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Cheap accom near Yoga Barn, Ubud?

Posted by fishtails04 on 19/11/2013 at 07:12

Hi folks, it's 23 years since I was in Bali so am v out of touch with accom etc! I'm planning on a week of stuff at Yoga Barn in Ubud but their rooms are beyond my budget - found a few places in my budget (ideally $20 a night for one person alone) but despite some research on google mas etc I can't out how close/far they are from Yoga Barn - your help would be appreciated! I looked at Secret Garden, Inten House, Gusti's Homestay, Mekar Suci Inn, Ubud Terrace Bungalows - most were on and had no direct contact details for me to email and enquire. Any info you have or any other suggestiosn would be very welcome. I'm going in March which i know is not peak season - would it be better to just wait till I get there and look at places, as I imagine they won;t be full then?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Posted by captainbkk on 21/11/2013 at 07:02

you worry FAR too much-which should not really be the right way for yoga-doers, which BTW has nothing to do with Indo at all.
Ubud: any 2nd hse has some rooms for rent and for much less as that 20US(? I guess-the types who even seem unaware to too ignorant to know about NZ/AU etc.$$?), and they do not bother with www and all that. Just confirm 1 nite on arr-decide and haggle for lower price for longstay if it suits-if not, try neighbor. Decent BF +free unltd. tea is mostly included.
Next confusing: how can we, interesetd but not going to google for such a thing, know where that barn is without telling? Do you REALly think it is such a famous place? But my suspicious mind tells me, that they likely have it far away from town- too inconvenient for other places.

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Posted by exacto on 21/11/2013 at 11:28

hey fish,

ignore the previous post. only a little value added, indulgently rude, and nearly impossible to understand anyway.

if you haven't yet, have a look around the Ubud postings here on Travelfish and see if there is something that fits your style, desired location, and budget. you might consider booking accommodation for the first two nights or so and then looking for something that meets your needs after you've arrived. often times the cheapest and most interesting places don't have websites anyway, so you may stumble across someplace really cool that you would have never found anyway.

site admin Somtam2000 is pretty familiar with Ubud, living not too terribly far away, so he may have some specific recommendations for you. DLuek and a few other regular posters recently visited Bali as well, so hopefully they may have an idea or two as well.

have a good trip. cheers.

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Posted by fishtails04 on 23/11/2013 at 09:13

Thanks, Exacto! I won't humour Captainbkk with a response - travel forums seem to have a lot of people posting unnecessarily unpleasant stuff! Your advice was far more helpful! I am used to making long term trips in Asia where I dont need to think about accom in advance, just make it up as I go along, but I am now living in Brunei and this is a quick week away so I don't want to spend too long sorting stuff out on arrival. But I will check out the Ubud postings and see what I can find and then probably do as you suggest and just book a couple of nights to start with. Ubud was a sleepy little place when I was last there all those years ago, so I was a bit stunned to find so many places to stay when I had a look online - it's obviously expanded hugely and as I plan on doing early morning sessions at Yoga Barn, I would prefer to be fairly close so those mornings don't become even earlier...! Cheers, fishtails.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 10/12/2013 at 03:10 admin

In March I wouldn't bother booking ahead. There are roughly 32,654,345 places to stay in Ubud and plenty of affordable places within walking distance of Yoga Barn. Just take a wander and see what you find.


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Posted by tyler on 10/12/2013 at 10:50

Take a walk down Jalan Sugriwa - one street over from Jalan Hanoman. A bit less noisy than staying on the main streets. I stayed about a month at the Dewi-Antara homestay. Double bed, fan, breakfast and hot water for less than $10us. Some travelers were paying $6-8us. Found it safe and quiet. It is walking distance to the Yoga Barn and everything else in town.
I'm interested in what you think about Ubud now - I wouldn't use sleepy to describe it!
Good luck.

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Posted by fishtails04 on 21/1/2014 at 22:18

Thanks Somtam and Tyler for your very helpful replies... I have been away for a while and haven't been able access internet but have just seen these... I Heard there was a big festival on at that time and that beds may be in demand (don't know where I heard that!). I will book the initial date as it's a late arrival, and then check out your suggestions, Tyler.

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Posted by tyler on 22/1/2014 at 08:50

Let us know how it all turns out.

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Posted by travelerfish1 on 23/1/2014 at 01:06

Hi FishTails04,

Funny, I've been looking into Bali and Ubud and the yoga classes at the Yoga Barn too. I will be traveling there sometime mid/late Feb. for about a week before exploring more of the island for a month. I'm eager to check it out, especially the Kundalini Yoga classes offered elsewhere in Ubud. (may not be as popular and busy as I. yoga but it soothes my soul)
I'll be looking for good, cheap places to stay while there. Any more favorites anyone cares to mention? Would like to book a place for my first few nights while I get on my feet then look around. Thanks for sharing everyone!

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Posted by Kmay on 31/3/2014 at 16:19

Hey FishTails04,
Similarly to your situation my partner and I are planning on staying at a home stay whilst attending the Yoga Barn classes. Just wondering how you found everything? and if you could recommend any places to stay. Like the advice above we will book somewhere for a couple of nights before scouting out another place when we get there.

any suggestions would be great!

happy travels

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Posted by fishtails04 on 1/4/2014 at 04:25

Hi Kmay and others,
I ended up choosing to do classes at Radiantly Alive instead of Yoga Barn, simply because the classes were smaller and I think I need someone keeping an eye on my injury. I did visit Yoga Barn, though, and was v impressed with the lovely peaceful setting - would be a great place to go, and their food is great too! I really enjoyed the classes at RA. ght be worth doinga day at each and seeing what you think before committing if you;re going to be there any length of time.
I was pretty shocked at how developed some of the streets in Ubud are now, but it's 23 years since I was last there, so I guess it's inevitable! As Tyler suggested, I wandered down Sugriwa which has loads of places to stay and also the next 2 streets, Jembawan and the next whose name I forget (the street that Yoga Barn is right down the end of). Ended up staying at Hai Homestay on Jembawan as there was a nice bungalow-style room in a quiet part of the garden which I got for about $11 after some negotiation - turned out to be cheaper again when I opted out of the breakfast. A lot of places only had available rooms near the road and the constant noise of motors would destroy me so I was happy with the location of my place, though wasn't too impressed with the hosts who were pretty poker-faced and grunty - nothing like the lovely locals I met elsewhere in town. So, I wouldn't nec recommend Hai, if you want to be able to chat with a friendly face.
Next time I would hunt a little linger and find somewhere with a good location for the price and a better vibe! There eare so many places along those few streets, I'm sure you'll get lucky! Have a great time...


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Posted by tyler on 1/4/2014 at 22:20

Thanks for the update!!

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