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Posted by heddenswest on 22/5/2011 at 11:49

Hello. I am looking for a cheap way to get from the airport in Bali to Ubud. I understand a taxi is about $20.
Has anyone taken a bemo from the airport to the Batubulan station in Denpasar and then a bemo onward to Ubud?
I found info. on a bemo to Ubud, but not from the airport to Batubulan station.

Is it worth the extra time and potential hassle to save a bit of cash?


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Posted by busylizzy on 22/5/2011 at 13:28

I can't help with you specific info, but here is something about taxi's from the DPS airport. Looks like a taxi to Denpasar are 70-90k.

Also according to this site, regular buses run regularly from the airport to the central bus station. Not speaking from experience though, so can't confirm it.

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Posted by mooball on 22/5/2011 at 18:23 TF writer

I've done a lot of research into local transport in Bali and have my head pretty much around the possibilities. Airport to Ubud by public transport is not easy although that doesn't stop some people on a budget giving it a go anyway. This is what it takes.

Find a bemo outside of the airport grounds which is going to Denpasar (otherwise get one to Kuta and change at Bemo corner for one to Denpasar). It will go to the Tegal Sari Terminal in the southern part of town. Denpasar is the centre of the universe when it comes to public transport in Bali, but there is not just one central terminal. There are 3 major ones and a few minor ones. The problem is that there is no direct connection between Terminal Tegal Sari and Terminal Batubulan which is where bemos to Ubud depart from. So you will have to catch a bemo from Terminal Tegal Sari to Terminal Ubung for 6,000 rupiah and then a bemo from Terminal Ubung to Terminal Batubulan for 6,000 rupiah. Then from Batubulan it is normally possible to get a bemo direct to Ubud. But you would want to be at Batubulan in the early afternoon as by late afternoon bemos dry up. The cost of this leg is 25,000 rupiah.

So in summary:

Airport - Denpasar (tegal sari) - 10,000
Denpasar (tegal sari) - Denpasar (Ubung) - 6,000
Denpasar (Ubung) - Denpasar (Batubulan) - 6,000
Denpasar (Batubulan) - Ubud - 25,000

Total: 47,000 rupiah and about 3 hours. And only if you start your journey by late morning otherwise you could get stranded in Batubulan.

My advice to anyone is to forget this. I'm not sure that Perama shuttle buses pickup from the airport, but they definitely drop off. Getting one of these is a cheap way to get to Ubud. The cost from Kuta is 50,000 and if you could get on the bus at the airport, that would do the trick - they drop off before picking up in Kuta. Otherwise, just catch a bemo out the front of the airport to Kuta (about 6,000) and walk up to the Perama office. The shuttles depart Kuta at 0600,1000, 1330, 1630.

People often wonder why the public transport system in Bali is so complex. The truth is that it really isn't all that complex for locals. Public transport goes to and from villages all over Bali to major hubs such as Denpasar, Amlapura and Singaraja. These are the places that most people are likely to want to visit and/or change bus and it works quite well. Problems arise when you want to get to minor tourist villages such as Ubud, Lovina, Kuta and Amed. These places are backwaters for local people.

So there you have it. The rather verbose answer to your question.

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Posted by WonderingTsar on 30/5/2011 at 12:18

I'm not sure that Perama shuttle buses pickup from the airport

their brochure/shuttlebus timetable, has an entry for "Kuta & airport" Not sure of the logistics tho'

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Posted by WonderingTsar on 1/6/2011 at 10:42

scrap my last post, I just went and asked them - they don't pickup from the airport (but they do drop-off there).

But like mooball said, you can make your way to the Perama office in Kuta and go from there.

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