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Planning for my BIG trip - NEED Help and Advice

Posted by brothbart on 31/8/2009 at 08:39

Well, I'm finally making the plunge and taking some time to go out and travel to places I have always wanted to go. Please let me know what you think of my itineary. Also, what is a good budget with and without flights. Any advice on visas would also be helpful. I would like to get as many of the visas before hand (I live in washington, DC), but know that some may expire before I even set foot in the country. I am usually a big planner, but I want to kinda go with the flow as much as I can for this trip. Okay, so here is what I am thinking.

Leaving mid-Feb 2010
India 2 to 3 months
overland to
Nepal 2 weeks to a month (April)
fly to Bangkok
Thailand - couple days to unwind in Bangkok and get visa to Myanmar
fly to Myanmar
Myanmar 28 days (May)
fly back to Bangkok
Thailand - explore North 2 weeks
overland to Laos
Laos for 30 days (June)
overland to Cambodia
Cambodia for 30 days (July)
Overland to Vietnam
Vietnam for 30-60 days (Can I get a 3 month multi visa before I leave?) (Aug)
Fly to China
China 1 to 2 months (Sept/Oct)

I know I will be in some of these places during rainy season, but heard it isn't that bad.

There is the basic plan. Any advice/suggestions about planning,itineary, visas etc would be greatly appreciated.

trying to start mapping out my itineary - Any comments or suggestions


INDIA (6 months) - Mid Feb leave
DAY 1. Mumbai
DAY 2. Mumbai/Elephant Island
DAY 3. Mumbai/Chowpatty Beach
DAY 4. Mumbai – Aurangabad
DAY 5. Aurangabad/ElloraCaves/Aurangabad – 45 minute Bus
DAY 6. Aurangabad – Jalgon – 4 Hour Bus
DAY 7. Jalgon/Ajanta/Jalgon
DAY 8. Jalgon – Omkareshwar
DAY 9. Omkareshwar
DAY 10. Omkareshwar/Mandu
DAY 11. Mandu
DAY 12. Mandu/Bhopal
DAY 13. Bhopal/Sanchi
DAY 14. Sanchi
DAY 15. Sanchi/Bhimbetka
DAY 16. Bhimbetka
DAY 17. Bhimbetka/Orchna
DAY 18. Orchna
DAY 19. Khajuraho
DAY 20. Khajuraho
DAY 21. Khajuraho
DAY 22. Khajuraho
DAY 23. Khajuraho/Jhansi
DAY 24. Jhansi
DAY 25. Jhansi/Delhi
DAY 26. Delhi
DAY 27. Delhi
DAY 28. Delhi
DAY 29. Delhi/Jaisalmer
DAY 30. Jaisalmer
DAY 31. Jaisalmer/Jodhpur
DAY 32. Jodhpur
DAY 33. Jodhpur/Udaipur
DAY 34. Udaipur
DAY 35. Udaipur
DAY 36. Udaipur/Pushkar – 8 Hour Bus
DAY 37. Pushkar
DAY 38. Pushkar/Jaipur – Bus 4 Hours
DAY 39. Jaipur
DAY 40. Jaipur/Agra – Bus 5.5 Hours | Train 6.5 Hours
DAY 41. Agra
DAY 42. Agra/Varanasi
DAY 43. Varanasi
DAY 44. Varanasi
DAY 45. Varanasi
DAY 46. Varanasi/Kushingar
DAY 47. Kushingar
DAY 48. Kushingar/Gorakhpur
DAY 49. Gorakpur
DAY 50. Gorakpur/Nepal Sunauli/Lumbini

NEPAL (30)
DAY 51. Lumbini
DAY 52. Lumbini
DAY 53. Lumbini/Tansen
DAY 54. Tansen
DAY 55. Tansen/Pokhara
DAY 56. Pokhara
DAY 57. Pokhara
DAY 58. Pokhara/Bandipur
DAY 59. Bandipur
DAY 60. Bandipur
DAY 61. Bandipu/Manakamana
DAY 62. Manakamana/Katmandu
DAY 63. Katmandu
DAY 64. Katmandu/Swayambhunath
DAY 65. Katmandu/Patan
DAY 66. Katmandu/Bhaktapur
DAY 67. Katmandu
DAY 68. Katmandu/Nagarkot or Phulikhel
DAY 69. Katmandu/Pharpin or Bungamati
DAY 70. Katmandu/ Pashupatinath
DAY 71. Katmandu/Bodhnath
DAY 72. Katmandu/Royal Chitwan National Park
DAY 73. Royal Chitwan National Park
DAY 74. Park/Birganj
DAY 75. Birganj/Patna

DAY 76. Patna
DAY 77. Patna/Vaishali/Kesariya/Patna – Hire driver?
DAY 78. Patna/Nalanda
DAY 79. Nalanda
DAY 80. Nalanda/Rajgir
DAY 81. Rajgir
DAY 82. Rajgir/Bodhgaya
DAY 83. Bodhgaya
DAY 84. Bodhgaya/Buddhist Retreat? If so add about 10 days
DAY 85. Bohgay/Kolkata – 8 Hour Train
DAY 86. Kolkata
DAY 87. Kolkata
DAY 88. Kolkata
DAY 89. Kolkata – Yangon,Myanmar - Fly to Myanmar

MYANMAR (28) – add Hsipaw? Inle Lake?
DAY 90. Yangon
DAY 91. Yangon
DAY 92. Yangon/Mawlamyine
DAY 93. Mawlamyine
DAY 94. Mawlamyine/Kyaikmaraw/Mawlamyine
DAY 95. Mawlamyine/Kyaiktiyo
DAY 96. Kyaiktiyo
DAY 97. Kyaiktiyo/Bago/Yangon
DAY 98. Yangon/Thanlyin and Kyauktan
DAY 99. Yangon/Myitkyina - Fly
DAY 100. Myitkvina/Bhamo
DAY 101. Bhamo
DAY 102. Bhamo/Katha
DAY 103. Katha
DAY 104. Katha/Shwebo
DAY 105. Shwebo
DAY 106. Shwebo/Monywa
DAY 107. Monywa
DAY 108. Monywa/Mandalay
DAY 109. Mandalay/Mingun
DAY 110. Mandalay/Amarapura
DAY 111. Mandalay Pakokku/Bagan
DAY 112. Bagan
DAY 113. Bagan
DAY 114. Bagan
DAY 115. BaganYangoon/Bangkok

DAY 116. Bangkok, Thailand
DAY 117. Bangkok
DAY 118. Bangkok
DAY 119. Bangkok/Khao Yai National Park (Pak Choy)
DAY 120. Khao Yai National Park
DAY 121. Khao Yai National Park
DAY 122. Phrae
DAY 123. Phrae
DAY 124. Chiang Kham
DAY 125. Chian Kham
DAY 126. Chiang Khong
DAY 127. Chiang Khong/ Huay Xai , Laos

LAOS (30-60)
DAY 128. Huay Xai
DAY 129. Huay Xai
DAY 130. Huay Xai/ Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 131. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 132. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 133. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 134. Luang Nam Tha Province/Muang Sing
DAY 135. Muang Sing
DAY 136. Muang Sing
DAY 137. Muang Sing/Huay Xai
DAY 138. Huay Xai boat to Luan Prabang – 2 days boat
DAY 139. Huay Xai boat to Luan Prabang
DAY 140. Luan Prabang
DAY 141. Luan Prabang
DAY 142. Luan Prabang
DAY 143. Luan Prabang
DAY 144. Luan Prabang
DAY 145. Luan Prabang/Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 146. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 147. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 148. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 149. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan/Van Vieng
DAY 150. Van Vieng – Can Volunteer here – if so do it for around 2 weeks or so
DAY 151. Van Vieng
DAY 152. Vientianne – Extend Visa
DAY 153. Vientianne
DAY 154. Vientianne
DAY 155. Vientianne
DAY 156. Vientianne – Fly to Pakse
DAY 157. Pakse
DAY 158. Si Phaan Day
DAY 159. Si Phaan Day
DAY 160. Si Phaan Day
DAY 161. Si Phaan Day
DAY 162. Si Phaan Day
DAY 163. Pakse
DAY 164. Pakse/Vang Tao/Chong Mek, Thailand – Also can fly for Pakse to Siem Reap

DAY 165. Chong Mek, Thailand
DAY 166. Chong Mek, Thailand/Surin
DAY 167. Surin/ChomgJom/O Smack, Cambodia

DAY 168. Chomg Jom/O Smack, Cambodia/Siem Reap
DAY 169. Siem Reap
DAY 170. Siem Reap
DAY 171. Siem Reap
DAY 172. Siem Reap
DAY 173. Siem Reap
DAY 174. Siem Reap boat to Phnom Peng
DAY 175. Phnom Peng
DAY 176. Phnom Peng
DAY 177. Phnom Peng
DAY 178. Phnom Peng
DAY 179. Phnom Peng
DAY 180. Kratie?
DAY 181. Phnom Peng?
DAY 182. Kanpot & Bokar and Around?
DAY 183. Sihanoukville?
DAY 184. Phnom Penh to Moc Bai or Chau Doc or Vinh Xuong

VIETNAM (30-60)
DAY 185. Chau Doc or Moc Bai or Vinh Xuong
DAY 186. Phu Quoc Island?
DAY 187. Ha Tien
DAY 188. Ho Chi Minh City
DAY 189. Phan Thiet
DAY 190. Nha Trang
DAY 191. Hoi An
DAY 192. Hue
DAY 193. Nin Binh
DAY 194. Hanoi
DAY 195. Halong Bay
DAY 196. Chua Muong
DAY 197. Cao Bang – Mt Yentu
DAY 198. Sapa? Bac Ha?
DAY 199. Ba Be National Park?
DAY 200. Dong Dang – Pingxiang, China

1-2 months

Southern Thailand

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Posted by BruceMoon on 31/8/2009 at 09:07


How I envy you: Oh, to have the time, freedom, access to funds, and inspiration to do such a trip.

I can only comment on matters re: SE Asia (not Myanmar), and for money, try budgeting for around US$25-30 / day. Look for some guidance (at post #2) and also this post (at post #3) for more comment.

As for visa's, I can't comment re: India/Nepal/Myanmar, but I see you have scheduled 3 entries into Thailand. The first two are within a 6 month period. For that, I'd suggest you contact the Thai Embassy in the US and get a multiple entry visa. Elsewhere on TF, a person suggested there was merely a processing charge of about US$20.

You don't need to pre-purchase a visa for Laos, and normally for Cambodia (though it does depend on where you enter). But, in any case, you can get both in Thailand/Laos. If you fly Laos/Cambodia, airport entry will suffice.

As for Vietnam, I'd suggest that getting a visa at Phnom Penh (or Sihanoukville) would be best. You can get a single entry and pay for upgrade while in VN, or pay more and get a longer visa (60day).

I like that you've nominated places, and allocated reasonable time in each. This clearly will give you flexibility. But, better still, as you are not planning to race around like a blue-arsed fly, you've given yourself options to stay longer or split earlier as the case may be.

Good one.

My only comment is why Thailand, then Laos, etc to China and then back to Thailand? I suppose there's a reason, but it seems like travel for travels sake.


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