 on 7/5/2009 at 20:39

That being said - I would like to go from Ko Chang into Cambodia through the Trat border and make my way to Sihanoukville. From there see Kampot and Kep and go through into Vietnam make my way up the Mekong Delta region into Saigon. Again I got the idea when I read the story from Travelfish on this. We will have about 2-3 weeks depending on when we leave Bangkok. This trip is one where I want to not think about school and focus on just having a good time and getting to meet new people and explore.
If I came off harsh in the previous post I did not mean to do so. I guess I was not clear in the first message but since I want to travel most of the cost during rainy season just wanted to see if someone else has done parts of this during that time and if buses/ferries run on a regular schedule or if we will have to just wait until we get there to see. Not a big deal either way.
Thanks again for any advice

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Posted by brucemoon on 8/5/2009 at 06:10


Given that the wet season will have started, just accept that the skies will normally be overcast (with sometimes HOT sunny 'spaces'), and there will often be showers. If, you're unlucky, you may get a day or so of solid rain. At least the temps will be a little cooler! But, that said, it ought not stop you travelling and enjoying yourselves. There are some roads in Cambodia with poor conditions, and this will tend to slow travel times, but unless there's a monsoon deluge for days on end, will unlikely do anymore than reduce traveller numbers.

As far as beaches are concerned, the wet does see the coastal waters get the 'fine' sediments churned up and clarity is less.

On this subject, see what I had to say at:

Ko Chang is a bit spread out, but nevertheless enjoyable. Perhaps hire a motorcycle at Trat for a few days and give yourself the freedom to enjoy all the island has to offer (rather than be restricted to just one village/beach).

I understand the Trat link crossing is normally open, but doesn't get a lot of tourists (when - ages ago - I went through there). Apparently there's a minibus to Hat Lek (@ the border) from Trat, every hour or so from 6am, then a moto over the border and then a bus to Sihanoukville about 9am. Also, there are some scams at the border for the unwitting. Lonely Planet / Thorntree may have more up to date details.

The southern Cambodian coast will obviously be more exposed to rain than further inland. I suggest you might want to take that into account: either to re-arrange your journey, or have full knowledge of that fact. There's a bit of a discussion about that at:

As for the Mekong, I've travelled the reverse: it's well worth it. The journey is really Chau Doc (near the border in VN) to around an hour from Phnom Penh . You've noted the discussions re: Chau Doc - Phnom Penh. I haven't read where you can pick up a ticket for the Phnom Penh - Chau Doc 'leg' - but the knowledge should be somewhere.

There is plenty of info here on Travelfish regarding the means to get from Chau Doc to Saigon (it's in reverse, but so what).

Hope this helps


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Posted by truesd10 on 12/5/2009 at 23:38

thanks - that helps alot! I will let you know how it goes. Again thanks for the info.

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