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Bo Y border crossing--today-Oct.2010

Posted by tf_geckozy on 26/10/2010 at 11:06

Now many kind of direct buses are running between Viet Nam and southern Laos, and ill introduce 4 of them as below.
① Between Gia Lai (=Pleiku) and Pakse via Bo Y border (daily service)
② Between Gia Lai (=Pleiku) and Attapeu via Bo Y border (daily service)
③ Between Qui Nhon and Pakse/between Gia Lai and Pakse(by other bus company) via Bo Y border
④ Unkown Direct bus Between Sekong (Laos) and Hue(VN)

This direct bus is now operated by a big Vietnamese bus company "Mai Linh Express".

*Departure from Gia Lai (=Pleiku) in Viet Nam: at 07:30am~08:00am from Duc Long bus station (=Ben Xe Duc Long), 2km from city center in Pleiku.
*Departure from Pakse in Laos: around 08:00am/from "Seng Chalean GH .in front of Hotel Champa along NR and this Gh is neibough to Lak Song(2km) market and Champasak Vip bus terminal from where Vip buses go to Ubon Rachatani (Thailand), Vientiane, Phnom Penhetc is also behind of this market.Pakse soccer studium along NR is also very close to this market.

*Ticket price from Gia Lai to Pakse is 30,0000vnd (about15USD), and from Pakse to Gia Lai is 150,000Kip (17.3USD)
*Required time is about 11~12 hours including the time for passport control & Visa formalities at the borders and meal time.
*A big bus(green cloured) will be used when the number of passegers is enough for big bus but another minivan(=green coloured Mercedes Benz-16 persons) will be used when its very few.

*Mai Linh Express's booking office in Gia Lai (=Pleiku)-Viet Nam is at the 1F of Nha Nghi Duc Long(=Duc Long Guesthouse) in the bus station but we foreigners cannot stay there because of no parmission by Cong An though it has very good location.
*Mai Linh Express's booking office(agent) in Pakse is at the left side corner of Seng Chalean GH (=outside of GH) in Lak Song(=2km) area and this GH has waiting space for passengers at 1F.
*Mai Linh Expresss booking office(agent) in Pakson-im not sure wether it exsists but these buses surely pass through Pakson, and if you wait this bus on NR, you can catch this bus, and Pason coffee shop along NR-the house owner is from Holand-is maybe best place for waiting it.
*Mai Linh Expresss booking office(agent) in Sekong-Lan Anh Restaurant & Café neibough to Hong Kham Hotel (big & new, having red coloured ATM box in front of it) along main road (not the road having Sekong bus station paralleled it)
*Mai Linh Expresss booking office in Attapeu is Duc Loc Restaurant & GH, 100m from Sekong bridge.

*VOA for entering into Laos (i confermed it at the newly built Lao border gate "Phou Keau"), and no VOA for entering into Viet Nam at "Bo Y.

This direct bus is operated by bus company Dien Hong"(same to the one 2 yers age when i checked it but now no service between Gia Lai and Pakse).

*Departure from Gia Lai (=Pleiku) in Viet Nam): 07:30~08:00am/from "Duc Long bus station"(=Ben Xe Duc Long), 2km from city center in Pleiku.
*Departure from Attapeu in Laos : around 07:30am/from "Duc Loc Vietnamese Restaurant & Guesthouse, 100m from Sekong bridge over Sekong river in Attapeu.
*Dien Hon gs bus is microbus with yellow & green 2 tone cloured (cap: 29 persons)
*Ticket price from Gia Lai (=Pleiku) to Attapeu is 170,000vnd(=about 8.5USD)
*Required time: about 6~7hours including the time for passport control & Visa formalities and lunch time.

*Dien Hongs booking office(booth) in Gia Lai (=Pleiku) is at 1F of the terminal building of Duc Long bus station.
*Dien Hongs booking office(agent) in Attapeu is Duc Loc Vietnamese Restaurant & Guesthouse.(VND is available)

These direct buses are avalable and leave Pakse south bus station now but ill cut its details here because i havent checked yet sufficiently.

PS) probably more direct buses including temporary bus services are operated between Viet Nam and Laos via Bo Y border today and almost of them are operated not for the needs of Lao people but for mainly the needs of Vietnnamese who are living or working in Laos, and its needs are everytime changeable with constructions of Hydro power station in Bolaven Plateau and new roads etc, so its difficult for we foreigners to get all the informations about them exactly.

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