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Posted by somtam2000 on 11/1/2013 at 21:28 admin

This is a (very much work in progress!) collection of links to useful information about Indonesia (both on and off Travelfish). We'll update it as more interesting or useful stuff appears. If you know of another interesting resource worth adding, please mention it in the comments. Thanks!

Home to more than 220 million people and comprised of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia boggles the mind when it comes to travel potential. The vast majority of travellers get no further than Bali and Lombok, though a steady, smaller stream traverses Sumatra and Java or explores Sulawesi. A lesser trickle still heads out to the eastern reaches of the archipelago.

With so huge a country to explore your largest challenges are the short visa and the slow, and at times frustrating, transportation system. While that's not to say you can't see a lot with a two-month tourist visa, Indonesia is certainly a country where it pays to see more of less rather than less of more.

While neither Indonesian air carriers nor the ferries have an enviable safety record, things are improving (slowly). With a bit of planning, a fair dose of patience and a few domestic flights, a first-time visitor can take in quite a few highlights. With a two-month visa one could take in the top-shelf items in Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok -- or you could just lay in a hammock the entire time! For further afield though a second visa will be required so plan around a trip out of the country to grab another visa.

With the exception of Bali and Jakarta , Indonesia can be a very inexpensive place to travel in. Budget travellers comfortable with typical Indonesian food and simple accommodation can easily travel in the country for under $15 a day -- though you could just as easily spend $150 a day if you wanted.

Indonesia is a more difficult country to travel in than say Thailand or Malaysia. The transport and long distances can grind you down, fewer people speak English and the accommodation can be simpler than what you may be accustomed to elsewhere, but it can also be a deeply rewarding country to experience. Some say you need to earn the right to have a good time in Indonesia -- we're not sure if that is quite true, but if you make the effort, you will certainly enjoy travelling here.

Do I need a return flight for Indonesia?
How to get a 60-day Indonesian visa
New visa rules for Indonesia?
How to get an Indonesian visa in Phnom Penh

Overseas embassies & consulates: North America
Indonesian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
Indonesian Embassy, Washington, USA

Overseas embassies & consulates: Europe
Indonesian Embassy, Brussels, Belgium
Indonesian Embassy, Sofia, Belgrade
Indonesian Embassy, Helsinki, Finland
Indonesian Embassy, Berlin, Germany
Indonesian Embassy, Budapest, Hungary
Indonesian Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands
Indonesian Embassy, Oslo, Norway
Indonesian Embassy, Bratislava, Slovak Republia
Indonesian Embassy, Stokholm, Sweden
Indonesian Embassy, London, UK

Overseas embassies & consulates: Africa, Middle East & South Asia
Indonesian Consulate, Mumbai, India
Indonesian Embassy, Tehran, Iran
Indonesian Embassy, Pretoria, South Africa

Overseas embassies & consulates: Southeast Asia & East Asia
Indonesian Embassy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Indonesian Embassy, Beijing, China
Indonesian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
Indonesian Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Indonesian Embassy, Manila, Philippines
Indonesian Embassy, Singapore
Indonesian Embassy, Seoul, South Korea
Economic & Trade office, Taipei

Overseas embassies & consulates: Australasia
Indonesian Embassy, Canberra, Australia
Indonesian Consulate, Sydney, Australia
Indonesian Embassy, Wellington, New Zealand

Predeparture & itineraries
Long discussion regarding itineraries in Indonesia
6.5 weeks itinerary Jakarta to Banda islands and back again
5 weeks Bali, Sulawesi & Maluku islands
Bali to Flores by boat
Indonesia budget and itinerary for 20 days
5 week Indonesian itinerary
3 week Indonesian itinerary

Pelni (long distance ferries)
Perama Tours (runs Lombok to Flores trips, among others)
Booking domestic flights in Indonesia
Air travel from Ambon to the Banda Islands
How to hire a boat in Indonesia
How to cross from Indonesia to Timor-Leste overland
Singapore to Indonesia without flying

It can be difficult to book domestic Indonesian carriers from overseas with a foreign credit card. See this page for more information.

The following is just a selection of Indonesia's mainline carriers. There are many many more.
Garuda Indonesia
Indonesia Air Asia
Lion Air
Mandala Airlines (partner with Tiger Airways)
Sriwijaya Air
Trigana Air

News resources (in English)
Bali Times
Jakarta Post
Jakarta Globe

Other online resources
Bali Discovery Newsletter
East Indonesia travel guide - an excellent resource!
Gunung Bagging
Tezza on Indonesia

Bali with kids (2011)
DK Eyewitness Bali & Lombok (2011)
Jakarta: 25 Excursions in and around Indonesia's capital (2012)
Footprint Indonesia (2012)
Footprint Java (2011)
Footprint Sumatra (2012)
Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok (2011)
Lonely Planet Bali Encounter (2011)
Lonely Planet Borneo (2011)
Lonely Planet Indonesia (2010)
Rough Guides Bali & Lombok (2011)
The Natural Guide to Bali (2004)

Learning Indonesian - This is the best online resource for learning Indonesian.
Lonely Planet Indonesian phrasebook
Tuttle Indonesian dictionary

We're sure there are plenty more resources out there, so please do add any recommendations into the comments below and we'll incorporate them into the above over time.


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Posted by Digitarius on 13/9/2016 at 16:14

I was in Jakarta this past August. Oh man I couldn't wait to leave that grimmy, smoggy, traffic nightmarish city. I will say I did find a nice mall there and had a great breakfast. This was a very nice shopping mall well worth stopping in. I then flew to Yogyakarta and had a wonderful time. After staying at the Neo hotel in the central part of the city a few days, I drove out to the outter rural area and found a very nice Guest house surrounded by rice patties hahaha and not a tourist in sight. The guest house had nice bikes you can ride all day, as long as you brought it back It was wonderful, peaceful and an eye opening experience. I even watched an entire volley ball game in the surrounding community one evening it felt great being there. The food was good and just an overall wonderful experience.
Take a quick look. https://youtu.be/5GE8bpnAths
By the way Yogyakarta has some pretty good street musicians just as they do here in California they play on the street near heavy traffic and play for pay. Checkout this 3 min video.

The hippest best place to shop in Yogyakarta it Marlioboro street and yes it really is name after Marlboro cigarettes. A local told me the story I won't go into it here but it's interesting.

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