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Three weeks in Bali/Lombok. What do you think?

Posted by tstaines94 on 21/2/2017 at 16:30


I'm going to Bali this June for three weeks and am trying to plan the itinerary/where to stay for the duration at the moment and I'm not too sure where to stay or how long for. I'm 22 years old and will be travelling with my partner. We're both fairly active and want a good mixture of adventure and relaxation! Here's my plan so far:

Seminyak - 2 nights (have heard bad reviews about the area but arrive in Denpasar around 11pm so stay here will only be short)
Ubud - 3/4 nights (want to explore the rice fields, waterfalls, a day trip to climb batur, monkey forest, any other suggestions?)
Lovina - 2/3 nights (visit bedugul/surrounding area on way to lovina, then spend time visiting waterfalls/hot springs/water sports)
Fly to Kuta Lombok - 2 nights (visit some of the beaches around the area/relax)
Rinjani - 3 nights (climb to rinjani crater (2D1N) and explore surrounding area/waterfalls and so on)
Gili air/trawangan - 4 nights (snorkel/paddleboard/relax)
Nusa lembongan - 2 nights
Jimbaran - 2 nights (relax, uluwatu, the standard)

Is Nusa Lembongan worth spending two days on? Or would it be better to spend the extra two days in Ubud/Lovina and just travelling over to Nusa from Jimbaran?

I had planned to spend days in Bedugul after Ubud instead of Lovina however decided against it and to visit while passing through - good idea?

I assume I can get a driver to take me from each location? Also, this doesn't seem like too much movement around does it? I wanted to make the most of the three weeks!

Sorry for the length post, would love to hear people's opinions on transport, activities, and the overall plan!

Thank you.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 21/2/2017 at 19:15 admin


Ok a few thoughts on your plan:

Seminyak isn't too bad (I live walking distance from it!) and it is great for food and nightlife and the beach isn't too bad (at least in June it should be relatively clean), so I wouldn't be too down on having a couple of days there.

For Ubud, we have just finished totally revamping our sights coverage for there, so take a look - in particular some of the outlying sights like the Hidden Canyon and Sangeh Monkey Forest might be of interest.

I'm not a great fan of Lovina and Bedugal could also be visited on the way to somewhere like Munduk which also has great waterfalls (though no beach) and is a more appealing destination to my mind, but depends on your interests etc. Either way, Lovina or Munduk to the airport is a solid 3-4 hour drive, so factor that into your timetabling when looking at flights.

I'd definitely allow for an extra day around your Rinjani climb - either to do the longer trek, or to allow for a day off at the end in Senaru - could see waterfalls etc then. We have a detailed report on the Rinjani climb here.

Unless you surf, you may find Lembongan a bit superfluous after your beach time on the Gilis. Both are very heavily touristed, but the Gilis have arguably the better beaches. Nusa Penida would be another option for a more remote island vibe.

Another option: you could do is leave Lembongan in the "maybe" corner and once you are on Gili T if it is to your liking, stay, if not, move on.

For drivers, yes no problem, you can arrange when you get here, or if you want to sort one out beforehand, I can recommend Putu, who I've known for years, and used by quite a few Travelfish readers now!. you can contact him via Facebook here.

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Posted by tstaines94 on 22/2/2017 at 02:22

I had originally planned to do Bedugul and then Munduk and stay at either of the two places for a couple of days instead of Lovina. However, I wasn't sure whether or not there was much to do there. What would you suggest as an itinerary for two nights staying in Munduk?

I think we're pretty certain we're just going to do the climb to the crater rim and not the top of Rinjani, heard from friends it's very hard!

I'll probably not bother with Lembongan then, and instead just go from the Gili islands onto Jimbaran. That way I can always do a day drip to Lembongan if wanted.

Thanks for the information for the driver! Are his rates reasonable?

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Posted by somtam2000 on 22/2/2017 at 16:48 admin

I'd recommend Munduk over Bedugul - it just has a better setting and a more remote feel (and fab views). The main past time there are the waterfalls but these are all easily taken in in a single full day. Another good day out is Tamlingan Nature Reserve.

You could also use Munduk as a base to visit Bedugul (it is about a 30 minute drive away) to see stuff like the temple or the botanical gardens.

Lovina has the black sand beaches, and yes there are some waterfalls worth visiting, I'm just not a great fan of the town - others do like it though.

Yes the Rinjani climb is hard. I've climbed Agung on Bali and Tambora on Sumbawa, but Rinjani is all in a class of its own - the final ascent is brutal. But then you get to the top and it is absolutely amazing... The views from the crater rim likewise are spectacular.

You wouldn't generally do Lembongan in a day trip (well there are agencies that offer it, but a lot of the day is spent in transit) but yeah, if you are happy on the Gilis, I wouldn't split your time.

I think Putu charges 500,000 or 600,000 a day or thereabouts (which is fairly typical for a decent car with driver) - best drop him a line and ask directly.

Thanks for the note - you're welcome :)

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Posted by neharani on 6/3/2017 at 01:10

It is a great idea..Bali is really amazing and beautiful island..it is famous for tourism..lots of attractive tourists spots are there..one of the best island for the vacations..it has unique and different culture from others..there are many awesome resorts nearby beautiful sand beaches where you find it like heaven..you had planned your itenary very well..enjoy

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Posted by edwuppy1 on 9/4/2017 at 18:11

I would not stay so long in Seminyak. It is a crowded crowded crowded city full of everything. I suggest to go spend more time in the nature rather that that city. And I was just there during the supposed low season. I very much enjoyed Ubud. Also took a great liking to Amed. And yes, there are some great waterfalls around Lovina . And Lovina is very 'LOCAL'. But the city itself and beaches are not really worth it. I liked Kuta, Lombok also a lot. There were not so many people spending time there in the South. Some really great beaches around Kuta.

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Posted by gomesal1 on 25/4/2017 at 01:19

Quite an itinerary you have, I am very impressed. You can spend more time in Kuta, as suggested by edwuppy1, Kuta has lovely beaches and nature trails. You will have many things to do and go around there. You can add more days to Kuta. As far as Nusa lembongan i think you should not take it out from the itinerary, it's a great place and many things to offer to you and also two days won’t do justice to it. Try 3 days there. You will find it great.

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Posted by arif18 on 27/4/2017 at 00:16

June is the perfect time to visit Bali with temp just getting lower and very low chances of rain. The itinerary sounds perfect, except Lovina - 2/3 nights. That can be skipped.

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