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Travel during Ramadan

Posted by flijten on 2/6/2017 at 07:12

So I'm currently on Java and taking good time. Since I didn't necessarily want to be on Bali for two full weeks however, I might end up at lombok during the end of Ramadan.

Up until now I didn't notice too much of Ramadan, but that was Chinatown Jakarta and a homestay in Cianjur.

I have a couple of questions:

How does ramadan impact general food consumption when I'm in small(er) , less touristed towns? Should I take care of drinking water in public for instance or is it just harder to get prepared food.

Travelling around the end of Ramadan supposedly is a pain since the country has a holiday. Is this all directions, all the time?

I'm not worried about missing beer for a couple of days/weeks, but I wouldn't like being careful eating or drinking in general. The current avoidance plan is continue on java, go to bali for about a short week and then fly to Christian Flores. This mainly since I would dislike offending other people. What do longterm Indonesian expats think? Is this a correct plan or am I overthinking this?

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Posted by flijten on 6/6/2017 at 09:07

So I might as well answer at least parts of my own question :D The answer is: It depends....

In low tourist area's a lot of rumah makan are closed and there are certainly little to no street stalls during day time. People will not get angry or say something if you drink or eat in public but it is considered impolite. To g ive you an idea, the sparse rumah makan that are open keep doors and curtains closed or operate trough a back entrance to avoid giving offense. So we drink our water in doors and certainly not on a busy street or in a public bus.

This is mostly based on three locations by the way: Cianjur, Banjar and Pangandaran and surroundings

Not sure about the flores move yet :)

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Posted by Bungkus on 7/6/2017 at 20:04 TF writer

Hi Flijten,

Re food: unless you plan to travel in Aceh, there’s always somewhere open for food even in small towns, and as you suggested, the curtains will be drawn and maybe the door closed, so just knock or ask around (I’ve also travelled in Aceh during Ramadan and there are still places, just less obvious). It’s more polite to eat and drink indoors, but no one will be upset if you take a swig of water in public. Indonesia is a multi-religious society, and most people accept that everyone isn’t fasting. However carry some snacks just in case.

Re travel: in Java it’s crazy! Public transport is booked out for weeks and the roads are jammed for hours. If you can still book on a train, do it now. Although in the cities, it’s empty — people return to their family homes, often in the country. I was in Jakarta for the end of Ramadan once and you could almost see the tumbleweed blowing down the road — NO TRAFFIC! In Lombok and other parts the traffic isn't a problem and the roads may be a little busier, but not too crazy.

In Bali and Flores you’ll hardly be aware that it’s Ramadan.

Enjoy your travels.

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Posted by flijten on 8/6/2017 at 05:59

Thx a ton for the added info! We'll most likely be off of java a good week in advance of the end of Ramadan so we'll most likely be fine getting around and away, be it to Bali or Flores.

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