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Help me plan a trip.

Posted by seeking on 19/5/2011 at 20:15

I will be in Indonesia during the first half of August. I have this itinerary in mind:
13 - 14 Aug: visit Jakarta and Jogjakarta, reach Bali in the evening or on 15th morning.
15 - 16 Aug: Bali (is this enough? I am not interested in the beaches except for a visit)
17 - 19 Thailand (mostly Bangkok, Kanchanabura etc)
20 - 21 Cambodia, Angkor Wat.
I am from India, with a German passport.
I want to visit the temples and museums. Not much into night clubs etc. The trouble is, if I land in Jakarta, I may have to come back all the way to Jakarta to catch my return flight to Germany. If I must do so, are there places I can see on the way back, so that the return journey is not wasted?

On this route, how easy is it to find vegetarian food? I mean besides pizza and salads. No sea food, no eggs either.


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Posted by goonistik on 19/5/2011 at 21:44

Based on your post, I am under the impression that you have about 9-14 days to travel around SEA. Based on what I understand, it seems to me you are trying to do too much in too little time. Perhaps you should cut down on the number of countries/places you want to visit?

Please feel free to ignore my advise if you have your heart set on your plans or if I misunderstood your post.

Try looking up this website for vegetarian restaurants.

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Posted by seeking on 19/5/2011 at 21:57

I am first visiting Jakarta on business, until 12.Aug. I could see parts of Jakarta and JJ during my stay but my wife would join me only 12th. So I thought I will see other nearby attractions first, so that we can together see Jakarta and JK together. My priority is Angkor, but if Thailand is on the way, i thought it makes sense to stop over there. If I must cut down days in one of the countries, would it be better to make it only to Bangkok (since I fly there on the way to Cambodia anyway)? Perhaps 2 days, before going to Angkor?

Thanks for your help. I was also thinking that my itinerary packs too much in too short a time.


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Posted by SBE on 20/5/2011 at 01:09

Three countries in 10 days is certainly pushing it a bit!

Bear in mind that if you only spend two days at Angkhor Wat then you'll have to get two one day passes @$20 each and that a three day pass costs $40.

You might as well spend 3 days exploring the temples at Angkhor Wat if that's the main thing you want to do. (Bring photos for the 3 day passes). You'll probably be templed out by the end of day two but the passes now allow you to take a "day off" so maybe allow four days in Siem Reap with one rest day doing something else.

Thailand has lots of temples too and they're completely different from Angkor Wat so you could spend some time doing that too (and maybe do a side trip to Kanchanaburi as well).

With the traveling involved that should fill up your allotted time no problem!

Also look at the possibility of cutting down travelling time by flying to or from Siem Reap via KL. I'm not sure if the logistics work, but Air Asia has some useful routes for a whirlwind trip like this and is worth checking out.


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Posted by MADMAC on 20/5/2011 at 01:55

"I mean besides pizza and salads. No sea food, no eggs either."

I guess you could eat a lot of Pad Thai. This place isn't a vegetarian haven, especially if you cut out eggs and fish sauce.

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Posted by seeking on 20/5/2011 at 14:48

Dear SBE, your suggestion seems very practical. Perhaps 2 days are enough for visiting the temples in Angkor. And 3 days in Thailand, not just temples but perhaps a day tour by bus.

I did not understand what you mean by (Bring photos for the 3 day passes).

I was also thinking of using airasia for all travel between Jakarta, Bangkok and Siem Reap . Will look for both - Jakarta or Jogjakarta to Siem Reap via Bangkok and via Bangkok and to Siem Reap.

Thanks again

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Posted by SBE on 20/5/2011 at 17:25

I just looked for a link to help you with Angkhor Wat details and see that it is no longer necessary to bring a photo for the three day passes. Sorry! You used to need them for the 3 day passes but not the one day passes. More useful info here by an American guesthouse owner who lives in Siem Reap....updated yesterday!



When I saw your post I was going to suggest you stuck to Indonesia and check out the Borobudor and Bali temples but then you said Angkor Wat was your main destination. I think you should skip Indonesia altogether ...you just won't have time to do Java+Thailand+Siem Reap. Also Borobudor was badly affected by the Merpati volcano eruption last year so Angkor is probably a better bet for you anyway.

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Posted by busylizzy on 20/5/2011 at 17:26

The tickets that you buy will include - but these days they take it on a web-cam type camera at the ticket booth, no extra cost. More info here: http://www.holiday-in-angkor-wat.com/angkor-wat-pass.html

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Posted by mooball on 22/5/2011 at 18:39 TF writer

If you really want to see Bali AND Cambodia, I think it's possible. Actually, I think it's also possible to see Borobudur. I would just fly from Jakarta to Yogya. See the temple. Next day fly to Bali. Whiz around there for maybe 3 days with a car and driver. Then fly to Siem Reap via Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia. Spin around Angkor for 2 days and then fly back to Jakarta via KL. Each of those travelling days will be dead days, that is about all you could possibly do in that timeframe.

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Posted by Danny2012 on 25/5/2011 at 15:30

Skip Jakarta spend more in Yogyakarta and Bali,Jakarta is too much of everything.Discover the amazing Borobudur Temple and white sanded beaches of Bali!

Amazing Paradise

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Posted by seeking on 26/5/2011 at 02:35

I thought so, too, Danny. I have decided to spend 2 days in Bali and 1 day in Yogyakarta. Where is Borobodur and how can I reach it?


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Posted by Danny2012 on 26/5/2011 at 15:42

Hire a driver it will save you a lot of money,time & energy.Borobudur is about an hour away from Yogyakarta (depending on the traffic and where you're staying in Yogya).Before you're going to Borobudur it's best for you to visit Keraton Palace,a palace that was built in the early of 17th century holds a lot of Javanese history and mystical mystery!And also Prambanan Temple,the biggest temple in Indonesia!You suppose to spot this temple on the way to Borobudur,so make a stop at Prambanan for awhile then continue your journey to Borobudur(Or later on at night,they have a great show call "Ramayana Show" playing every night started at 7.30).One thing for sure you don't want to get too early to Borobudur temple due to direct striking sunlight that will literally drain your energy and you definitely want all your strength to climb up to the top to watch the sunset over Borobudur temple,it will be an unforgettable moment~!

In Bali there are 2 places you should visit,Kintamani & Uluwatu.Kintamani offers an amazing view of an active volcanic mountain Batur and its mystical lake,great view,relaxing place and a really nice weather,Bali offer more then just astounding white sanded beaches.Uluwatu located on south of Bali,a temple that stands on a cliff for centuries guarded by monkeys all over the temple area,take a peak over the hedge..a breath taking sight!!The cliff,the ocean,the sun,the sky,and the breaks down below it just something you wouldn't be able to see somewhere else in this world!!Definitely favorite place to take pictures and relaxing :)

Edited: No link drops thanks

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