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Cambodia-Laos in 10 days. Possible?

Posted by desertwoman on 25/8/2006 at 02:01

My itinerary would be

Bangkok-Phnom Penh ( discovery pass )
Phonm Penh-Siem Reap
( I go to Phnom Penh first since my friend said is a it of a let down after you spend time in Siem Reap and then to Phnom Penh, or does it matter? )

Siem Reap-Luang Prabang ( discovery pass )
Explore Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang to Luang Namtha and do bit of trekking there.

I was thinking about going to Viang Vieng first before Luang Prabang. But most people said I should skip Viang Vieng.

But if I go to Viang Vieng first and then Luang Prabang should be fine right?
Maybe the time that I don't have.

Luang Prabang - Bangkok ( discovery pass )

Please help... I need to make the 10 days as efficient as I can included enough time to have drinks at night :-P

thank you!!

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Posted by exacto on 25/8/2006 at 05:53

Hi DW,

I think you're trying to schedule far too much for the 10 days that you'll have in Cambodia and Laos. As an example, most folks spend at least three to four days in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat and a similar amount of time in Luang Prabang alone. And that doesn't even account for the time it takes getting from place to place.

I think you'll be much happier and have a better time if you simplify your itinerary. Perhaps you could do something like BKK -> Siem Reap -> Luang Prabang, and then IF there is time towards the end of your trip you might head up to Luang Namtha (or alternatively, you could add Phnom Penh on the front of your itin instead of Luang Namtha at the end). Even then, that is quite a bit to try to do in 10 days, and I fear you'll be spending too much of your time getting around and not nearly enough time doing what it was you're going to do in the first place.

I personally like Vang Vieng, (so much so that I wish I were there now!)but the logistics of getting there doesn't fit your itin, and it would take too much time anyway.

In any case, take a moment and figure out which things are most important to you, and try to construct an easier-going itinerary. You'll have a lot more fun that way. Cheers.

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Posted by desertwoman on 25/8/2006 at 07:18

( Right Desertwoman you hear that from someone else!! )
Thanks Exacto.

I was thinking about giving up Phnom Penh and straight to Luang Prabang instead.
Or I should just explore Cambodia only so then I can relax and come back for Laos.. :-(

So you were saying 3 to 4 days are the ideal time for visiting Siem Reap?
Then probably I should

One for information about getting there by air.
Bangkok Airways is damn expensive compare to Air Asia!
80 dollar included tax By Air Asia and 345 excluded tax for
Bangkok-Phnom Penh-Bangkok with Bangkok Airways

thank you again!

#3 desertwoman has been a member since 25/8/2006. Posts: 17

Posted by exacto on 25/8/2006 at 07:36

you had mentioned the Discovery Airpass offered by Bangkok Airways. that includes Bangkok Airways, Siem Reap Airways, and Lao Airways. therefore, you could fly BKK to SR, SR to LP, and LP back to BKK using the pass. international legs are something like $90 each (plus fuel and departure tax surcharges), but the BKK to SR might be more expensive (or not even included).

i haven't used the pass, but it is recommended by other Travelfishers. from what i understand, there is a minimum of 3 legs required, and you need to purchase the pass BEFORE you arrive in thailand. give that a look. it might cover your travel needs and be within your budget. regards.

#4 exacto has been a member since 12/2/2006. Location: United States. Posts: 2,814

Posted by desertwoman on 25/8/2006 at 12:10

Exacto you're right.
For travellers who's going to do Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.
Discovery Pass is AWESOME!

Only have to book the date on a first sector and open tickets for the rest of the sector so you can decide anytime you wanna go on with the next adventure.
You need book minimum 3 sectors to get Discovery Pass and you can book and purchase outside Thailand.

But for those who's only going to Cambodia Phnom Penh Siem Reap etc.
Air Asia is the best deal.

If you don't need Discovery Pass to travel within Cambodia then the price with Bangkok Airways a bit ridiculously expensive compare to Air Asia.

80 dollar with Air Asia and 390 dollar with Bangkok Airways. Both included the tax. ( October )
Going to Cambodia with Air Asia in September ( law season ) only cost you 63 dollar!! ( well if you have your hoiday confirmation in advance )

Worth to check any possibility and math when it comes to $$$$... :-P

GREAT WEBSITE by the way!!!

#5 desertwoman has been a member since 25/8/2006. Posts: 17

Posted by claudia77 on 25/8/2006 at 20:50

As far as i know you can not travel from Siem Reap - Luang Prabang with the airpass. Strangely this flight can only be booked the other way round (Luang Prabang-Siem Reap). I wanted to do the same trip and that´s what I was told by the travel agency.

#6 claudia77 has been a member since 25/8/2006. Posts: 1

Posted by exacto on 25/8/2006 at 22:09

hey claudia,

what about reversing that itin and flying bkk-lp, lp-siem reap, then siem reap to bkk? is that available on the discovery airpass as three segments?

i guess DW could also fly bkk-siem reap, siem reap to vientiane (lao airways), vientiane to luang prabang, then lp to bkk too. that's an extra domestic segment, but it could work.

i haven't done the discovery airpass before, but i suspect any travel agent would be able to sort out all those details and price it out too. cheers.

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Posted by marklatham on 29/8/2006 at 18:45

Believe me,two days in siem riep(thats how they pronounce it) is enough.
Most people are templed out after a couple of days.
I rushed around cambodia the first time but it was still fantastic.

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Posted by desertwoman on 31/8/2006 at 20:12

Thanks guys! I thought 2 days should be enough in PP or SR
Can't wait...

#9 desertwoman has been a member since 25/8/2006. Posts: 17

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