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Vaccinations needed

Posted by gillfred on 1/9/2006 at 18:25

Hi, we are travelling to Thailand (north and south for 3 weeks), Laos (1 week) and Vietnam (1 week) Oct to mid November. Mianly in tourist areas/cities althoguh some rural areas for when travelling inbetween.

We have been given different advice from our travel clinics re. vaccinations needed. Please can anyone advise if we should definitely have:
Japanese encephalitis
Hep B
Yellow Fever

We know we need malaria for Laos and Vietnam areas and already have typhoid, tetanus, hep a, polio, dip.

Any advice gratefully receieved!Thank you.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 3/9/2006 at 03:27 admin

Hi gillfred,

Welcome to Travelfish!

Personally I'd say "yes" to Hep B, "no" to Rabies and "I dunno" to yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis.

Note that the use of malarials in Vietnam and Laos may not be necessery -- depending on where you're going in each country.

I'm not a doctor of course -- the best advice you'll get will be from a real live travel doctor!

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Posted by steviej on 3/9/2006 at 17:36

Hi gillfred,

Where are you travelling from?

I agree with somtam and as for Yellow Fever jabs, the're usually only needed if your travelling from or have recently been to an infected area (usually Africa).


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Posted by gillfred on 4/9/2006 at 19:32


Thanks for the advice.

We're travelling from the UK. I think we only need for Brazil which we are travelling to further on in our trip and not for SE Asia.

Thanks again.

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Posted by Enrico_Gatti on 11/9/2006 at 21:24


I'm leaving in 2 weeks and have had have been advised by my travel clinic (using the latest govt info) that all i need is Hep A, Typhoid, tet, dip, polio.
I had alot of questions about Hep B and Japanese B.
Hep B is only required if you are a health professional as it can only be transmitted through bodily fluid (my nurse advised condoms). Some advice recommends you get vaccinated if you are staying over 3 months.
Jap B, this is only required if you are staying in rural areas for more then 2 months. Although i wasn't sure about this as there isn't too much info out there. As its spread by mosquitos the best advice i was given was to prevent bites.
Yellow Fever, you don't need unless your coming from an infected area such as Gambia, you can google a list quite easily.

The only other advice i can give is to use mosy spray on your ankles as much as poss, the ones that spread malaria etc usually bite most just before dawn and dusk. If you get any ticks, use a ciggy to burn it off as if the head is left in it can cause a number of things.

Err, shaking your shoes before you put em on is also advised, but i think that applies ton africa more.

Hope this helps

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Posted by Tilapia on 13/9/2006 at 20:07

You don't have to be too concerned about getting pre-exposure for rabies. If you happen to be exposed to a rabid animal (bat, dog, cat or whatever), post-exposure treatment isn't always immediately required unless the exposure is to areas around the face and head. Otherwise, one can wait up to around 6 weeks before beginning the treatment.

Travel clinics often recommend pre-exposure treatment for rabies because it is a fatal disease and they want to make sure that 1) you are protected and 2) they are protected and 3) they get a cut for prescribing the stuff. If you do decide to get it, you may want to consider getting it in Thailand where the vaccine is significantly less expensive than it is in NA, UK or Europe.

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