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Question regarding TC’s for Thailand & Vietnam.

Posted by Louise73 on 20/2/2006 at 20:44

I am going to Thailand & Vietnam and I'm going to bring only TCs and to use Visa card for internal flights.

I plan on bringing $2,600.00 in TCs - what denominations should I bring?

What is the best amount to change at one time - some people have told me not to walk around with more than $100 worth of local currency. When I pay guest houses/hotels can I pay directly in TC’s or do I need to pay in local currency. I suppose then I can work out exactly what denominations to take. I will be staying in the “flashpacker” range most of the time, so I presume I will have access to a safe at the reception.

Also I know that TC’s in Thailand are no problem but wanted to check they’re easy to change in Vietnam (I will be going through the major cities (HCM - Hoian - Hue - Hanoi).

Should I take some cash dollars/sterling (is sterling accepted everywhere?) and less TCs?

At the moment this is how I was going to split my money:

$100 TC x 15 = $1500
$50 TC x 20 = $1,000
$20 TC x 5= $100

Any help would be appreciated!


P.S. I want to keep the ATM for emergencies only so I can keep track of my budget.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 21/2/2006 at 07:47 admin

Hi Louise73,
Overall that sounds like a pretty sensible split, though if anything I wouldn't bother with the $20 cheques. Remember if you're flashpacking you'll often be spending close to $20 on a room, so that would mean you'd need to change a $20 cheque every day -- there are better ways to spend your time!

When I travel I tend to cash $100 at a time -- its mostly enough to last me a few days (or more) and if I lose the cash it isn't the end of the world.

You'll have no problem changing cheques in Vietnam, though I'd be surprised if you could fins any guesthouse that would accept a TQ as payment.

If you wanted to split some into cash (I'd recommend USD) then I'd ditch the $50 cheques and take $1,000 in cash -- just be careful not to lose it!

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Posted by Louise73 on 21/2/2006 at 18:29

Thank you once again for such a quick reply.

I hope my post will help other newbies.

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Posted by iwillfly525 on 26/2/2006 at 16:48

I agree with somtam2000, I wouldn’t waste me time with $20TC. I have exchanged Travels checks (US$ from Visa) and US$ in cash in both Thailand and Vietnam. I never had any troubles exchanging. I also, exchange between US$300 and US$500 every time. I hate having to find banks and I love to shop. Whether this was safe of not, I don’t know. But I also make sure that my purse has a combination lock on it when I’m in a crowded place and I wasn’t pickpocket.

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