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Best place to stay on Bali arrival this June/July-- Kuta, Legian, Seminyak

Posted by JuliaMcD on 7/4/2013 at 05:30

Hey guys

Young solo female traveller arriving in Bali on Saturday, July 29th - looking to spend a few days in the Kuta/Seminyak/Legian-area.
Unfortunately because my contract doesnt end until late June, I have to experience Bali in the more expensive/slightly crowded 'high season' for the very first time. I am in no rush and can take up to 2 months to discover Bali, Lombok, Java and Gili T.

Would like some advise on accommodation in the area as I'd like to book my first few nights accommodation seeing that it is high-season and people have been warning me that a 'walk in' might be difficult and more expensive?

I am not very fussy when it comes to the noise level. Would preferably like to be close to the action (beach, bars, shops and clubs). Minimum requirements for the accommodation: Aircon, western-style toilets/shower and good location. Although I am not on a super tight budget, I would rather not be wasteful.

Absolute max I would want to pay for the first few night is: $ 50 - $ 80 per night. Less is preferred. No need for anything super fancy at this stage...

Plan is to explore Kuta/Seminyak, check the beach, surf, shop and party before heading to the surf breaks of Uluwato.

Any advise is much appreciated. I like a good vibe. Chilled, alternative or party....all good and welcome.
Very excited as it will be the first time on the road as a solo traveller and first time in Indo.


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Posted by captainbkk on 7/4/2013 at 08:04

OMG, yet another one who is misled by this www. In the BUDGET sector this is pure nonsense. Its not that busy that everything will be taken-and the area is so large and has literary 10.000s of budget places, that you always find something- for under 1k IDR (10/11 US$). These places are simply not on the www-they would not know how to handle that.AC is not really needed at that time-but it may show your mindset, that you are a complete green newbie.
For the rest I do not really understand your young lingo, nor why you cannot even think of the polite way to show what type of $$ are meant.
You will also get tons of unsolicited info from well-willing Indo's/Balinese, who try to gain a little commission-probably much less as what tipical hotel/com www-sites would extract.

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Posted by busylizzy on 7/4/2013 at 14:55

Captainbkk, once again you offer nothing but a rant. By her own statement, the OP is young. She hasn't travelled much and therefore doesn't have a lot of experience in arriving in a foreign country. That can be daunting to someone in her position Why not help alleviate her concerns and provide some useful information? That is what this site is for - not to promote your own arrogance. Not to belittle people because of their inexperience or 'newbie' travel status. I don't understand your difficulty in understanding her 'young lingo' - it made perfect sense to this ancient 40+ year old. A lot more sense than your incoherent, badly written unhelpful rants.

CaptaiBKK: "For the rest I do not really understand your young lingo, nor why you cannot even think of the polite way to show what type of $$ are meant."

Seriously? So how would you improve on her request "Absolute max I would want to pay for the first few night is: $ 50 - $ 80 per night. Less is preferred. "? I'd suggest you look at your own efforts of politeness, cbkk.

Sigh... It's such a joy to wake up this kind of shite! Rant over.

Back to you, Julia. When I first arrive in Bali, I sometimes book a place via Agoda for the first night or two. You can get some OK deals (often with pool). I won't recommend anything because I decided that I wouldn't go back to the place the places that I stayed last time, and not in Legian /Kuta area. But I don't like all the hustle and bustle. Just note that some of the cheaper places listed on Agoda are generally a bit tired - bathrooms, etc could use an overhaul, etc. But for a few nights, and for the ease of just having something arranged when you arrive, they are fine.

Also check out some of the accom reviews and options on the TF site - for example, the flashpacker options in Legian listed here might be helpful.

Have fun - and let us know if you have any more questions. We're not ALL grumpy, unhelpful trolls.

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Posted by exacto on 7/4/2013 at 17:17

Hi Julia!

Sounds like a great trip! I've only been to Bali once, and it was quite a while ago now, but I remember having no problem just turning up and finding a place. Even so, maybe have a look at some of the listings on Travelfish to give you an idea of prices and location. Kuta Beach was fun, and I liked the full range of places to eat and stay as well as a chance to interact with other travellers so I could pick their brains for tips on places to go and things to see and do. When I backpack, I usually lay out an overall plan of where I'll be going and then fill in the more specific details once I hit the road. I liked other places on Bali better, however, and you may find that to be the case too.

Hopefully you'll find heaps of good information on this website and by asking questions on the forum. There are a very few overtly rude, social inept, trolls that may chime in from time to time, but it is easy enough to just ignore 'em. Hope that helps. Have fun.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 7/4/2013 at 20:00 admin

Hi Julia,

The cheapest places in Kuta/Legian cannot be booked in advance as they work on a walk-in basis only. That said, I wouldn't really recommend either of those areas as they are heavily touristed and the beach really isn't all that good.

For eating, clubbing and shopping, Seminyak may fit the bill better given your interests and you'll find quite a bit around the $50 mark online through the regular booking agents. There are also a couple of hostels along Petitenget Road (which I'll be reviewing shortly) but they are not really walking distance to the beach -- I believe both are listed on Hostelworld etc and they'll come in well below the $50 mark, but you'll most likely be in a dorm.

I'm just back from two weeks in Flores -- I'd really recommend trying to fit some of that in if you can -- Western Flores is absolutely glorious, though, like Bali, will be very busy in July/August.


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Posted by JuliaMcD on 8/4/2013 at 06:58

Hi all

Thank you very much for the advise so far.

My 'budget' was supposed to be stating the absolute max. I would want to spend during high-season in very 'touristy'-placed like Kuta/Legiam etc.
I am very flexible as I have been saving up for this trip for a long time, I would generally be inclined to stay in much cheaper places…And I don't mind roughing it. Flashpacker standard is not a must!

@busylizzy: Thanks for the quick feedback. Much appreciated.
It is my very first time traveling solo which is why I thought there might be some advantage booking 1-2 nights on arrival and from then on play it by ear. Not planning on staying in the Kuta region very long anyways. I am looking forward to places a little less crowded and a lot more chilled. Ideally I would love to add some home-stay experiences. I might just book the first night. What are your favourite regions to visit in general?

@captainbkk: As for you grumpy traveller. I am not some uncultured young 18 year old party-animal. I am 29 and have worked non-stop for the last 12 years. I was lucky enough to live and work in 4 different continents. I am very interested in different cultures and languages. I am fluent in 4 languages as a matter of fact and have also been learning Thai and Lao for the past year in order to prepare for a 4 months trip to Southeast Asia!
Living and working all over Europe, South America, USA and Australia is not exactly travelling. Because of my circumstances at the time it is something I just didn't have a chance to do and I am simply excited to strap on a backpack and explore some beautiful tropical islands without my partner. I truly enjoy exploring and am not limiting myself to touristy wanky places. Most people I speak to have actually told me that Kuta and surroundings is not their preferred habitat…I would like to dedicate a couple of days of my life to the region and form my own opinion! That's all. Thanks for nothing captain. Your attitude makes it difficult to believe that you are actually well travelled.

@exacto: thanks for your input. I appreciate the feedback. And it is very much like you say. My first two to three days I would like to commit to the Kuta/ Seminyak are, a region people love to hate or love to love. I want to use this short time to celebrate the fact that I am starting my first solo trip, enjoy a few beers on the beach and brush off the daily routines and work-stress I had to deal with in everyday life [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img] I have also chosen this area to connect with other travellers who might know Bali a little better and have interesting stories and tips on places already on my list.

@somtam2000: Also, thanks for the prompt reply. I have actually decided to most likely stay in a place in the Seminyak area for the first night or two. Flores is on my list. What did you enjoy most about Flores? I am only starting to read a little more on Flores. I love diving,snorkelling, hiking etc. I am sure there are endless options to explore the island. Further recommendation always welcome.

All in all, I am not too concerned. I don't mind going with the flow. Constructive advise is always welcome and that is what a forum is all about, right?

Thank you

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Posted by johnno on 11/4/2013 at 22:20

Captainwhatever yourname is - how about shutting ya trap before I make ya. Where are ya located? Not everyone can live without a/c. Not everyone needs to support the touts when they can donate to charities. So just shut ya trap next time if you've got nothing productive to say. As for the julia, i myself will be doing something similar for the first few days, albeit with my partner. I too thought seminyak would be the place to begin. I might quickly duck into kuta just to form my own opinion as well but i'm seriously expecting huge disappointments seeing foreigners wandering around pissed and bikies intimidating fellow travellers. It's one place where I'd be happy to see sharia law introduced - exclusively for the foreigners!

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Posted by jamesonridley on 22/5/2013 at 08:47

Avoid Kuta and Legian, head for the quieter and clean places like Sanur, Seminyak or Ubud. Even out to the Islands.

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Posted by Bori on 28/5/2013 at 21:46

Here's a recommendation ,,,Arca Bungalows Legian.. ph.Hotline. (+62) 81933052599 (Jode) web site That is the direct contact & Website, no middle man.. check it out & make U R own decision.. Enjoy the adventure.

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Posted by JulesMc on 16/6/2013 at 05:27

Hi everyone

Many thanks for all the suggestions and advise. Much appreciated.
I have decided to book a couple of nights at the Balisandy Resorts on Poppies 2 when I arrive in Bali on the 29th.

Thanks again.

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Posted by Jasmine85 on 7/7/2013 at 03:15

Hi Julia

I also arrive on the 29th to Bali. I have 1 week before meeting a friend for a further 2 weeks where we plan to see bali/lombok/gili's.
For the 1st week I am considering a couple of days on Bali then heading to East Java after a few days before returning. Let me know if your interested or looking for someone to travel with for a few days/weeks


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