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Getting Indonesian visa in Penang

Posted by lcybul789 on 19/4/2016 at 01:36

Hey y'all! Super easy and fast visa process in Penang , Malaysia for a 60-day single-entry Indonesian tourist visa for Indonesia.

60-day single-entry Indonesian visa process in Penang. I stayed at a clean, affordable hostel in Georgetown (Couzi Couji) and took the 101 bus from the (Jedi/Jetti?) ferry / bus terminal. Maybe about a 30-40 minute bus ride. Get off at Gurney Drive on the corner of Jalan Pemenang and Jalan Kelawai. If you're going in the direction of the bus and looking at Jalan Pemenang, you're going to make a left on Pemenang. Make the first right onto Jalan Burma. It's a one-way street and you're going to walk against traffic. The consulate will be on the opposite side of the street so just be careful getting across. You're going to walk a couple of blocks. It will be past the Penang Hospital. You're going to go past the emergency room and it will be right there.

There were a lot of people outside the gate (which the guy at my hostel said is pretty common there). Walk inside the gate and get a number from the security desk. They're going to take your picture. You walk in, probably also will be very crowded, and go right to the passport or visa window #6-7. They'll ask you to fill out the form and provide a passport photo with a red background (I used a white background and it was fine), a copy of your passport, your actual passport (obviously), and a copy of a return ticket going home OR bank statement. It asks for a contact name and address of where you're staying. Also asks for a sponsor (relative, employer, whoever). I don't have a sponsor because I'm just going as a tourist and I left that part blank. It was fine. Hand it in, get a ticket, wait for your number on the tv screen, then they'll call you up to pay and will give you a piece of paper to bring when you come pick it up.

I didn't have a copy of a return ticket as I haven't purchased it yet. But I did bring a copy of a fairly recent bank statement (1 - 1.5 months ago). It says online that you need to have at least $2000 USD in your account. But! When I called up before my arrival in Penang, they said there only has to be $150 USD in your account. So I'd call up to double check before you get there if you feel that might be an issue.

They're open from 9:30am - 12pm for applications. I got there at 11:45am, and was out by 12:20pm with the instructions of coming by to pick it up the following day between 9:30am - 12pm or 2pm - 4pm. It cost me 190 Malaysian Ringgit (roughly $50 USD). Make sure to stress that you want a 60-day not 30-day visa to the person behind the counter. Then on the way back to the bus stop there are lots of food stands with delicious food and iced drinks that come in bags that you put a straw in. Mmmm!!! Perfect way to celebrate a super easy, smooth visa process!! The bus stop going back to Georgetown is on the same street as the consulate but on the opposite side. 1.40 ringgit each way. Must have exact change for the bus. Good luck! =)

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Posted by YogaSearcherBali on 21/4/2016 at 20:32

it's great post and it will make it easy for all the tourist who would love to stay in Indonesia more than 30 days. Usually i used social visa by Singapore agency, who help to take take to get social visa for Indonesia, but i spent more than $50 and your stories make a cheaper way, i would love to try some time by your suggest :)

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Posted by ttillerman2 on 25/2/2017 at 22:58

Its worth noting that a '60 day tourist visa' can now be extended for an additional 4 months at Immigration offices in Indonesian, in the same way as a 'sosial budaya'

The extension is available in monthly increments and you need to apply 7 days before the previous visa is due to expire. The cost is currently IR 355,000 for each months extension and you will need a 'local sponsor'.

The process does however involve, filling in 3 forms and 3 visits to the Immigration Office! So do pick the nearest one to where you are staying. I use the Immigration Office, in Singaraja, Bali and never had any problems.

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Posted by hellomoto84 on 13/4/2017 at 05:28

Just an update to lcybull789's post to confirm the visa process still seems to be super straight forward and the same when applied for in Penang .

We were able to get 60day visas by visiting the consulate in Penang between 9-12 on April 11th ago and returned yesterday (April 12th) after 2pm to collect. We had tickets confirming an outgoing flight but were told they also accept a bank statement showing sufficient funds (unsure what constitutes sufficient funds so check this if you haven't an exit flight booked).

You need 1 passport photo (they say red background but we had ones on white background and this was fine), passport and photocopy of passport, outgoing flight/boat or bank statement showing funds. It cost 205 ringgit.

Hope if you're applying the process is as straight forward for you!

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Posted by 2silvercyclists on 21/4/2017 at 22:15

A question. I know the visa is 60 days, but when doest it start? We are in Penang now, cos we read your post, although unfortunately we arrived at the weekend. We can apply for visa Monday, but we need the 60d to start after we've cycled to Singapore. Is it possible for the visa to start at a given date, not date of issue?
Otherwise we may as well apply in Singapore, but online chat suggests only 30d there.

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Posted by SBE on 25/4/2017 at 14:29

No worries, you can start using your 60 day visa any time before the "expiry date" that's written on your visa. You don't state your nationality but most tourists have to enter Indonesia within 90 days of their visa being issued.

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Posted by 2silvercyclists on 29/4/2017 at 05:44

Hi, and thanks SBE.

We did as above and it panned out as hoped. We used a white background photo, bank statements only, and forgot to write an Indonesia address.

The visa is for 60 days, as requested. It has a start date of day of issue, and expiry 120 days later. The helpful desk lady said we could enter any time up to the expiry date. Although I have heard rumours in other countries with similar visas that the expiry date is sometimes interpreted differently by uninformed, or maybe greedy, officials. Anyway, the getting it was straight forward.

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Posted by Islandfunseeker on 14/5/2017 at 22:17

Thanks to the original poster, i applyed today, there are a few changes;

Place is open from 09:00

There's a dress code, no shorts, ladys must have covered sholders.

In main room there is a sercurty guy on right of entrance, he will give you the application form and once you compleat he will give you a ticket + give you counter number.

Price for 60 day visa is now 205R

Only needed one photo

Copy Passport, return flight

Tip: Save yourself half a days waite, once the guy tells you which counter to go to, just go stright to it (with your ticket)

I was in and out within 30mins on busy Monday....happy days

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Posted by Gabe on 4/8/2017 at 07:44

I've just obtained a Social Budaya (211) visa at Penang and it was mostly straightforward. What felt a bit glitchy was the woman at the visa application counter- #7- said that 'her boss' would decide whether I would get a 60 or 30 day visa although I had attached my sponsor letter/details, written 'social budaya' as my 'reason for wanting a visa'. Also she insisted on a copy of my flight ticket from Malaysia to Indonesia which I didn't have - based on reports above I only brought a bank statement. But then she said I could email it/ or bring it the next day when I picked up my visa. I booked a ticket that night and emailed it, so - sorry - I didn't 'test' for you if it is actually necessary. (It is a such a ridiculous requirement; you have months before you have to enter Indo and not everyone wants to tie down to a travel date or route! )

Another chap who was there the same time as me was getting a hard time for not having the original of his Social Budaya sponsor letter (with materai and signature). He said his sponsor had it. Silly sponsor- of course the imigrasi office will want the original!

Overall Georgetown's been an interesting place to spend a few days- though super humid and smelly. A tip... Uber is really cheap to use here. So though I walked to the consul the first day and buses are pretty easy to work out, I indulged in aircon comfort travel for the visa pickup.

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Posted by Adam06 on 8/8/2017 at 02:17

We went yesterday and applied as above. We paid the money and came back the next day to collect.. but we where told they can not give us a 60 day visa!! We where told that we need to get a visa on arrival in Indonesia and extend it.. really annoying.. we got a refund on the money we paid.. there where atleast 4 other westerners also being rejected for the 60 day visa.. one couple even had sponsorship and still got told they couldn’t have it. We are British passport holders and we submitted all required docs including return flights. Thanks for the info.. but appears to be now out of date..

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Posted by Gabe on 11/8/2017 at 20:22

That is so strange to hear, Adamo6 -- seeing it's only 4 days after I got mine with no problem. Perhaps the 'boss' the counter lady mentioned is new and wanting to change things. Doesn't want word getting out that it was a pleasant process and attracting 'customers'- giving them too much work to do?
Perhaps they'd run out of stickers... Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy your time in Indonesia.

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Posted by TheCyclingCanadian on 25/8/2017 at 01:51

I was also turned away at the Indonesian Consulate in Penang when I applied for a 60-day tourist visa. This was on Aug. 22, 2017.

The immigration officer told me that as of August 1st, 2017, they had instituted a new quota system for tourist visas. I don't know if this is a weekly or monthly quota or what the number of visas available is, but they told me their quota had been used up, and there were none left.

They wouldn't tell me when the next quota kicked in. If this is a permanent new policy, then Penang is no longer a reliable place to get a tourist visa for Indonesia. They might have one for you or they might not. Depends on the quota for that week or month and how many applications they processed. You just have to take your chances. There were several other foreigners there on the day that I applied, and we were all turned away.

They were still accepting applications for the 60-day social visa. For that, of course, you need an Indonesian sponsor.

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Posted by TrickyP on 29/8/2017 at 12:16

Accepting applications yes..

But even if you do have a sponsor, you might not get 60 days.

I had one and they only gave me 30. It still cost RM 205 and now I will have the unexpected joy of a few trips to the immigration office soon to extend it - as well as the extra expense.

Wasn't worth the effort. I wouldnt chance Penang again after that nasty surprise.

If you only want 60 days, get the VOA for US$35 (yes it's definitely still available) and get it extended.

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