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Bali-Flores 3 weeks itinerary help

Posted by jensenl on 6/3/2016 at 09:54

Hi everybody

I will be travelling to Indonesia for the first time this summer with my girlfriend.
We are mid twenties, going for: hikes, treks to volcanoes (mountains), beaches, culture, snorkeling (we have never dived before, is this a must to do?). We would like to escape the most touristy places Here is the itinerary draft. Has anyone tried to travel through Sumbawa?

Day 1-5: Bali
Bali to Lombok by ferry

Day 5-10 Lombok
Climbing Mt. Rinjani (3-4 days)
What else do we need to see?
Lombok to Sumbawa by ferry

Day 10-13 Sumbawa
Moyo Island? Is it worth going?
Mt. Tambora (Do you recommend this?

What is the best way to go through sumbawa and continue to flores? So far the plan is bus to Sape and ferry from there to Labuan Bayo.

Day 13-19 Flores
Rinja (maybe)
Kanawa island (day trip)
Maybe visiting Wae Rebo

Day 19-21 Bali
Flight from Flores to Bali

Are we going to the right places? All advices are welcome. Thank you!

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Posted by somtam2000 on 6/3/2016 at 17:48 admin


I'm heading to Sumbawa this Sunday for three weeks, so will have more useful information on that for you in a few weeks (I've never been there).

On Lombok:
If you climb Rinjani, base yourself in Senaru - there is a solid range of accommodation there, plus some great waterfalls. A report on the climb from a few years ago, is here. Aside from the climb I'd pick one other spot on Lombok.

If you want a less touristed island, Gili Gede may appeal -- though if you go there, go there after the slow ferry from Bali and then to Senaru (for Rinjani) and then to the ferry to Sumabawa. Another option, close to the ferry and more in the right direction from Senaru, is Pondok Siola at Labuhan Pandan .

On Senaru:
I've not been (yet) but there are homestays on Moyo and I plan (to at least try!) to climb Tambora - so more info on this soon.

On Flores :
I'd choose Rinca or Komodo - not both and I'm not sure if Kanawa allows day trips anymore if you are not staying there. You can do trips to Bidadari and other islands though, from Labuan Bajo.

The diving is fab -- some of the best in the world people say -- but if you don't already know how to dive (maybe learn in Bali?) you'll be spending most of your time in Flores learning to dive... There's always snorkelling!


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Posted by amnicoll on 8/3/2016 at 05:25

There is a reasonable bus service in Sumbawa on the main route through the island but less so elsewhere.

Sumbawa is a nice island and the people very friendly. The port at Sape is a long way from the town and not very exciting (there is some excellent food though) and it might be more interesting to stay in the town itself but there are several hotels right by the port

As above either Rinca or Komodo and you probably will not have the time to make it to Wae Rebo

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Posted by YogaSearcherBali on 8/4/2016 at 11:34

Day 5 to 10 while you are climb Rinjani Mountain, there is also Beautiful Sindang Gile Waterfall, if you start by Senaru village, there is the location of the waterfall.

Day 10 to 13 going to Mojo Island is very worthy for you because you need rest a while after Rinjani Mountain and before you going to Tambora Mountain. Beside you could enjoy the beautiful nature with the waterfall and also recommended to snorkeling or diving here.

The rest of the itinerary program of your plan its sound wonderful :)

Enjoy and Happy Travel

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Posted by jensenl on 16/6/2016 at 07:23

Thanks for the replies! It helps alot. I think we are a bit confused a few things:

- Transportation across Sumbawa . I read shaky reviews on bus transportation. It would be great to rent our own car and drive but is one way rental possible from Poto Tato to Sape?

- Our thought was to go to moyo island after Rinjani hike. By further reading about this I can see that going to the island is rather expensive and time consuming. What is your recommendations on this? Is the island worth the time and money or is somewhere else better?

- Is Sumbawa worth crossing? What is not to miss? Alternative could be to fly to Labuan Bajo but we don't prefer this.

- Should we skip Sumbawa and explore Flores more? Fx. go from Labuan Bajo to Ende and fly from here back to Bali?

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Posted by amnicoll on 17/6/2016 at 06:18

Yes you could hire transport all the way across with driver do not know about self hire but doubt it (and almost certainly not from Poto Tato

The bus I caught (just by turning up at the bus station) from Bima to sumbawar Besar was comfortable, not overcrowded, did not keep stopping and so was reasonably quick (given the roads) and well driven.True the other buses for the short bits on either end left a bit more to be desired

Can not comment on Moyo island

The ride across the island is nice but I stopped en-route I am not sure if you can fly from Lombok to LB direct but it would be much quicker by the time you add the boats to the equation

Sumabawa and Flores are very different and I can not answer this question for you but there is plenty on this site from the field trips of the writers to help you decide

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